Non-Road Trippers CCPP Saturday

I'm in.

I had to add letters because my post would have been too short. Apparently, it has to be at least 10 characters. Whatever.:confused:
Ooooh, that's a great one, Shirl. I'm up for that. Of course, I will probably be regretting that on Saturday morning;)
I'll take that challenge! I was going to suggest one from 7 but since I have done 7 twice lately, in a row, I need the change! Good thought for the hills in 5! (Will I still be thanking you on Saturday???!)
Of course I'm in - I've had it scheduled already ;) just in case and bring on the extra add on challenge!:D

Where did this month go?

I'm in!! But I can't do it ON Saturday with you guys.

I'm hosting a bridal shower for my nephew's fiance and I'll be out of town all day. I'll do it either Friday or Sunday and I'm definitely adding the hill challenge from V5.
7_5_131.gif little nephew, the one who was just a baby when I got married, is getting married.
I just made my CCPP playlist.

After the 5 PP challenges, I added the 3rd steady state from V5, followed by the V5 hill challenge, and then the PP cool down. :D

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