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Hi Cathe, I'm loving the new RWH workouts!

My question pertains to "metabolic workouts". Based on your answer in another post concerning how to best lose body fat when you have a strong muscle base, I'm going to follow and 8 day workout "week" and do 3-4 metabolic workouts and do 3 heavy weight workouts per week.

What makes a workout a "metabolic" workouts vs a circuit workout?

The answers to your question are in article below:

  • circuits are series of sequence executed during a specific time. (exemple 1 minutes)
without or with light (usually) weight. This is an endurance workout.
your heart rate increase up to maximum 70% of your own maximum heart rate.
Example :eek:f workout is athletic training, high step training.

  • A circuit becomes a Met when the heart rate goes up to >70% reaching ANAEROBIC zone.
Example: afterburn, Hiit segment from TTM, cardio leg blast;)

To cut short metabolic is an exercise intense enough to elevate your heart rate to over 70% maximum heart rate.
The do create an afterburn within 24 hours after completing the exercise.

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