More Advanced Cardio (without step, weights, bending over)

I own every single Cathe video that isn't exclusively step. I am desperate, however, for more cardio workouts. I want non-step workouts with no bending over where you have to flex the lower back--so squats, lunges, etc. are fine since you can keep your back flat but I've now properly thrown my back out a handful of times doing XTrain All Out Low Impact HIIT because it's so hard on the lower back (lots of curving over). My knees and low back are my problem areas as I imagine they are for lots of us middle-aged Cathletes. So high intensity cardio without burpees and floor-touches is needed! Also, straight cardio, please; I am not really into metabolic conditioning and you already have lots of it available.

At this point, the only cardio workouts I do regularly are:
  • Perfect 30: Perfect HIIT Low Impact + Intensity Hi/Low HIITs
  • XTrain: Tabatacize
  • Strong and Sweaty: Cardio Slam
  • X10: X65 mix w/o step segment
I used to pair XTrain Low Impact HIIT and RWH Low Impact HIIT but have had to drop them--at least the XTrain--now that I've figured out it strains my back. I sometimes pair Fit|Split Low Impact Cardio and ICE Low Impact Sweat or do Cardio Core Circuit but only on rare light days because they're not challenging enough. So I only have four cardio workouts to rotate through. PLEASE, Cathe, make more challenging cardio that is 40-50 minutes long. A mix of high/low impact is fine with me. I'm really struggling to maintain my cardio with only four appropriate workouts!

You're the BEST, Cathe! I owe my fitness and health to you!!!!!!


I have no interest in hour-long cardio anymore unless it's a steady-state bike ride or hike/walk. For intense cardio 40-45 minutes is plenty for health (even experts claim 20-30 minutes of HiIt is plenty). Getting intensity up without high impact is difficult unless light/moderate weights are included. But, to each their own :) - there's plenty of options for everyone to fit their needs.

aqua girl

No high impact for me :), and 30-40 min is my choice…higher impact is ok if great modifications are shown….I know of some friends that hobble around now (knees, ankles, etc) because of all those high impact aerobics years ago (not meaning Cathe, although she did have some “doozies” years ago :) ) I just do what I want to do, and how I want to do it & have a good time & workout! And try to stay safe!


I would totally LOVE more low impact DVDs. I'm pretty much grounded for the rest of my fitness career. No jumping, period, due to bad feet. Cathe, you are the BEST at creating challenging low impact workouts.

I agree with Debinmi, low impact isn't as hard as high impact, but Cathe's workouts are much better than what other instructors offer.

aqua girl

Lady Vol Fan, that little video clip above is hilarious…it reminds me of an episode of
Everybody Loves Raymond where Deborah is taking a step class & he goes with her cause I think he’s jealous of the instructor guy, and Raymond was trying to do step, all goofy like. Funny!

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