MOMS are hot! july 27 - aug 2


Wendy - JJ is sooo cute!
Steph - How is your neck doing? Yay for meals that aren't cheats but taste like it!
Kate - Woohoo Julia! Teeth and crawling! What accomplishments!! They are growing way too fast IMO also. Time for another for you??
Candra - How was Target?
Trish - Hope your dd's bday was a good one!
Hi Jess, Sydney!

School starts tomorrow and I have to still label supplies. Yuck, not my fave thing to do. I didn't get to wo yesterday because DH came home from work after 10:30pm which is around the time P went down. I was too tired to wo so no wo for me yesterday. Will definitely workout today though. Got DM planned. Eats are okay. Not super bad, but not the greatest. Planning on salad for dinner tonight. Nursing P so she can nap. Hopefully I'll get some work or wo done while she does.



Jess... I like your new name.

Wendy... They give us 6 months to get back into standards (i have to be @ my pre-pregnancy weight- plus pass the fitness test). I am on month 5 :eek: Out of 300 points- I normally get the full 300, but this time- it I don't step it up- I will probably get a 250. It's not bad. I see lots of people who look like they out not within the standards, but I don't like how I look in uniform when I'm not below my weight max. JJ is a cutie!!

Lisa... can't believe that school starts tomorrow!!! Enjoy DrillMax.

Candra... I'm the say way about Target. I love their home dec stuff. It's good that your kids and your sister's kids get to play together.

Kate... your little one is growing!!! congrads on the crawling.

Stephanie... is your neck any better??? did you get the video shot that you were going for??

Tish.. good jog on the 4 mile run... do you do all your runs outside? I hear you about feeling good after a run.

Well... back for my trip. It is always good to get home. Annissa seems to change everytime I go and come back!! This time... I picked her up and she smiled @ me and actually started to reach for me. :D DH said that she had never done that for him.

As far as workouts... don't know if I will get anything in tonight... I had an 8 hour drive and I am beat!!!!
Sydney - man I'd hate to HAVE to get back to prepreg weight for my job. added stress I'd think? I think they should give you a year! You have your hands full with a baby as well. aww cute about Annissa.

Lisa-school starts tomorrow!!? its still summer! ack. well I'm doing school (homeschool) but we do year round and take off when something comes up. I'm going to be still doing it at my moms.

Well I got my mom into Insanity!! lol. Shes going to get it. She loves it. She tried it this morning but shes had foot surgery and it started to hurt so she stopped. I think I'll get my brother and SIL into it while I'm up there w/my mom. they are really fit/healthy. they'll like it too.

bby is squirming in my lap. he keeps waking up so I'm keeping him up a while. I think he was just taking a evening power nap earlier.


Candra~I like it.. I only have MIS, pyramind upper and lower for her weight workouts. I have hardcore extreme, RS, and imax2 for cardio. I had cardio and weights and I got rid of it.. I like MIS when I want to do my entire body.. I like the upper and lower when I want to break it up. Yep the older 2 are going to school and then Landon will go to hourly care for 2 days a week. I am thinking 3 hours in the mornings so I can get some things done. I get 16 hours free a month so I'll only have to pay for about 2 hours a week and then next year he will go to LA 4 which is all day preschool. Crazy how time flies!

Wendy~he is a doll!!! So cute! I hope he pops that tooth soon so it quits hurting him.

Kate~aww toofies!! WE have zero teeth here.. she'll be a year old before she has teeth.. lol

Jess~did you check the setting to stay logged in? Maybe you need to reset it since you had a name change?

Well it was icky off and on all day.. rain then cloudy then more rain.. ick. I did get Imax2 in.. WOWsers! I forgot I love that one... lol Tomorrow is another weight day.. so far I am trying to just do M-W-F with weights and a run if I can get it in. Then onthe other days I'll try to do some other cardio.. maybe just a walk on Sunday for my "off" day. I don't do off days very well. LOL


Sydney~I do most all of my runs outside. I don't have a treadmill and if I have to put hte kids in hourly care to run then I usually run outside. I have on occasion went to the gym. I have an elliptical so I can get on that at home, but no treadmill. I have broken 2 in the past running on them. lol Wow they only give you 6 months?? sheesh.. I have heard at least 9 months on 9 months off.. I am sure you'll do well though and in no time you'll be back to prepreg. and getting a 300 again!


Jess - Wow, kudos to you on homeschooling with a baby! Does your mom help watch the baby? We are on year round school.

