Moms 2 B Check In May 1/05


Good Morning!

Well, here it is...not very impressive tho. ;(

Sun: 40 min on the Gazelle

Mon: Super Cardio Sculpt (Firm)
L & G standing ankle wt ex's + inner thigh stability ball ex.

Tue: Rest

Wed: Low Max Step Only Premix

Thu: PUB Down Only Premix

Fri: Rest-Lamaze Class in evening

Sat: Rest-Lamaze Class from 9am to 5pm then company for dinner.


I smoked my last cigarette on March 17, 2004 at 10:00 pm![/img]
EDD: 05/19/05


It's Sunday! The end of my 20th week! That feels like a significant milestone. In the last few days I've begun to easily feel the baby move on the outside. I hope DH and DD get a chance to feel her soon. It seems every time I tell them to touch my tummy, she stops moving.

Wendy, at 37 weeks pregnant, I don't think you have to apologize for any kind of workout you do (or don't do)! I think your week was very impressive.

I had a really fun workout week:

MON Step Blast, skipping over the blasts during the challenge

TUES SJP Premix (step portion followed by all the weights put together). KPC stability ball crunches.

WEDS KPC Premix (intermediate intensity drills and combos 1 & 2). Kickmax leg conditioning drills.

THURS SuperSets

FRI LowMax

SAT High Step Circuit. Kickmax leg conditioning drills.

SUN Rest (maybe prenatal yoga later on today)



Hi all,

Well I am hoping that this is my last check in here! I didn't do any workouts this week, except for getting all the baby stuff ready. I have been trying to conserve my energy for the big day.

I went to the doctor's this friday and I am 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced. So I made some progress this week. I am still feeling pretty good. I am trying not to be scared about labor starting so I am doing busy work, like starting a scrapbook. My husband is getting so excited. He has an hour by hour count down to the due date! I hope the baby cooporates and comes on or before the due date. I have an ultrasound scheduled for a week after the due date just in case she's late and they need to check out everything. Hopefully we won't need that appointment as I am ready to meet my little girl and have this pregnancy thing over with!

Wish me luck!



Where's all the newlie pregos?
Imani, hopefully you'll continue posting once your little bundle is here. Wow, I can remember being where you are sick and tired of being pregnant. It doesn't seem that long ago I was in YOUR shoes. Hmmmmm. I hope I have the stamina needed to get thru THIS pregnancy. ;)
Wendy, your workouts look marvelous. Good job. YOU'RE next!!! Yahoo. Are you ready? I always count on my pregnacies lasting 38 weeks, not 40 weeks.
Fiddlefit, you're workouts are nothing short of breathtaking. Way to go!!!
I'm still facing extreme fatigue. At this point my aim is at least every other day workouts & naps on the other days. My boss was out on vacation last week so I worked extra hours. I'm welcoming him back tomorrow!!!

Here's my week
Sun: Tae Bo Extreme
Mon: off
Tue: Step Blast + Core Max 2
Wed: off
Thurs: Lo Max
Fri: off
Sat: C & W + Core Max 3

Justin born 1/17/04
Jory born 4/9/94



Jeez, Wendy – I’m HOPING that I can have a week as ‘unimpressive’ as yours!! At 37 weeks, you get bonus points for even THINKING about working out! Hope the Lamaze classes go well. DH went to them with me with our first, but he’s not into a lot of ‘touchy-feely’ stuff and almost got us kicked out ;) Luckily for us, I was paying attention – there’s a lot of good info there, and, personally, that helps keep me calm and focused. The more info the better!

Sandra – What a great week or workouts - your baby is going to come out kicking with all those leg drills!

Imani – I’m hoping all kinds of good things for you. Resting up for the big day is a good idea – you will be that much stronger when you need to be. Keep us posted – there’s nothing worse than waiting through the last days…

Melanie – It’s funny, but 38 weeks is my target, too… Not sure why. I just don’t think I’ll have to go through the whole 40. I have my heart set on a November baby, I guess.

