Nice to meet you!


Fabulous idea! :D

My name is Emily, although my friends call me Evily (there is a story behind that - I'm not really an evil person). I'm 30, married to a wonderful guy, and we have three silly cats. DH and I are both engineers. I'm a materials engineer, thus the name "materialsgirl", and DH is an electrical engineer. So yeah, there's a lot of geekiness going on at our house. :cool: We live in central Illinois, amongst the corn and soybean fields.

My friends seem to think it's cool and bragworthy that I have a US Patent, so I'll throw that out there as an interesting factoid, although I really don't think it's all that cool. My DH is also a patent-holder - it's just part of being a geeky engineer.

I've been working out with Cathe since 2005, and since then have found my calling as the World's Slowest Runner. I have no speed/power, but I have great endurance... I can go really slow for a really long time. ;) I enjoy it, and that's what really matters.


I'm 47 and have no husband, kids or pets! :eek:

I'm was born and raised in the Chicagoland area but now call South Georgia home. I cross the border into Florida for work as an Office Administrator for a communications consulting firm.

I started working out in 1999 and lost 40 pounds doing Taebo. I started doing Cathe dvds in 2004. After attending a fitness boot camp, I found kettlebells and now my backyard has become my own fitness boot camp. I'm having a friend build me a pull-up bar to install in my backyard and I have a "Sled Dawg" that I use to push and pull weight. A great workout for the legs. My neighbors think I'm a little strange!

I started running in October of 2007 and love competing in races. I'm not a very faster runner but I've amassed 3 bronze medals this year (in small races) and am meeting lots of great people. My running partner is my twin sister Jean (Jean Louise) who is a member of the forums but doesn't post very often.

I love reading, watching foreign flicks, music, eating chocolate and donuts, playing cards, and going to the beach.
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What a great thread. I learnt something new about people I have "known" for a while today.

Ellie, I was moved by your post. I send vibes from across the world for blessings for you and your family. Your love of life and and positive energy leaps out from your posts. Reading this one is inspiring and makes me want to do better at handling life with laughter.

I am 41. I live in India. Thanks to my career in Information Technology I have travelled widely. Work was fulfilling but all consuming and got even more so over the latter years of my career as responsibilities grew. So a bit like Michele, I decided to give up my corporate career a few months ago. I freelance now. It gives me time to appreciate the blessing of loved ones now. The loved ones in question:
a. I have been married for 17 years to a wonderful man. We have many common values and interests, and yet balance each other out. I can be over cautious and he thrives on risk and adventure. He can get straight laced while I dont care what anyone thinks.
b. I can quite objectively say my mother is an amazing, remarkable, beautiful, wise, compassionate and extraordinarily talented woman. She is one of my two best friends, my inspiration and my role model.
c. My older sis is my other best friend. As a little girl I emulated everything she did and I continue to do so until this day to DH's amusement. I share all her hobbies and develop an interest in everything she takes up. The only hobby I contributed to "us" is working out. But she made the decision that we need to try Cathe.
d. My sister's 19 year old daughter. She is the apple of my eye (do people still use this expression these days?)

I love yoga best for fitness. I also enjoy weight training, running to cardio coach and itrain, and kick boxing. I think Cathe is the best instructor ever on DVD.

I like reading, movies, music, traveling and spending time with family and friends.

I love cats and hope to adopt a few some day soon.


Hey gang!! Lets see, hmmmmm who do I want to be today :p

I am 42 years old. I work as a Nurse Practitioner in Dermatology. I am married to my bestest friend and we have 2 doggies- Muffie and Bisquit!!

I've been working out to Cathe for over 4 years. I dabble with other workouts periodically and DH threatens to "tell Cathe on me" :cool:


Hi, everyone!

I'm Jerry...age 45 from The Jersey Shore, which, luckily for me is only an hour south of Cathe's club, where I have been lucky enough to take live classes and meet not only Cathe, but some wonderful fellow club members!

I'm married for a little over 15 years now to Diane..we have one cat, Simba. I work as a hotel desk clerk in Cape May, NJ.

I've been working out with Cathe since July of 2007, and look forward to following Cathe for many years to come!


Hi everyone! Thanks Jodi for starting this. This is great to get reacquainted with everyone.

I am 36 and recently separated, divorce will be final in January. I am looking forward to single life! I have one cat, a fluffy white persian who is the love of my life. I like to cook, read, draw and paint. I also love to travel, sample wine and import beers and listen to new local musicians.

Workout wise, I like to mix it up. I love Cathe and generally reach for her workouts above everything else. Cardio is usually a lot of walking and/or cardio coach on my treadmill with some occasional kickboxing. Cathe challenges me like no one else on weight workouts!


Great thread, Jodi!! Love reading all the responses - I learned things about Catheletes I 'thought I knew,' and it's nice to hear from newcomers, too!

My name is Jill (but nearly everybody calls me 'Jillybean.'). I 'found' Cathe after she filmed Power Hour, S&H, Rhythmic Step. I LOVE her!!! I'd say 99% of my workout time is spent with Cathe. I only work out at home. My first live class, in fact, was the early bird step class during the Aug, 2008 RT! It was sooooo wonderful meeting Cathe and all her great, fit, friendly fans.

