Music used in Xtrain?


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Is there a way to find out the songs that are used in the Xtrain 08 Hard Strikes video?
There is one in particular I want and I cannot find it no matter how much I have googled the lyrics!
Here are part of the lyrics if anyone can help me out "every time I see her, I'd really like to meet her"
I really want to know the name of this song, but would also like a place on Cathe's website where we can see the song playlists used in her workouts!
Thanks for any help you can offer! :D


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I too would like to know the name of some of the songs used in xTrain. Trouble is that googling the lyrics won't work. I've tried Shazam too. That doesn't work. The songs Cathe uses in her XTrain workout are sound a likes. So the words are completely different than the original songs. To make it even worse, the songs have probably been speed up and other stuff done to the music to make it an exercise version. I would really like to know the original song that is the third song played in Ride and the warm up song in All Out Low Impact Hiit (it is the same song).


Thanks for the two songs you've mentioned! Does anyone know the name of the song in Ride where Cathe says "It sounds like they're saying "Ride" (ride, ride)


There is something about HardStrikes that is so motivating.

I think it's the choreography, music, colorful workout outfits - the pink boxing gloves, striking pink accents and the enthusiasm of Cathe & Crew that makes this DVD an A-1 contender!

I believe Cathe's DVD music selections can be bought through the Apple Music store under Cathe Friedrich. I'm not sure if the XTrain music is available.


Thank you so much Melissa / 2121! I have wondered what that song is for sooo long! That song really motivates me - I am drawn to Hardstrikes. I do it more than any of the other kickboxing programs and I think it is the music that makes it so much fun.

You are welcome. I haven't done this workout in so long, but it sure is fun. I would sing Cathe's lyrics and my kids would laugh because they thought I didn't know what I was singing. To this day, when I hear the music in the store, I feel myself wanting to do hard strikes.:)


and my kids would laugh because they thought I didn't know what I was singing.
Hahaa! So funny. Oooh, Mom ......doesn't know the words.

The music in Xtrain is very motivating & not too dancey/house which I love!! Xtrain Legs is my fave with ZZ Top & G N'R. Cardio Leg Blast is a bit more house music if I am recalling correctly. But, yeah, very much like all the music in this series!!

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