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Hey guys!
I'm "training" for a 5-mile run next month, and the thing is, I have NEVER run in a run before! I never wanted to, but I really am wanting to run in this one. It's on Thanksgiving morning, and I cannot think of a better time to do a run. Anyway... I've been training on my treadmill, with incline and my weighted vest some... but I still only can run about 2 1/2 miles at a time without walking. I have been trying to run every night so that I can build up my stamina/speed, but I'm so slow, and it takes forever, and I find there's little time for any other workouts. I did Step/Jump/Pump on fitTV this morning on a whim, and had SO MUCH FUN! Anyway... (you know how I prattle on... sorry!) What Cathe workouts do you suggest I try to incorporate with my running? Should I stick with lighter/more endurance weight workouts? I notice when I do a heavy leg workout, it makes my legs feel like they are a bazillion pounds when I try to run... Any suggestions for workout/diet during this time would be greatly appreciated!!! I really want to RUN the entire run without walking!! :)
I'm not a runner, but I found doing the Cathe HIIT dvds and Cardio Core Circuit REALLY upped my overall cardio endurance.
Take the vest off, go outside and run with Sean O'Malley. You'll get up to 5 miles pretty quickly. When you're running on the treadmill with the hill intervals, it gives you less of a distance than you could do running outside. When I run the dogs outside doing a Cardio Coach workout, I get 6 miles in for one of his hour workouts. If I do the same workout on the treadmill using a combination of incline and sprints, I go about half that distance. If you go onto, they have a lot of good advice for newbie runners.
Agreeing with others with there is no need for a vest AT ALL. I find for me endurace workouts work best for running. Muscle Max, PUB/PLB, and Jari Love is if you have or like her. Also most important is be kind to yourself and what you are about to do. A good way to even begin to train would be to run for 3 min and walk for 1 min and go from there. There are many programs that can take you to the 5 mile mark but there is nothing wrong in walking a minute. You may find you can even run stronger and longer after doing so at regular intervals. Thanksgiving races are amazing and since you have never done one you would be amazed at the large number of runners varying in size and ablility. That for me is the draw to running. Everyone fits in. You feel just as happy for the first person and for me just as proud for the last runner. Lots of people run the enitre thing and other walk some. YOu still have some time to build your base up but do it smart. Do the run walk and then increase from like 3 min of running to 1 min of walk for one week doing 3 miles, then week 2 do 3:1 for 3.5 miles, week 3 you can go 4 :1 for 3.5 miles, then week 4 go 4:1 or 5:1 for 4.5 miles. and so forth. The day of the race don't forget to walk if you need to but you may be able to run the entire thing if you train smart. Good luck. I am very proud of you. Also when I train for anything. I normaly do 4 days of running and 2 days of endurance.
I've been on the treadmill all week due to rain. This morning was nice, so I went outside to run. After doing Cardio Coach hills and sprints on the treadmill this week, the run outside was a piece of cake. 6 miles down, no problem. Only stopped to let the dogs poo and clean up their mess.

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