MOMS are hot! july 27 - aug 2


Hi mamas!
I didn't read all of the above, but I hope everyone is having a wonderful week! I've been busy with errands/laundry/normal stuff. Weightloss has plateaued a bit, and AF is visiting this week :( so I suspect I won't see any results this week either. I've been ravenous lately. SO hungry. Guess I can thank the heavy lifting for that. Got a new haircut, and had a girls day out with my mom and sis Saturday and got our nails done, so I'm not feeling very down on myself. Realizing it's just taking time this time around. I'll get there!!

Will do personals tomorrow. It's late here. Have to feed Charlie his late bottle so maybe, just maybe, he'll sleep through the night...
Steph -I hope you got some good sleep!

Wendy -hope you don't get bit lol. I'm afriad of tooth #1 cause Liam likes to bite with his gums. eek.

I am going to pick my mom up in a bit here. getting some breakfast first. did a little kettlebells yesterday.
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Hi mamas!
Strained a muscle in my neck last night. I was trying to get Charlie to do this funny move he does so DH could video tape it and I pulled something. How silly is that??? I have cardio tonight and am going to try to soldier through it. Ugh, gotta go tame the wild beasts. School starts in two weeks!!! (My new calming mantra.)


I just have a minute....let's see how much I cantype!

Lisa, The only thing I ue my breadmaker for is white-type breads - do you still want the recipes?

Jess, I've never seen clips online and I know her vids can be $$$$. Maybe fund someone to swap w/on VF???

Wendy Julia's getting top teeth too! It looks so cute to see them trhu the gums!
WTG on 4#!!!!! Who cares how it's gone - it's gone!!!:D

Trish, WTG on the WO's! And glad you got some "alone time" w/ DH!:p

Stephanie, How was your night?
BOOOO to the neck strain! It's always thw wierdest things that do it! Once I was flexing and screwed up my shoulder! That'll teach me!!! haha!!!


Lisa, Would you mind pm'ing me your address and I can mail some stuff to you? Will be MUCH quicker and easier...

Just finished HiLo MedBall. So fun!! SWEA-TAY!:D:D


Jess--Love the new name!
Kate--Don't you dare change yours!!
Lisa-- Your life sounds crazy right now! Hope things slow down soon!
Sydney--You'll do great on your next test! Most of your colleagues haven't recently had babies. I think you're superwoman!! Keep up the good work!!
Wendy--Way to go on the four pounds!!!
Trish--Your workouts sound great! Wish I could run four miles! Way to go!
Hi to everyone else!!

Sorry my personals have lacked this week. AF is here, and I've been grumpy. Gotta love those hormones! My neck still is sore, but I soldiered through CLX cardio and abs tonight. Had to modify some of the sit-ups because they really put strain on my neck. Ate the yummiest dinner tonight: tilapia with a panko crust and cous cous with slivered almonds in it. I just dip the tilapia in lowfat buttermilk and then cover with breadcrumbs and sprinkle a little of Emeril's seasoning and spray some cooking spray on it (so it will brown) and cook on 400 for 20 minutes. SO good. Feels like a cheat, but it isn't... Anyway, hope everyone is well!! :)


Jess~I need to change mine.. I have had this username since 2 kids ago. LOL About time I get it updated to show 4 kiddos. My dh is just outside Mosul. He's been there since May.. so we almost have 3 months down. I guess you have quit a bit down if he's coming home late this year! Exciting!

Stephanie~ I hear ya!!! Countdown is on! We have 15 days, but really who is counting?? I think my son goes Friday then my DD goes Monday. Kindergarten does a staggered start. Some go Friday some start Monday.. then they all go at some point. Hope your neck is feeling better...