Monday – Run/Walk 4 miles
Tuesday – Power Circuit
Wednesday – Circuit Max
Thursday – nothing – another migraine… wondering if it’s preg related. I don’t usually get them this frequently
Friday – nothing – had a small dinner party and spent 4 hours cleaning, shopping, and cooking after being at work for 7 hours. Too tired to move afterwards.
Saturday – nothing – recovering from Friday night
Sunday – Hardcore Extreme, Hi Lo

Felt like crud again this week. Trying to push the workouts, anyway, because I figure I can’t feel any worse, and maybe they’ll help. I’ve gotten pretty sensitive to salt, which is really weird for me, but I can gain 4 pounds overnight if I’m not careful. Between that and the migraines, I'm thinking I need to get an appointment with my Ob/Gyn soon – I’ve been waiting for a ‘good’ week, but between the kids appointments, work, and DH’s travel schedule, I could deliver before that comes around ;-) !

Hope everyone is having a good week – can you believe that April is over already?! I'm still waiting for good weather, so hopefully that will come soon.


Well I definately didn't have an impressive week as far as workouts.

Mon: Cardio and Weights
Tues: Low Max

Then, I started spotting......a little on Tuesday...a little more on Thursday, more on Friday, Saturday and Sunday....I called the doctor on Friday morning and the nurse said not to worry as long as it is brown, which it was (except a little reddishbrown on Friday night).

So, Friday I started to prepare myself for a miscarriage in case I started cramping. I had my insurance card out ready to go to the ER. In my head I know that brown spotting can be totally normal in pregnancy, but....I don't know. It's my nature to prepare for the worst rather than hope for the best.

It's Monday morning now and I still have a little spotting (mostly just see it when I wipe (sorry if too much info). Tomorrow is my regularly scheduled appointment with my ob/gyn and he is planning on doing an ultrasound so hopefully it will show a beating heart.

I tried to really take it easy over the week and weekend and not do anything in regard to exercise.

DH and I are going to Europe on the 13th for 11 days. I don't really want to have to take it slow when we get there. We have a very ambitious itinerary which takes us to Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin, Munich, Salzburg, and I'm hoping I'll have the energy and be done with the spotting by then. ;)

Wish me luck tomorrow! My appointment is at 3:00. Hopefully the time will go fast today and tomorrow!


Oh my heavens, Janna, keep us updated on the spotting and your u/s tomorrow! Spotting in the first trimester is extremely common, and since you aren't having any cramping, and the blood is brown (old), then the odds are in your favour that you are not miscarrying. From my recent experience with a subchorionic hemorrage (aka placental tear), I learned that between weeks 9 and 13 the placenta really begins to grow and embed into the uterine wall, and all this blood vessel growth can create bleeding or spotting for some women. At this point the baby is not dependent on the placenta, so is not going to be harmed by the bleeding.

Of course, there are a zillion other reasons why women spot during pregnancy, but many of them are innocuous.

When I had my miscarriage last fall, the bleeding was definitely red, I developed lots of cramping, and it only became progressively heavier. That doesn't sound like what you're experiencing, thank heavens. I'm thinking of you and sending good baby-sticking vibes your way. I found the waiting was the hardest part. ;(



Imani - great news on the dilation and effacement! Isn't it nice to know that out of the 10cms to go, you're already 10% of the way there? And you didn't even notice it. :)

Melanie - Thanks! I have to say that your workouts are very impressive, too! Especially considering that you are still dealing with first tri fatigue. How do you manage to get workouts done with 2 other young children around?

GraceNote - The thing about those leg drills is that Cathe is right when she says that they will become easier with practice. I hope you're able to find a way to cope with the migraines. That sounds awful. Isn't it funny how casual you become about things like doctors' visits when it's not your first baby? I think I scheduled my first doctor visit around the 9th week for this baby, but for my first baby I went in the day after I had a positive HPT! I also keep thinking I should get around to picking a doula, but that keeps getting put on the backburner, too. Hm. Maybe today.

Well, DD is asking me to help her build a train track, so I'd best go do the Mommy thing.



