New Workouts Announced in Blog

This sounds great! I was hoping you would do something like this. One question, how will cardio fit in to the new program? It doesn't look like we will have new cardio workouts with the series, will we incorporate any into the rotation you've contemplated?
Cathe, a your serious face the same face you give your boys when they are in trouble?! WOW! You look mad! :) Bless your heart!

I am the queen of the serious "no no...I am counting to 5" face that is why I am teasing you!

On a serious note (LOL) your new plans sound great!

Have a great Wednesday!
Ohmigosh, Cathe!!!!!!!! You are incredible!!!!!!!!! Boy oh boy, STS really boggles the mind and I just cannot believe that you're within 90 days of filming it already!!

Gotta go now -- so much to do to get ready for STS!!!! :) Kathy S.
I can't believe it & I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

In response to the blog, I'm hoping the WO Blender will be included. This STS system is a dream come true...

Cathe, you ARE the best!

Rose :)
This is absolutely amazing. Just when you think Cathe has done it, she creates something, something wonderful!! I am SO excited and cannot wait! :) To let Cathe know, I definately would love to see the workout blender included. I think this would add a lot more variety to what is already a rocking program.

Thanks are my in-home personal trainer and I don't know how I would survive without you!

Columbus, Oh
WAHOOOO!!!!! STS sounds awesome Cathe!! :)

Less than 90 days until filming-----cool!

*happy dancing all over the place, including the ceiling!* ;)
Cathe, this announcement made my day. Love your new picture on today's blog. What a great picture! Time to get serious :)

Thank you Cathe for all the wonderful workouts you put together for us.

You are the best in the field and it will be an honor and privilege to preorder this exciting new series. How's that for a little butt kissing?:7 I mean it though.You are giving ole' Tony Horton a run for his money-good for you! There will always be room in my heart for Tony (nice body), but you are the one I turn to everyday!

I would love a Workout Blender, I like to add extra "booty" exercises in between lower body workouts.I probably will do the workouts as you present them for the most part though.:) Will you include cardio suggestions?Thanks for all you do.

Yeahhhh!! What a perfect choice, Cathe and SNM. I have just recently been studying the benefits of periodization as the "one true means of building quality muscle mass" and as women we need it (we really need it!)

I can't wait to pre-order.

And yes, when you have the chance, we will love more cardio, too.

Thank you Cathe and SNM for all that you do!

Love. love, love this idea

Another vote for the workout blender .

Just wanted to add the 4DS series is fantastic- I did kickboxing this morning and had such a blast:) :)
Rachel (who now knows what she'll be asking for for Christmas!!)
WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!!!!!!!! This is EXACTLY what I have been wanting Cathe to do for years!!! Woo Hoo!!!!

As far as the Workout Blender is concerned, my vote is for the separate Total Body compilation DVD instead of including the WB on each DVD.
This is all a little new and confusing to me, but I trust Cathe to produce an effective and quality workout. I can't wait to learn more. How exciting! New Cathe's! :)

Btw, that photo is a little serious are you going to be with us? We haven't been serious yet? Oh, my!:eek:

;) Sandra
WOW! SIS sounds totally awesome, Cathe!! I am sooo excited!!! I can't wait for the Pre-sale!!:)

Thanks for all you do!
Hi Cathe,
this morning I had a great surprise when I open the forum. I'm really happy and glad to know about this knew project, I don't understand much about the software becouse I'm italian, but if this new dvd play in a normal dvd player as the other dvd is ok. I will contact Nancy, my personal angel, she surely will help me. for now I tell you I'm preparing for preorder them.
A question: how many disc will be?
Thank you Cathe :7
Hi Cathe, Boy this exciting news, Will these workouts be similar to the P90X?
(I have not done P90X)
Also Cathe, I really depend on: How heavy of weights you are using.
It helps me to know which weights to use. etc.
Hello Cathe,

You have certainly been keeping busy. I never post a request for anything because I have loved them all, with or without extra features. I have not used the Workout Blender with the Body Blast series, so I can't say how useful it is. However, with the new series, because it's such a special way of training and over a long term, I think that having this option would be an advantage. My first thought is to have this option on all the workouts.

I like the idea of the workout blender/total body workout you mentioned in the blog. PLEASE include this option for more versatility!!


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