Moms to be check in May 7th


Hi Mommys,

How is everyone feeling? Ive been better. I havemanaged to get my workouts in no sweat but I find that if I sit around alot in the run of a day, I get sick. If I keep going then I am fine.
I also noticed a couple of days ago that I felt best when I ate my breakfast right away cause when its super early I am not hungry and I will workout first.So I am eating my breakfast now with hopes that I will have a good day. Im counting down the days until I feel normal again....I have 41 to go:eek:
My DH owns a sporting goods store so I bought some pants with elastic waist yesterday. They aren't maternity clothes but I think they will get me through this summer.My friend also said that she had some maternity shorts I could borrow....actually she said I could have all of her clothes and her SIL's to! Im still going to buy a couple pieces of my own in the fall. Her SIL is having her baby the end of MAy and she as 80 pounds on! Can you imagine? I would die! I hope she can get rid of it!

Have a good day everyone!


Hello Foxy Mamas!

Lori, I just got back from vacation, and when I came on the board, I nearly passed out!!!!! WELCOME!!!!! I am so excited for you!!!! Welcome to all the other newly pregnant gals too!!!!! I am only 9 weeks, so I am in the early stages too, so I can commiserate with what you are feeling....
As I mentioned earlier, I just got back from vacation. My family(sisters, husbands) all went on a cruise from New York to the Virgin Islands. Funny thing about this was, we had very rough seas going down because we hit a storm (there were 20 foot swails) and it was very rocky. My DH joked that I was the only one that didn't get sick on the boat!!!! Seriously, there were people randomly vomiting all over the boat!!!!
I did, however, have the same nausea that I have been feeling for more than 3 weeks now. It is like a pit in my stomach. I feel a little better when I eat, but right after I eat, I get it again. I really hope this doesn't last too much longer. It makes me feel sluggish and lethargic.
We did some walking when we got off the boat, but that is all I did last week. When we got back on Thursday, I taught my boot camp class as usual and then yesterday I did the first half of LowMax.
I figure, if I do something, it will be better than nothing, but boy, I can't wait until I feel a little better so I can kick it up just a bit.
Thanks for listening :) I feel like a big whiner :) My first doctors appointment is on Friday, the 12th, and I just know that after we see our little chick pea on the US, I might magically feel a bit better :)

Have a great week everyone!!!!!!!!!



Steph, you sound just like myself! I feel good when I eat and a little while after, but within 10-15 mins its back! And I can't keep eating! LOL I also feel good when I workout as well.
I always want something cold or tart.Like a orange...and I love having milk and cereal for breakfast cause its cold.
Before I was pregnant and I had a nasty sweat tooth but over the last couple of weeks I couldn't be bothered.
I haven't thrown up or even urged...but its just right there, you know what I mean? I just need a little something to throw me over the edge but nothing ever does. I usually have a good couple of hours a day though and I love every second of it.



Hi! Do you all mind if I check in with you??

I am 24 weeks along. Before I got pregnant I was loving the new Hard Core series (I have all of Cathe's DVDs). I found out I was pregnant just before Christmas and pretty much quit working out except for walking. But living in Houston it's far too hot to walk outside anymore so I started with Basic Step this past week. The first day it kicked my butt! Crazy I know. From Hardcore series to basic step. I do wish I had not stopped working out with Cathe, but with morning sickness and my own fears of hanging on to this pregnancy, I stopped. But I learned my lesson. I am loving Basic Step. It's a great workout for a preggo lady trying to get back into step. I want to incorporate Body Fusion this week.

Steph- DH and I went on a cruise in January when I was about 7-8 weeks. We went from Galveston to Key West to Grand Cayman to Cozumel. The first day and that last day I was really sick as the the waves were pretty rocky. The last day I was so sick I didn't eat and pretty much just threw up all day. Not sure I want to do that again. Glad you didn't get sick!!
As for the eating to feel better. I was the same way in the first trimester. It tapered off about 12 weeks. But eating was the only thing to remedy that sick feeling. I do get it occasionally on weekends when I don't eat as early as I do during the week. I'm a teacher and school starts at 7:20 so it makes for some very early mornings. I had an u/s at 8 weeks and 12 weeks and it was sooooooo reassuring to see the little heart beat and see the baby moving and squirming around. I was in love!

Lori- How far along are you? For working out now I wear some shorts I got from Old navy and their built in bra tanks. They work really well and the tanks are much cuter than my regular work-out clothes (according to DH ;-) )

Last weeks workouts:
Monday- 45 minute walk
Tuesday- 30 minute walk
Wednesday- Basic Step
Thursday- Basic Step
Friday- Basic Step
Saturday- off
Sunday- hoping to do Basic Step later today

I was reading earlier posts about weight gain. I would love to say I've only gained a little so far, but I've put on 20 pounds already!

;( My doctor doesn't seem too concerned. I'm 5'7 and started at 123. I'm now up to 143 :eek: :eek: Oh well. I don't eat anymore than I used to, I think it had a lot to do with stopping weight training and my metabolism slowing down. I don't know. I really do try to eat really healthy with only treats no and then.