JannaL- I spotted off/on brown/red from weeks 5 through 11- including two "gushers" that were as red and heavy as what I had experienced post-partum with my other two. the diagnosis was the subchorionic hematoma (well, actually a extrachorionic hematoma) that so many people here have had. The explanations offered here are what I was told as well. I was also told that my previous c/section (just one- the other was a VBAC) could have contributed to the development of the hematoma. Anyway, try not to worry- although my blood was at times VERY red, I never cramped, and I am at week 14 and everything seems to be on track.

Here was my week:

Monday: run 2 miles at gym, elliptical thing, leg machines, 10 minutes of Pilates from "10 Minute Solution Pilates"
Tuesday: NOTHING
Wednesday: most of C+W, the step from 10-10-10
Thursday: gym again (it's been raining a lot)
Friday: Crunch boot camp (very easy- like walking)
Saturday and Sunday: gardening extravaganza- shoveling, lugging around compost, digging, cultivating, pick axing rocks burried 125 years ago- every single muscle in my body hurts.

Kristan, EDD 11-1-05, #3


Hi Ladies,

I started out the week strong, but then morning sickness kicked in-yuck! I tried to ignore the m/s and then came down with a horrible chest cold. I have been super sick for the last 5 days. :-( I probably won't be able to do much for a couple more days-I'm really wiped out. Gotta hit the public library for some good reads!


pics fixed

Hi Ladies, Happy 1st of May to you - hope you all have a great Mother's Day this weekend!

My week was only decent as far as workouts go. I'm tired...agian, I thought I was over the worst of it, but I'm not. This weekend I spent half the time napping or lounging on the couch getting nothing done, sigh....

what I did do was:

Monday - Low Max 45 min

Thursday - Muscle Endurance min abs 55 min (? on time)

Sudnay - somehow I got in Low Max 44 min

I'm tired and getting huge already, I'm attempting to post a pic of me at 4, 8 & 12 weeks:


Wendy - you are doing great, I hope by then I'm at least walking and not sleeping all the time ;-)

Sandra- 20 weeks IS a big deal, way to cross that milestone!!!

Imani - I hope you deliver this week and that all goes well, keep us in the loop!

Melanie and Gracenote - way to plug along in the first trimester, it's hard isn't it!

Janna - I had red bleeding, then spotting at 6 weeks, off and on for a few days and was totally freaked out. It looks like it was just pooled up implantation blood that just came out late, the u/s at 6 weeks 2 days showed no problems

Kristan - you are a week ahead of me, is the fatigue going away (please say yes), I'm ready for that "honeymoon trimester"!

Oh, we had our 12 week checkup on friday, baby is doing great and the heartbeat is a strong one registaring in the 160's!!!!


Hi everyone!

Here are my workouts for the last week:
Sunday: Supersets
Monday: walked 3.5 miles
Tuesday: walked 3.5 miles and PushPull
Wednesday: walked 3.5 miles and 33 min premix from GS Legs
Thursday: 30 minutes on the elliptical +abs from MIS on an incline
Fri & Sat: nothing

You all sound like you had a great week. I've been so tired these past few days. I"m home from work today (my son has pinkeye) and I want to take a nap so badly. Of course, he slept for 14 hours so he is wired. I'm hoping I can turn in early tonight. Friday I go for my ultrasound so I"m crossing my fingers that we can find out the gender.

You all sound like you had a great week of workouts.
Wendy: you amaze me girl! I hope that I'm still working out like you are when I hit 37 weeks.

Janna: I hope that everything is alright. I had a m/c 2 years ago and I bled bright red and extremelyl heavy. Let us know how your appointment goes tomorrow.

Have a great week ladies! :)


Well, ladies...I think the days of "amazing" work outs are slowly coming to an end for me lol...This pregnancy is finally taking it's toll on my bod. Plus the fact, there is just so much to get done...I feel like I shouldn't "waste" that hour everyday on exercise!...OMG I can't belive I just said that! :eek: :eek: :eek: SHHHH! Don't tell anyone! lol

I can't believe that in say 3 weeks tops I will finally get to meet him! This is sooo cool! Yes, it's scarey as heck and intimidating and mind boggling, and so and so forth-lol-but sooo very awesome!