I've been married to my AWESOME husband Craig for almost 10 years (anniversary's in January). No kids, but we have 3 cats. I have 2 brothers, 3 nieces, and 1 nephew. My parents have been happily married for 37 years, and my dad is 26 years older than my mom.

I live in Minneapolis, MN (my hometown, and hometown to Prince, who's my all-time absolute favorite singer ever).

That's all I got! :)


A very nice idea! I'm Lisa, I've only been working out with Cathe since Jan 08. I'm 44 years young and I've always enjoyed exercise, it's just that life seemed to get in the way....marriage, kids, demanding career.

I've been married for 22 yrs, have DS 16 and DS 19 in college studying electrical engineering. I was a computer programmer for 24 yrs but I gave that up 2 yrs ago and enjoy staying home. I've gotten interested in nutrition and am an assistant to a nutritionist part time. The reason for the interest is bad genes and knowing that I can influence my health through not just exercise but better eating as well. Especially important as I age!

Since taking control of my life (and not having life control me), I've dropped 47 lbs and am off of BP meds. I've learned a lot on these forums and am always looking to learn more. Hearing talk of fitness is very inspiring, especially when none of my friends really are into it, ya know?


my name is gayla and i will be 40 in december of this year. i do not fear age, but i fear getting old so i stay as active as possible. i was born in savannah, ga, grew up in atlanta, ga, and now am a resident of valencia, ca. i have been with my SO, Matt, for 5 years now. he is the guy i dreamed of as a little girl for sure.

my hobbies are skiing, skiing and then skiing :p....and i also love to hike and experience nature....i love animals and wish i could save them all. i love doing strenuous things that make me feel strong when i accomplish them (this is why i love cathe so much). i have been working out to cathe since late 2006, i believe. my first series was the intensity series which i got from my SO for my birthday. my favorite workouts are the Imax workouts.

i also really enjoy reading all of the threads that are posted here...i learn a lot from you ladies and gents...


Jodi, this is an amazing thread!

I've been working out with Cathe for many many years, and have every one of her workouts, as far as I know. She has changed my perceptive on life, my body is great for how old I am, and my confidence shows through.

I'm 57, in the process of healing from implant removals. I've been struggling with a complication since July 24th, 2008. I'm on a V.A.C. system. It can be plugged in or on battery, but need it 24 hours a day. I have a wound on my left breast that is 2 inches deep and about the size of a quarter (coin) wide, where the implant once was. The VAC is a vacuum system that helps stretch the cells to force them to multiply and hopefully fill up that gap. It also takes out all the gunk from the wound. Without the VAC it most likely would take over a year to heal, with the VAC I'm hoping at least half that. So, on my Birthday this coming year, I hope to be healed and on my way back to exercising with the rest of you. In the mean time I'm cheering everyone on and staying out of trouble.

I have a husband who retired, so in order to be with him, I retired too. When we exercise it is together. I just love that. For the last 10 years of retirement, we have traveled all over the United States. Since the price of gas is so expensive now, less travel, and staying more in one place longer. This year we will not travel do to my wound because it needs close monitoring from my Plastic Surgeon.



Love the thread Jodi! What a nice way to make EVERYONE feel welcome and at home here in Catheland. :)

My name is Wendy. I'm a 36 year old SAHM of a 3.5 year old boy named Joey. I work part time 4 mornings a week in a gym baby sitting area while my son is in pre school. My Dh and I plan to start trying to get pregnant with #2 in the summer of 09.

I have been working out on and off since high school but religiously for several years now and started with Cathe in December of 04 when I was a few months pregnant with DS.

My ultimate fitness goal is to complete my first full marathon in May of 09 with the help and support of Team in Training. I chose this charity because my dad died 14 years ago at the young age of 54 of non hodgkins lymphoma. I think of him and miss him every day. I think this is a great way to honor his memory while fullfilling a dream/goal of mine.


Yo there!

My name is Debbie & I am 32 years young :p I live in the burbs of Chicago with my DH and 4.5 year old son, Aiden. I am a clinical social worker (families & children) by trade, but have stayed home since Aiden was born. I plan to try & go back part-time with Aiden starting kindergarten next year. My DH is a patent agent and is finishing his last year of law school to become a patent attorney. I discovered Cathe at the end of 2005 and haven't looked back :D



My name is Debbie & I am 32 years young :p I live in the burbs of Chicago with my DH and 4.5 year old son, Aiden. I am a clinical social worker (families & children) by trade, but have stayed home since Aiden was born. I plan to try & go back part-time with Aiden starting kindergarten next year. My DH is a patent agent and is finishing his last year of law school to become a patent attorney. I discovered Cathe at the end of 2005 and haven't looked back :D

Where are you at in Chicago? I am returning there (hometown is
Orland Park) in Summer 2009.


