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For the past 8 months it seems as if all I wear is work out attire (or my pajamas :rolleyes:), so I decided it was time to buy some new jeans. Scrolling through GAPs offerings and what did I find???? Actual MOM JEANS! That's what they are calling them, for real. They are listed as MOM JEANS.

Now mind you, I wore these back in the day and when I look at pictures....I regret the decision.

Why on earth are these things being brought to life again??? And really, isn't the name, well...not politically correct?


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And why are they called that? How do they differ? It sounds a little silly and naive. Maybe they just want to attack attention. Anyway, I saw grandma phones, it was so strange.
I remember when I was still a child, everyone wore them. Why, out of all the cool clothes, did they decide to bring them back? Although they suit many ...


As a short torsoed, extra long legged woman the mom jean is the exact opposite of what I need. I don't need my pants around my rib cage! It wasn't until I was about 40 years old that I discovered Athleta made a pant that fit me to a t. Of course they've stopped making them. Luckily I bought several pairs but I'm wearing them out. The only other company that almost makes a pant that fits me is Levis. Sometimes I can find a style in 8 long that kind of fits. I wish more clothing makers would just do a long length and not a ridiculously high rise!
If anyone has found a pant that is low to medium rise and with long lengths I would love to know. By the way I'm talking actual pants not tights or leggings which I don't find appropriate or comfortable to wear outside of the home.


I'm petite with a short torso and a bubble butt so I can never find jeans that fit me!!! The "mom" jeans go up to my arm pits, the low rise don't cover my butt and most jeans, petite or otherwise end up having the crouch hang down to about the middle of my thigh, partly b/c I have to push them down to account for the riding up the torso. I haven't worn jeans in years b/c I just gave up! I did try jean shopping again last year and all I could find was the stretchy fabric which I don't like in jeans!


low rise jeans will not stay up on me even with a cinched in belt. I've struggled to find pants that stay in place for years. I'm small in the mid section and the circumference gap from low rise jeans is multiple inches, nothing that can be altered easily. I'm not crazy about too high either, don't want them at my rib cage either. I'm short and need petites, not easy to find. tights and leggings creep down too. are suspenders next???


Yep, last year my daughter asked for "mom jeans" for Christmas! They are horrid! And Judy's right...lower rise and medium rise is impossible to find. I keep Googling "when are high rise jeans going out of style", hoping to get a glimpse of when this fad will be going away, but it seems like it's going to be here for awhile. Until then, I guess I will keep wearing my old ones...I have, like, 2 pair that I actually like and wear.


I don't know why jeans are such a mainstay of our wardrobes, considering how much trouble every one has trying to find the perfect pair. I could buy a $10 pair or $100 pair for my husband and they each would fit him the same. Me...not so much. I am 5'11", size 6 with a 36" inseam but normal rise. NOTHING fits right and now that cropped jeans are the "thing" well I feel like I am back to wearing "high-waters". I think I am going to stick with my leggings and big sweaters!


Like fit deb, I HATE cropped jeans. Growing up we always referred to pants that were too short as flood pants. I get frustrated when my short legged coworkers complain that their pants are too long. As I point out, they can at least hem them to the perfect length!

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They have medium rise jeans at Hollister's..I'm not sure if the length is long enough for some of you (because that's not a concern for me, lol.)

But they did have different cloth options (some normal jean, some stretchy jeans) and had different lengths.

In my Hollister's they were in the far back of the store.


All the reasons listed above are why I love dresses. ;-) I rarely find any pants that fit well and look good, so I opt for dresses and skirts when I have to leave the house. Which is rare these days, of course.

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