NordicTrack Treadmills? Or something better?


I need some advice. Our treadmill died yesterday and we are looking at new treadmills. Our entire family of 4 uses it, we put on anywhere from 40 - 100 miles per week depending on the weather. I think we have narrowed it down to the NordicTrack Commercial 2950 or the NordicTrack Elite 9700 Pro. They are both on sale this weekend for $2200, so it comes down to features and function. My daughter and I really want to use the iFit Live with the Google Maps, which is one of the reasons we have narrowed it down to these two. Does anyone have either of these? Do you like it? I was reading reviews online and came across some real horror stories with NordicTrack customer service in general. I realize more people will post negative stories than positive ones, but it gives me pause none-the-less.

Our vote is evenly split at the moment. Both machines have the iFit feature, but my daughter and I like the 9700 because it looks like the 10" console screen would be a little more eye level than the 2950. I am 5'9" and she is almost 5'11". It also looks like the preset programs would be easier to use, but we both use Cardio Coach more than the presets on our old treadmill, so not really a big deal.

My husband and son like the 2950 because of the tv and third fan. They also said it's more feature heavy, which I don't see any other differences, not sure what I'm missing here. They both walk but my son is getting back to running after a long illness. My daughter and I are concerned we will knee that extra fan bar while running, hopefully it's far enough out of the way. It's hard to tell in a picture. Fyi, we also have a nice 40" hdtv mounted on the wall about 10 feet in front of the treadmill, which I can turn to do my dvds (Cathe has never looked better :D).

I called all over our area today and no one carries either of these for us to try in person. I will have to order directly from Nordic Track. Any experience or info would be greatly appreciated!




I don't know about the specific models you mentioned, but when we bought a treadmill several years ago we found the site to be very helpful. Good luck!


I read through and called Nordic Track with questions. We are going to go with the 2950. It is a newer model by a few years, the deck is easier to switch between the cushioning settings, and my son will be able to see over the console better for the wall mount tv (without putting the 15" tv on the tm). The sales person at NT was very helpful. He measured the treadmills for us and gave us very specific dimensions so we could get a better idea of where everything is.

I think I will switch from high reps to GS for the next week or so to make sure I'm ready to haul the old one up and the new one down to the basement!!

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