Okay, sorry for the rambling. Looking forward to hear how everyone else did last week!

EDD August 26th..It's a girl (at least that's what the u/s tech said).


Hi janna,

I don't think I would be concerned about your weight gain either b/c you diffently weren't over weight when you got pregnant.
I am only 6 weeks so I have another 6 weeks of this icky feeling. I find that it comes and goes.I get a wave of sickness come over me and then it passes again. Im eating some weird things to but Im eating whatever I am in the mood for at that time.

Oh and you are having a girl! How exciting! i don't think we are gonna find out but I have a funny feeling its a boy.



Hi beautiful bellies!!
My week has been craaaaaaaaaaaazy. Moved on Monday and been nonstop unpacking, doing, and playing with Hannah the whole week. Today I finally just kept my feet up. I'm just the type that'll do do do even though I'm this prego. Keeping me in shape I gotta say.
Lori and Steph, you guys should read my past posts on how much I gained with my 1st. I'm 5'3 and 105, I gained 45 pounds with her!!!! That was a ton! But I totally lost it all and looked better than ever doing Cathe. All cardio, not too into weights, do very lil. Then I got prego again when Hannah was 7 months (yes on purpose;-) ) And didn't put weight on til around 4 months due to Cathe dvd's. But now I'm plenty preggy:D It's getting harder to follow the workouts, i'm totally hobbling. It would be hysterical to see me on tape or something!!
Lori, if your husband carries cute ladies yoga and active wear you guys should check my stuff out at

Steph, how fun was the cruise except for the rockiness, did you just indulge in all the food!!:9

Marleysmom are you still hangin around?!?!? HI!!!!!

Everyone have a feel good week;-)

Mommy to Hannah Lilly born 3/25/05


Lori, how great to have a hubby who owns a sportswear store.
Gidget, at 36 weeks I still feel like constanly eating.
Jana, don't worry about your weight. Mine increased alot at first, then slowed.
Curly, glad the move went well.
Mary, how are you feeling?

Doctor's visit tomorrow, I'll fill you ladies in afterwards. Hopefully the baby is still a moderate size. I am still feeling good , just hungry all the time.

Was away this weekend so workouts were easier. I needed workouts i could do in limited space at my in laws.

sun-fitprime-strong bear and fast cheetah
mon-greatest step -step+cardio crazy-cardio
Tues-firm cawt+supercharged sculpting
Wed-step-n-strike+20 min. tj
Thurs-cardio and weights+ bodyfusion
Fri-tae bo extreme+TJ CP 2
sat-firm vol. 2 skipped suppine work + althea pump fit


Hello all mommies! Had a slow start this week, as I've entered the 36th week am more tired and more hungry!!! At 19 lbs gained total, so still a little slow on that end! Otherwise, little guy is constantly moving! Gotta love those rib kicks!!!x( OUCH!!!

tuesday-legs&glute, walk (hills) 45 minutes
wednesday- tri's and bi's; bike (intervals) 1 hour
thursday- lower body pyramid; pilates 20 minutes; bike (intervals) 45 minutes
friday- S&H chest and back; walk 45 minutes; bike 30 minutes
saturday- bike intervals 1 hour; pilates

Everyone have a good week!
DS#1- 12/23/02
DS#2- due date 6/1/06


hi everyone - glad to hear people had a good week. curly, i cannot imagine moving right now. you have such a good attitude though. it will all be worth it soon, right? and heather, you are amazing! do your workouts tire you out at this point? is the bike still comfotrable? i spin once a week and am hoping to keep up as long as i am still comfortable on the bike.

my week went fine. just growing and growing right now. read something in a magazine about lcmv(lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus) - anyone else familiar with that? it is a viral disease pregnant women can contract from rodents (guinia pigs, hamsters, etcc) and can couse severe birth defects. i have definatly been in contact with rodents due to my job, so my dr is testing me this week. one more thing to worry about. just thought i'd pass along to stay away from the critters! more info available on the cdc website.

sun - kpc, boot camp
mon - low max, 30 min strength
tues - imax 2, cardio and weights step only
weds - step blast, step jumpo pump weights only
thurs - spin class, muscle endurance
fri - imax 2, legs and glutes
sat - low max

have a good week everyone
ds #1 due june 23 2006


Morris, your workouts still look amazing! What do you do that you work with rodents?
Steph, glad your stomache survived the cruise. We haven't taken a cruise in a long time but loved our last one.
Heather, I didn't realize we had the same due date. I am hoping to go early since dd#1 was 12 days early. My weight gain is a little more than yours . You are doing great !

DD#1-born 9/12/03
DD#2 due 6/1/06


Good morning Ladies,

Here are my workouts for last week, not much but better when nothing. Can't wait to get my energy back.

Sun - :eek: ff
Mon - :eek: ff
Tue - 40 min hill climb on treadmill
Wed - :eek: ff
Thu - :eek: ff
Fri - Push and Pull
Sat - 40 min hill climb on treadmill

DH was sick Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday so I had to take care of him instead taking care of me and my workouts ;) .
I still feel extremely tired some days. I am nauseous here and there some days not at all, but I can't complain too much.
I just wish I would have more energy to workout because I really miss it.

