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When I'm not working out to Cathe (which tends not to be too often these days :)) I also like Jillian Michaels, Bob Harper, Supreme 90-Day, Leslie Sansone. I have also found some amazing youtube workout video's! These include fitnessfx series (stompfx is a fav of mine), Chris Freytag (she is awesome!), Butt Bible, and whatever else strikes my interest ;).


I do Cathe about 80% of the time. However, I do have a mish-mosh of other instructors I like to throw in to mix things up here and there. I have a lot of instructor/dvds (especially circuit type) where I only like one or two of what they have. For example, I have both the Breathless Body dvd's by Amy Dixon, 3 Paul Katami's, 2 Mike Donavanik's, one Toby Massenburg, one Annie Mairs, etc. For kettlebell work I have a variety also (Lauren Brooks, Dasha from Kettlebell Kickboxing, RKS, Bob Harpers 2 kettlebell dvds, etc). For yoga I've gone on a tear collecting everything Travis Eliot and of course there is my obsession for Horizontal Conditioning and Sandra Koulourides!

Compare this to Cathe's workouts where I not only have most of her library (other than step) but actually love and do them all! :eek:


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I like Kelly Coffey Meyer. I heard about her on this forum. (However i still believe Cathe is the best though.)



I discovered Cathe's workouts a year ago and now I want to do nothing else. I actually intended to start interspersing some of my other workouts with my Cathe workouts but I just cannot motivate myself to yet! Pre-Cathe I had a lot of favorites, so I hope one day I am interested in doing them again (since I invested $$ in them and they're just sitting on the shelf collecting dust!).

But my favorites pre-Cathe are Jari Love, Bob Harper (his newer stuff, not the Biggest Loser workouts), Chalene Johnson's TurboFire and ChaLean Extreme, Michelle Dozois Peak 10 workouts and her PeakFit Challenge program, and Insanity. Also, Amy Dixon's Breathless Body workouts. Oh, and some of the more advanced Rip:60 workouts. Those were the workouts I did frequently until I discovered Cathe workouts.
Most weeks I do at least two or three Cathe workouts and some weeks it seems like it's all Cathe all the time. I'll have the occasional week when I only do one of hers. I'm on a Tonique kick right now, so I do that every week (I've got Premier, 2, and Born to Move). I am getting such great results from Tonique that I can't foresee a week going forward when I don't do at least one of her workouts. At some point I will probably stop reaping the benefits from it and will probably get burned out. Then I'll move on to something else.

I also have a couple of workouts from the new Dream Body set (Fusion Fitness) and I also do Horizontal Conditioning. I have Vols 1-3, Hardcore July and Bootcamp. Recently, I've added Ilaria Powerstrikes to my rotations and a couple of KCM workouts. I've got one Mike Donavanik and I've been doing a lot of barre recently and also getting great results from those (e.g. Tracey Mallett, Xtend Barre, Ballet Physique, NYC Ballet Vol 2, Ballet Beautiful).
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I mainly focus on Cathe workouts. I do periodization so I take a month or 2 every year and focus on stability and functional fitness training as per the OPT model. That is when I use my Tracie Long workouts for functional training and Amy Bento for cardio.
Tracie Long has some new workouts that I just love and they are fun! My top 2 are Defined Lines and reBoot vol. 2! I try to sub one of those in when I want have fun and really sweat. The reBoot one is HiiT so I easily can work it in.
For Amy I love the Advance Step Challenge workouts, Hi/Lo Knockout and In The Ring. I wish I got to these workouts more but I'm pretty much a Cathe die hard. I may only do these other one 1-2x a YEAR!


Oh I forgot about Born to Move from Tonique/Sylwia! I got that one recently and really enjoy it as it's very different from all my other lower body dvds. Hmm, need to find a way to fit that one in this week...:eek:

I also forgot to mention my go to girl for recovery weeks: Ellen Barrett! I have several of hers for those days when I need active recovery and gentle movement.

Oh, and I've also enjoyed Susan Chung's Rapid Fire 2 and 3. She's the only other instructor besides Cathe that I've loved for kickboxing! :)


I'm also loving Tonique now. Totally different from Cathe and challenging in ways I had not imagined. I also have some Horizontal Conditioning DVDS. To say I like them is an overstatement, but they are good and challenging workouts. I just don't enjoy pushups and planks that much and don't think these are "fun" per se.

I also like Les Mills Combat. It is a lot of fun, has great music and is a good workout.

I also like Amy Dixon's Breathless Body 2. I liked P90X just fine and do those occasionally. I also like dance workouts and have a few of those in my stash...but I do Cathe 80-100% of the time, depending on my mood.

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Right now, I am on a Chalene Johnson's TurboFire and Turbo Jam kick:eek:
Both of them getting me out of a fitness funk....literally. I also like Amy Bento, Susan Chung, Chris Freytag, Jessica Smith, Michelle Dozois Peak series, Cardio Coach, iTrain, Cindy Whitmarch, P90X and Brazil Butt Lift just to name a few. Love mixing them up with Cathe:D


Tonique - Sylwia is super sweet and she will destory you with her workouts!!

Horizontal Conditioning

Bob Harper

Powerstrikes - all of Illaria's workouts


Let's see... Jessica Smith (lots of free workouts on her Youtube channel), Ilaria, Ellen Barrett, Amy Dixon, really liking Chris Freytag's new series, Zuzana Light (post Bodyrock), and Tracey Mallet.


I will do Michelle Dozois Peak Fit (they are very challenging and great!) or for something not quite so challenging: Kelley Coffey-Meyer. Also, I always love to go back to Tracie Long.


Turbo Fire because they are just an insane little workout and she makes me laugh when she 'oo oo's'.

Tracie Long - because I've been doing her workouts since the original Firm days (pre-Gaiam). I like her TLT DVD's with some of the original Firm members and her newer workouts as well.


I'm into Travis Eliot and Ultimate Yogi right now.

Shaun T is also another favorite. He always puts me in a good mood after a long, crappy day at work.

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