More Perfect 30 Workouts

I love the Perfect 30 videos, though unless they have a bonus, I do find them too short. So yes, more of them ... but always with a bonus to bump up to 40-45+ mins, please!

I'd love another upper body weights workout and love the idea of a barre workout (for days when Turbo Barre is a bit much/too long). I would always love more HIIT cardio workouts, too and I would really love Cathe to do more mobility training for us.


Love the Perfect 30 Cardio workouts. I really appreciate that Cathe does not rely on weights to get your heart rate up. So many other low-impact, hi-intensity workouts have seemly endless squat/overhead presses. I usually combine both Perfect 30 workouts -- for days when I want a lower impact workout I modify the higher impact moves and on those all out high impact days I up the level of the low impact moves. Great cardio workouts!

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