Hope you all have a great week
Kristine :)


Hi Girls,

I had an o.k day yesterday. Eating wasn't the best but I have to eat whatever I am in the mood for.

What workouts did I do last week? lets see if I can remember:
Mon...can't remember, probably a run
Wed: 6 seg of BC and 2.5 mile run
Thur:2 Seg of BC and 3 mile run
Fri:3 mile run & GS Back and Shoul
Sat:4 mile run & GS Biceps
Sun:KPC and GS C&T

I jusr finished CM and I am getting lazy again.Probably doesn't help that I gave up my coffee.I wanted to do the floor work in GS legs though.




Lori, just wanted to let you know that when I was preggie with Hannah and now with this one I have 1/4 cup of coffee every morning to get me going or ice tea. It totally helps, especially at your stage. My father in law is an OB/GYN. It's actually okay to have a full cup. But for me 1/4 does the job.
Thought you may want to know that;-)

Mommy to Hannah Lilly born 3/25/05


Morris- actually its finding the energy to do the workouts thats the problem!;-) usually afterwards I feel great and have MORE energy (great for chasing my 3 yr old around!). Yes, the bike is still comfortable, more so than any other cardio, I have the upright bike so unless i lean forward my big belly doesn't bother me at all and helps me to forget about the extra weight i am carrying around (unlike walking and KPC, and weight training where I have really started to feel the extra weight!).
Yes, my due date is 6/1 and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go early since my first son didn't want to come out and I ended up being induced and he came out a few ozs shy of 10 lbs! It would be absolutely wonderful to not go through that again!}(


heather - 10 lbs???? wow. did that happen without a csection? i know what you mean about feeling the extra weight. i took my dog for a walk today and feel a definate sense of lumbering....

lori - i swtitched to very weak black tea in my first trimester. it gave me a bit of a lift and felt so so good for the nausea. i do miss my coffee, but honestly do not know if it would have helped that first trimester fatigue.

curly - did you breastfeed your first? if so, when did you have to stop if at all to get pregnant?

shopaholic - i am a veterinarian so i do occasionally deal with pocket pets. mostly dogs and cats, but every so often a sick hamster or guinia pig.


Morris! A vet!?!? How wonderful. That must be so fun to work with so many neat animals. I had to just put my 10 year old english mastiff to rest;( It was the saddest thing I ever had to do, but was done very peacefully! He was the best dog I ever had. He was unbelievable and beautiful! I still have a golden and a pug so that makes us happy besides babies of course;-)
I chose not to breastfeed. But I think there are others that became prego quickly again while breastfeeding.
Did you say you are due beginning of June? That's soon! How are you feeling? Have you dropped?

Mommy to Hannah Lilly born 3/25/05


Lori, I couldn't give up my cofee this time around!
Heather, wow a 10 pounder! I am worried since doc says this baby seems bigger than dd#1 and guesses this one to be over 7 pounds.
Kristine, the first trimester is the hardest when in comes to exercise. hope dh feels better.

Saw the doctor today. Gained 2 more pounds bringing weight gain to 23 pounds. Not dilated yet. Began dilating with dd#1 at 27 weeks so I fear going late this time around. Baby measured a little over 36 but doctor said he couldn't get an accurate measure since he hit my ribs. I am short! Doctor thinks this one will be a little over 7 pounds.


Yes, almost 10 lbs!!!! Hard for you to believe, think about how i felt!!!!!!!}( no, no c-section, but God bless the epidural! I had him on december 23rd and told my anesthesiologist that he was santa claus! Big babies run in my family ( i was the smallest at 7.7) my brother was also a few ozs shy of 10! Also my husband is an ex-football man at 6'3, 250 so I guess my boys are just taking after daddy, but I have been PRAYING that God will give me a baby this time instead of a toddler!LOL- I remember when my first son came out- I thought "where's the baby?" he couldn't even wear his newborn clothes! But was long, too, not chubby. Now he is 3 and according to doctor is average height of a 4 1/2- 5 yr old. Expecting him to be around 6'6 when done growing! So wish me luck with this one!!!!! We'll know soon enough!!!!:D


p.s Morris- I got pregnant while breastfeeding 3 months after my son was born!!!! It unfortunately ended in miscarriage but boy what a shock that was!!!!!


curly, i am sorry about your mastiff. they are such gentle loving dogs, very soulful. i cannot wait for our dog to meet our little boy. she loves kids already. i think i am dropping. not sure exactly how to tell except he was so high before, and now i think i see less "flat" area between my pubic bone and where he starts. also, it is getting harder and harder to bend down and get back up during the day:)

shopaholic, did you know you had dilated with your first or did you have to wait for them to check? i wonder how accurate they are when they guess size of babies. i have told you all i am consistently measuring behind (4 weeks or so), but when they us me, baby is in the 50% for weight and size. i just am ready for him to be here. though preferably will wait till my dh returns from his trip!

heather, it sounds as though you could have a football lineup on your hands. large sizes as in height do not at all run in my family.are you very tall yourself?

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