So yesterday was a day off.. today I did weights again in the am and then a 3 mile run this afternoon. Today my big girl turned 5!! We did cake and presents this evening, but tomorrow we are going to jump city. Just a big kid playland.. should be tons of fun. Not sure what I'll do tomorrow.. maybe RS or just a walk w/ the kids. Might be wore out after jump city!


syephanie, soru your neck is still a pain!
hooray for your uncheat dinner! i love meals lilke that!
and no worries on grumpiness....been there! say hello when you can:D ds's will be bts soon!

trish, happy bday dd!!
your kids go bts lready too??? we're not til after labor day!

prob getting grocs today. how long do you think a fam can go w/out milk???:p
doing b&g tonight - helllllllllpppp!:eek::p


good morning!

its been 4 days and i think my feet are finally clean the fest mud... and i am left with a silly tan line from my flops, thought it was just the accumulation of dust and mud that ive been scrubbing off lol. JJs tooth is popped out but its right at that super sore point and boy is he whiny/clingy. just crying and crawling alll over me! my knee is still feeling funny but i MUST do some cardio today as much as i hate it... any suggestions?

intensity junkie - great name =)

kate, do NOT change your name! love that you are chef!!

stephanie, we all get grumpy sometimes, no worries...

i cant believe so many of your kids are going back to schl already!!! were like kate, after labor day always.

sydney, dont they make any time allowances for women after havin a baby?!?! sometimes i am amazed, my dh works with guys who look horrible, like they eat a bag of donuts a day and some of them DO, and they are still in the alongside him, making that uniform look bad. and then YOU get a hard time working your patooties off... gets me mad!! he says those guys are gonna get axed sooner or later but it sure seems like LATER to me, maybe has to do with the field but those guys should not get a pass while you (and im sure other ladies) struggle.

hi lisa, trish!

have a good day, ladies...

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Wendy!!!!! JJ is a doll baby!!! Oh my word! Those eyes and lashes and beautiful hair!!! My bald girl is jealous!:p
Do you have any Leslie Sansone? I have a few and have used them a time or two. They are actually decent workouts. Or do you have a pool somewhere that you can do some water aerobics?

Julia's top 2 front teeth poked thru her gums last night! And I don't think I told you guys but she started crawling last week! My baby is GROWING UP and I do NOT like it!:p


Hi girls!! Sorry I haven't been around:( We were gone last week and then back home to loads and loads of laundry and grocery shopping;)

Wendy-JJ is adorable!! Ryder got his top teeth and I have been bitten a lot:eek: The dangers of nursing:p I also have tan lines from wearing flip flops. I would wear them year round if I could!! I love them!

Jess-My brother was in Kirkuck for a couple of months then he went to Samarra. I like your new user name!

Kate-Yah for Julia crawling!! Ryder does the army crawl on his stomach, but he is fast! ikwym about not wanting them to grow up, this year is going by way to fast:(:(:(

Stephanie-Your tilapia sounds yummy! I am going to try it. I can't believe you only have 2 weeks until school starts:eek: We have 4 weeks left:( I am not ready for summer to be over:(

Trish-I watched MIS while ironing the other day since you mentioned it. I have had the power hour dvd forever but that is the only w/o on there I haven't done. It looks good, I did do the abs at the end. Are just your older two starting school? Is Landon in pre-school?

Hi Sydney and Lisa!!

Wilson spent the night at his friends last night. Owen had a nervous breakdown when we left his brother so I promised him a trip to Target today:p This afternoon we might drive up to my sisters and go to the farmers market!

Today I am doing UB and a 3mile run!:)



Candra, I wish summer weren't ending too....sob!!!!!
OWCH to nursing bites! Do you know about smooshing his face into your boob? "suffocates" them and they have to let go.
IKWYM about laundry! I'm finally done w/ our vacation laundry.
Oh, shucks....a trip to Target - you poor thing!:p What are you lusting after there this week? They had some cute dresses in the ad this week I want to go look at.:D
Our f'market is only open on Saturdays - and I'm usually not around to go.:( I would love to support local but the time never seems to work out.
Which UB are you doing?

Nice day here - laundry, groceries. I got to do CS too!:D


Kate-I am either going to do me or mm ub pre-mix. I will have to look at the dresses. I never need anything at Target but I always end up with a cart load of stuff:rolleyes:
The farmers market here in town is on sat also. I have never been either b/c of the time. My sister lives about 40 min away. Going to the market w/ her is just to spend time w/ her and let the kids play. We both have 3 boys (she also has a daughter) and they are all the same age!

Ryder is asleep!
Time to wo!



candra, how fun for you & your sis! both of my sisters are way younger than me. my dds will prob babysit their kids some day!
ditto on the cart @ target!:eek:
drive by posting!

Wendy -JJ is adorable!! :)

Trish -ask them I'm sure they'll change it for that reason!

OK why do I have to re sign in every visit now? since I Had my user name changed I have to. annoying!!!

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