My name is Nancy, 30, married to DH for 9 1/2 years now. DS is 7 1/2, and we have one kitty, Merlin, who is 10, and 1 puppy, Vlad, who is 8 months. No more real babies for us, just furbabies. I'm a bill collector, and DH is a landscape estimate, and the wierd guy in the neighboor who wanders around the yard and chases the squirrels out of his plants.

I found Cathe in 2005 - KickMax, and have been hooked since. I am also in the fit/fat club, but I am (mostly) happy where I am. I'm a comfy size 12, when I was a snug 22. I have a lot more muscle than I used to. To be "ok" in the BMI scale, I'd have to lose another 25 or so, but I love to eat, and really don't the motivation for it now. At least I normally eat healthy food, just too much of it!!!! I am seriously looking forward to STS and hoping that will kick my butt into gear in the eating dept as well. I discovered CC this summer and running, and I really enjoy running with CC, but I can't seem to do it on my own. Oh-well, do what ya like, right?

For other hobbies, I'm a reader (vampire, horror, fantasy, trashy romance novels), a cross stitcher,a baker, a horror movie watcher, and a champion napper. I'm also the family dog-cuddler (DH says I ruined him:p and now he's spoily), and resident Christmas freak. Almost time to deck my halls!!! Falalalalalala.

I've learned alot from these boards, and feel I know you all a little more after today. Thanks for starting this thread, and thanks for all the helpful advice, everyone



My name is Teresa, I’m 51, and I live in Richmond, Virginia with my husband; our dog, Gracie; and our fat cat, Archie. I’m a proposal writer & editor for a civil engineering company. My fantastic DH & I will be celebrating our 19th anniversary this month. I like to read, watch movies (especially classic black & white ones) and listen to music (right now I’m listening to Arcade Fire, Patti Smith, and the National to get me through this friggin’ election!)…oh, and I hang around on Facebook WAY too much!

I started working out with Cathe about three years ago, after a brief but rewarding stint with The Firm. I have met some great people through Cathe and this forum; some, at this past July’s Road Trip, and others whom I have never seen in person, but that doesn’t make them any less special and/or important to me.


My name is Debbie & I am 32 years young :p I live in the burbs of Chicago with my DH and 4.5 year old son, Aiden. I am a clinical social worker (families & children) by trade, but have stayed home since Aiden was born. I plan to try & go back part-time with Aiden starting kindergarten next year. My DH is a patent agent and is finishing his last year of law school to become a patent attorney. I discovered Cathe at the end of 2005 and haven't looked back :D

OMG I am so out of touch! Debbie! When did you move out there!?!?! :confused:


My name is Wendy. I'm a 36 year old SAHM of a 3.5 year old boy named Joey.

Wow, Wendy...i can't believe your son is 3.5 years old! i was a major lurker when you were pregnant with him. i didn't realize i had been lurking this long. i had a different username back then, and you were the first person to welcome me to Cathe so i will always remember how nice you were then, and still are! good luck on training for your marathon, and baby #2.


Hi. I'm Kim and I'm 36. I live in the Florida panhandle and am a licensed mental health therapist. I've worked between 2 residential juvenile justice facilities for the past 9 years, where I supervise all of the therapists. Having said that, I'm a major hypochondriac and any of you who have read my posts know they usually contain medical stuff :eek: Guess I can't "cure" myself :p

ROFLMAO. A mental health expert with hypochondria!!!
I'm laughing with you not at you. I was an emergency room nurse for 15 years. I saw everything you could imagine from gun shots to arms cut off etc etc etc. And most of the people survived. Even really awful things.
BUT- if I get a headache, it's a brain tumor, if I get a paper cut I might bleed to death, if I pull a muscle and have some weakness, It's MS for sure!!!

Just nice to know I'm not alone!!!!


Hi all,

My name is Rhondalyn though some of my oldest friends still know me by Pug. ;) I'm 50, married with 3 children. A DS(26) and DIL, a DS(23) and a DD(22). I currently have 6 dogs but hope to have 2 of them adopted out soon. :eek: I've lived in KY all my life and hope to die here.

I'm another RN who is no longer working. I do keep my license current just in case I might need to return to work.

I've been active most of my life and have always enjoyed fitness. I grew up with 3 big brothers and you could tell the change of seasons by what type of ball we were playing. ;) I started to gain wt a few years ago when I had to make an unwanted move and entered perimenopause at the same time.:( I lost it all a few years ago but have been gaining again recently. I have been trying to get motivated to lose these extra lbs for some time now but have not had any success. I keep going up instead of down. :eek: I'm not giving up though.:D

I found Cathe through the Ya Ya forum and have lurked here from time to time since. That was several years ago. I only began posting when she started her new site. I'm very excited about STS.

At this point in my life, I just want to be healthy and fit. I enjoy a variety of w/os from step to KBells. I've been known to do rotations but rarely. I am a true vidiot though and struggle doing any rotation that doesn't involve DVDs. I guess that's why I was a WSFL and TT dropout.:( Not to mention NROL and Afterburn.

I look forward to getting to know everyone better over here. :D

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