New Video October Rotation


On the basis of the great feedback from you all, I'm about to embark on this rotation - alongside Meso3 of STS. It fits surprisingly well - the only changes I'll make are when XTrain Bis andTris fall on the same day as an STS UB w/o - I'll just miss out the Xtrain (I don't think I'm brave / crazy enough to attempt 2 hours with weights).

Like OP said - I hope there's a 3month rotation of new dvds in the offing!


Nancy, I would probably sub in KPC, MMA Boxing, or another kickboxing type.

But Afterburn is fabulous too, just a very different type of workout.


Thanks Melissa! I think I may just try to see how much of RK I can do; I have a weird foot issue (Planter fasciitis?) that flares ups every now and then. The shuffle back and forth move in most of the kick-box workouts seems to really annoy it! I recently have been hiking for 2 1/2 weeks in hiking boots that didn't have very good support :oops: and have some "twinginess" right now. It's weird because I can do Tabatacise and other impact moves without issue, but for some reason that shuffle move is bothersome o_O!


Forgive my "cut and paste" update...just thought I'd update this thread (I posted this in the checkout that I'm in):
I officially downloaded the October 2013 rotation to my calender in Workout Manager and started last night with Rockout Knockout (first time doing that one!)! It was so much fun! I may not have the moves down yet, but I had a great workout...I used my 1# Cathe wrist weights since I don't have boxing gloves and I am feeling it in my shoulders and core today. Even my legs feel it...and I am not a great kicker! My foot seemed to handle to shuffles fine...Cathe broke it up nicely with jump ropes and jacks. This was a great start to what looks like a tough rotation! I like the idea of doing some new stuff along with some of my tried and true favorites.


Nancy, do stretches, icing and don't go barefoot if it's plantar fasciitis. That usually clears it up for me. NSAIDs along with that to reduce the inflammation. If you start that now, you can head it off.

Susan :)


Those who have completed the October rotation
please share your results.


I completed this rotation just yesterday & since it's still very fresh on my mind, I thought I'd share my results.

This is truly an "ultimate fitness scrambler" as Cathe has stated in her intro to this rotation.

I customized the rotation to fit my needs in the sense that I added yoga, replaced a few cardio workouts with Cathe Live (didn't want to miss any except for the Pedal to the Metal class, since I don't own a spinning bike, yet) and took a few extra rest days to recover. In addition, I threw in a few 100 Rep Challenges.

One of the goals for me in this rotation was to focus on my core stabilizers and it delivers. I have nicely defined deltoids, a stronger back and legs, and a higher level of endurance. My triceps, which are my weakest body part have supported some heavier weights by the 4th week as well. Results are definitely leaner and stronger. My favorite week had to be week #3. Week #4 included X10 in its entirety, as the ultimate challenge, and if you did your homework, this had to bring a sense of accomplishment. It was not easy, especially the day I did it, the humidity had to have been sky high! (you know you're a Cathlete, when the sweat is just part of the dress code).

In terms of food, I eat fairly healthy and rest and recovery are a priority. So there you have it - a challenging rotation with star gazed results!

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