I am having such a hard time imagining myself going through the l & d process...or what my reaction will be the first time I see his face...or hold him...or how I will be as a mom...It's just sooo much to take in so fast! I'll probably cry through the whole thing just like someone posted to me on the lamaze thread! She's probably very right! lol

Well, I'm done yammering on now....have a great day everyone!:D


I smoked my last cigarette on March 17, 2004 at 10:00 pm![/img]
EDD: 05/19/05


RE: pics fixed

"Wendy - you are doing great, I hope by then I'm at least walking and not sleeping all the time"


Thanks Julie but by 37 weeks you will quickly be looking to going back to sleeping all of the time again! ;-) I certainly


I smoked my last cigarette on March 17, 2004 at 10:00 pm![/img]
EDD: 05/19/05


A Large Group

Wow! You guys are such a large group. I have to take notes just to keep up with everyone. I counted 9 people!!! Wow!!!!
Janna--We haven't heard from you. I hope you'll post with an update real soon. I've been praying for you & your baby. I, like many of the other moms, had spotting during my pregnancy. It's scary, but normally okay.
JulieL--I think that's awesome that you're posting your pictures. My clothes are fitting tigher already, and I keep telling myself "it's too soon". I didn't wear maternity clothes until week 20 with my last pregnancy. I've been eating so much though trying to keep heartburn away, and my workouts have been less strenuous due to fatigue. My baby's only the size of a raspberry so she/he can't be taking too much room!!!

Justin born 1/17/04
Jory born 4/9/94



RE: A Large Group

Hello ladies- I just wanted to check in and say hi! My workouts took a tumble this week because of rotten weather. Since powerwalks and stroller walks are my only source of exercise, I am very dependant on the weather.
For the last 4 weeks I had 3, then 4, then 3, and this past week just ONE good strong walk. But I feel good. I have already gained 35 lbs, but my OB says he is not the least bit concerned and thinks I look great. Then why do I only see my huge legs and arms and butt?? :)

Well good luck to Imani- best wishes on getting the labor ball rolling for all of us!! Here's to a prefect breezy L&D! I am only working another week and a half- I decided to take a luxurious 3.5 weeks off beFORE my due date (June 9) because A) I can get paid for up to 4 weeks pre-due-date, and 2) I wanted the liesure time to spend with DD and prepare for the new arrival. So I'll become scarce after May 13 unless I get my home computer working.
Anyway, great job on all your workouts, everyone!




Not good news

They moved my appointment up to this morning. The ultrasound showed that the baby was only measuring 7w4d and it should have been measuring 8.5-9 weeks. There was also no heartbeat. I am scheduled to have a D&C on Thursday morning.

I'm certainly glad that we didn't "announce" this pregnancy. There are only 4 people that we need to share the bad news with.

I guess we are back to the drawing board...hopefully it won't take another 7 months.

Good luck with the remainder of your pregnancies!


RE: Not good news

So sorry to hear that Janna.

I will pray for you that the next pregancy will be successful and that it may happen quickly for you!


I smoked my last cigarette on March 17, 2004 at 10:00 pm![/img]
EDD: 05/19/05


Hello ladies! Well this week has been better than my last few. However I only got in 2 workouts - Monday walked 2 miles & Tuesday 2 sets per muscle group from PS. Still the same obstacles except now I am barely sleeping at night due to sinus drainage. As soon as a I lay at night I have to get up to blow my nose. I'm even taking Sudafed to help with the problem, but it obviously isn't working good enough. Hopefully once the warmer weather sets in then I will be able to overcome this. In the meantime my workouts will be very sparce since I have no energy.

I also heard on the news last week that Lexington, KY has moved up to be the #1 worst place if you have allergies (last year it was 16th). Of course that would be where I live. LOL

Keep up the good work and I hope to join in with more workouts later. I'm already dreaming of what I want to accomplish after this baby arrives.

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