Meal tickets for family on the 4th


Will there be a way for us to buy extra tickets to the dinner/dessert party on the 4th for our family? I don't want to miss this event and I don't want my husband to be alone on the 4th during the fireworks.



I'm also anxious to hear about how to sign up my family for the dinner/dessert and fireworks party on the 4th! (we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the EPCOT Fireworks show!!!! and we have never been on the 4th of July so we expect even greater greatness!!!!! Can't wait!)

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Meal tickets

Yes, we will have an online site where you can purchase meal tickets for individual meals in about another week or so. We're just going charge you what Disney charges us, but be warned Disney meals are not cheap. Disney will give kids under 9 a 50% discount on the price on regular meals, but unfortunately not the 4th of July event.

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