Sydney - Aww...that must have made your heart melt! Forget the wo and rest!

Trish - Awesome job on IMAX2! I love that one too!

Dinner was baked salmon and green beans. Still have to do my wo. Nursing P so hopefully she will go down for the night.



jess, you are like a superwoman or something! just the thought of homeschooling makes me anxious... lol. i love the image of your whole fam doing insanity! get grandma on it =)

sydney, they should give longer than 6 mos!!!! i say 9 mos or at least a year, let them know i said so =) but if anyone can do it, you can! go girl!

lisa, how did you do your baked salmon? its on sale this week, was thinking of trying in the slow cooker but if i screw up... or salmon fish sticks, saw recipe on food network for baked ones. but im a huge fan of recipes someone else already uses, tried and true cuz what looks good on tv, well... ya never know right?

trish, thats great you have hourly care avl so you can get some stuff done! is that a benefit of living on base that its avl/are you even on a base? HOW did break 2 tm???!! lol. i have NO room for machinery but im a cardio machine hater anyways. guess if i had room i might get a bike to ride while watching tv or do spin dvds.

candra, we have a few farmers markets around. the one thats walking distance is today, others are one bus ride in diff directions. i dont mind the bus (we have great public transit) but not with babe AND groceries... ill walk up to 3-4 miles each way if weather is decent. and i HRT my flops, too, wear them till theres snow on the ground!

kate, will def try the smooshing into the breast thing if he bites,so far just like a flicking thing with the upper tooth but i fully expect a bite any day now. my advice for target (for candra too...), leave the cards home! and take only the cash for what you need to buy! did this last few times and soooooo glad i did... more $$ in my pocket later =) i could spend a fortune in that place.

i want to get back to CTX but im afraid for my knee. i was already seriously modifying it... yesterday did petra kolber cardio interval training from netflix. it wasnt bad, the cardio intervals were ok, not boring, i like her cuing, easy to modify. the wt i'vals were NOTHING tho, compound exercises with like 12 reps or something silly like that with little teeny wts. i did ctx upper body afterwards and then went back for pk's stretch. feeling the ub this am! woohoo! esp chest for some reason. i need to email the OT/hand therapist and ask if i can ease back into yoga yet. i really miss yoga....



We've been working o some workbooks - I CAN'T TEACH MY KIDS!!! How do you HS moms do it!?!?!?!

Jess, That's great about your mom getting Insanity! Too cool!

Lisa, Did you get DM done? How's the 1st day of school going? EEK!!! I'm not ready!

Sydney, Aw, Anna!! It's so fun when they reach for you!!
6 months is CRAZY!!! I'm in the 9 month camp!

trish, I'm rather partial to the toothless grin anyway! They've got their whole lives to have teeth! :p
I don't usually take an off day unless I feel like I need it. Usually abt every 10 days or so.

Wendy, I like your cash idea but I LOVE Target, sooooo....Visa baby!!!
I hope you can get your knee cleared for some other WOs! That would be tres frustrating!

Last ngiht I did B&G. Today I did CS and I'll do some cardio later - maybe StepBlast or Trish's Imax2/


Target?? All this talk of Target makes me want to go!!

Wendy - I used olive oil and garlic on one salmon and the other I made a mayo, soy sauce, wasabi, and garlic mix that I put on top then bake. I like it and it's still rather healthy and flavorful. Yay for doms on the ub!

Kate - IMAX2 is so fun that you'll be so glad you did it! I ended up doing it and felt so good after. Trish influenced me so DM another day!

Eats are good today ! Planning on ME or MM. Not sure which. Better get back to work. P is eyeing my laptop! She is so much fun now though so can't get too mad at her for barging in on my computer time ;)



Kate-I do workbooks with my boys and Hooked on Phonics, and let's just say I am glad they have a teacher at school:p I did Step Blast today! It was a Blast:D:p

Lisa-I miss Maggie too:( Which wo did you choose? I am doing mm tomorrow.

Wendy-I did good at Target yesterday. Owen got a power ranger and then I picked up a few uniform shirts for the boys. I didn't even spend $50!! That was a first:p

Trish-Imax 2 is so fun, but the blast with the plie jacks:eek::eek::eek:

Jess-how far away does your mom live? My mom would never try any of my wo's. She wants to be fit but doesn't want to sweat:confused:

Sydney-I have never lost my pg weight in 6mos:confused: I lost it the fastest with Ryder and it took me 8mos!

