Ok, I have been working out with Cathe and others since the beginning of time almost and I am finding these new workouts VERY challenging! Does everybody else find them super intense? I am on a round of antibiotics so I'm wondering if that is playing a role. Absolutely LOVING this new series btw. I think these are some of the best Cathe has ever come out with. Pure genius! Would love some feedback, ladies:D


The pace at which Cathe does these workouts make it seem very advanced. I am not sure why you are on antibiotics but can only guess you've had a bacterial infection. Your body along with the antibiotics is fighting the infection. I bet once you are done taking the antibiotic and your infection is cleared up. you'll have more spring in your step. :)


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Yes, I am! I did Lift it Legs and Low Impact 1 (per the beginner rotation) and while I was able to get through each workout fairly well, I am SO sore/stiff. I didn't think I'd be able to do low impact this morning, but I did. I am loving them but they are so intense (which again, I love!) that I may need to sub a recovery steady state cardio day in once a week instead of one of the hiit's. I am only used to doing hiit's once a week or so, so this is a big change for me! Anybody else's body this sore, or planning on modifying the rotation slightly?

Whatever your antibiotics may have been battling probably has to do with your recovery, but you are not the only one who loves these workouts, but agrees they are super tough!


I agree - I've only done half of the workouts so far but they are all tough. As we've come to expect and love from Cathe so not dissappointed at all. I started with the one-month scrambled rotation because I usually take 1 day rest, but after 3 days I switched over to the "getting started" rotation because with this new series I need that extra day of rest or to insert a different Cathe workout. I think the faster pace is a big contributing factor too.

Hope you are feeling yourself soon & get some more pep to HIIT It!


as others have said, it seems to be the pace of the moves which keeps the heart thumping- especially low impact hiit1, where Cathe even mentions keeping the pace brisk is the key to intensity. I think Cathe has hit (no pun intended) the perfect balance - hard, but not undoable! And they're so much fun that there is no dread.


I'm starting these new workouts soon after a few month workout hiatus. They are sure to kick my butt! I'm planning on alternating them with yoga. One of my goals for the new year is to also work much harder on my flexibility. Justine, I like reading (in another post) how you plan on rotating them, particularly omitting bi/tri one week. I'm a meso/endo and found my upper body getting a bigger than I would like. I'm doing the Upper Body Circuit workout for the first time today!


I agree the new workouts seem pretty advanced but I love them. I also love the new moves in the low impact HiiT! So far I've already enjoyed all the RwH workouts I've done. I still have the circuit HiiTs to try.


Yes, cathe tried to kill me this am with Plyo Hiit One, lift it hiit it CST, and bonus and 2. I've been with cathe since 1998, and yes, RWH is TOUGH!! But I'm loving every minute of it!!! [emoji2][emoji2]

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I did UB Circuit today. I wiped out!!! I had a hysterectomy on Sept 11th, so I'm still regaining my fitness level, but these are very fast paced. I like that part because I can modify simply by slowing the pace and not having to stop the DVD. I'm also loving the fact that they are shorter!!

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