Stephanie-how are you feeling today???

The older boys are spending the night with their gparents tonight:) Right now me and Ryder have the house to ourselves. Once it cools down I am going to take him on a walk. I am so excited I don't have to cook dinner tonight:D:D:D:D

Candra -my mom lives on the other side of the country. I'm in TX shes in northern VA. my mom used to run alot. she has a rower and tredmill at home. I'm always pushing w/o vids on her but never seen her like something like she did insanity!

Wendy -lol. well I read up about homeschooling almost a whole year before jumping in. It helps to know about resources, curriculum, support groups and different methods before starting. The main key is finding curriculum you both enjoy. I know some is dull as heck and we'd both hate it. I dread the first nip with teeth. It has happened with both my older boys. It is always a short phase but seems to always happen. he likes biting on my nipple now with his gums. Im trying to discourage that before he makes too big a habit of it!

Lisa -my mom is helping some w/baby. she also helps with some schoolwork she can help with.

Trish -where is the setting for staying logged in??? aaaah. its annoying. I looked all over user CP, did a search in faq and the forums. I don't know what to do?


We've been working o some workbooks - I CAN'T TEACH MY KIDS!!! How do you HS moms do it!?!?!?!

Sydney, Aw, Anna!! It's so fun when they reach for you!!
6 months is CRAZY!!! I'm in the 9 month camp!


Kate.. I used two different methods to teach my boys to read before they went to school. Hooked on Phonics and from a book titled: Phonics Pathways. I loved the Phonics Pathways book so much that I kept it just in case I had another child:p

I'm in the 9month camp too.....


Wendy~the 16 free hours a month is a perk of dh being deployed. It normallhy is $3.50 per hour per kid.. so if I wanted a 3 hour brea you can do the math! Almost $40 for my 4 kids.. We get the free hours a month before deployment all the way through till 2 months after returning. So I can grocery shop or go to the dentist/dr. alone. IT really is a great perk.

Kate~you'll love Imax2! Really it's fun and it just goes so fast. I always am thinking wow it's almost over, but I am out of breathe and loving it! I do love Target too, but thank goodness it's an hour drive from me!

Lisa~what does MM and ME stand for?


Candra~yep those plie jacks are awful. I never do them all. I end up doing squat jumps instead after the first few. I also have trouble w/ the airborn jacks.


trish - im so glad they make that child care service avl to you, its tough enough with 4 kiddos when both parents are home let alone when your dh is gone for an extended period... and even at 3.50/hr, that is so cheap, around here you pay $15/hour for a good babysitter. not me, lol, i will use a fam member or stay home for that price thank you!

finished TJ 20min wo, had a funny feeling am nap would be sort and i was right, glad i picked a short one. TJs are always fun! my neighbor gave them to me a while back and i have used them quite a bit. id like to fit in an ub workout... maybe bm2 or ctx or 4ds ub premixes... cant find my mm dvd right now and am quite annoyed about it. def lent it to someone and now cant remember because i do NOT lose my wos. boo!!! mil took JJ out to the pool for a lil bit so we went and had some lunch, i had a great salad with grilled chick and honey lime dressing. it came in one of those tortilla shells but i didnt eat that, yay me! tried a little bit and it was so greasy, it was easy to resist eating it.

hi to all the other mamas!!
Wendy -I LOVE turbojam. my fav is fat blaster. I love all the turbos. so I knew I'd love insanity. I wished something like that would be made and then it finally came! I am still waiting for Turbo FIRE this next year!

I love Target too. some years they get a TON of great clothes in but sometimes I can't find a single thing I want. this year is like that. they had such cute shorts last year. grr. I can't find shorts I like ANYWHERE this year. They do have other goodies though. stuff for the house. kids stuff and whatnot plus mine has a starbucks. It is down the street from me.


Trish - Muscle Max and Muscle Endurance. Target is 10 min from me. BAAAD!

Wendy - I hope you find your MM! BM2 is tough. Haven't attempted it since post pg. For time and endurance reasons, lol!

Jess - Our Target has a Starbucks also. The clothes is hit and miss for me also. I like the other stuff though.

No wo last night. I think P's upper teeth are coming in because she's been a little fussy and sleeping really light. DH worked until 12am so I couldn't wo with P being up and down last night. I did do Drill Max this am and that was a kick butt wo! I feel like I more than made up for missing last night! Thinking of doing pilates tonight to work the abs. Better get some work done.


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