Mcdonald Fruit and Walnut salad


Traci, Even though the salads are better choices then other things on the menu. The sodium content in these is out of this world. The grilled califonia cobb salad alone with no dressing has 1060mg of sodium. The grilled chicken has 830 mg. You should only have a total maxium of 2400mg a day of sodium, and if you eat one of those salads your shot. I read an article a while back that they soak the chicken in this sodium mixture which is the reason this chicken taste the way it does, and you can never get yours to taste like McDonalds. I always had done the salad thing to ,but as we become educated you can see how we are fooled. We just got to get smarter then they are. Karen


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Oh my goodness! It's funny how much you realize you don't know! I've always thought I had my act together, and so do my friends b/c I am probably the most fit and the most disciplined. However, I almost NEVER factor in sodium, sugar, or carbs for that matter. I have no problem making salads at home, I only started going to McD's b/c I had a coupon and that's my sons Wednesday treat. I guess it'll still be his thing, but I'll go back to making my salads at home!

Wow, I am so glad I decided to register and ask questions! You all are great! Thanks for being so willing to share with a newbie!


>I also heard that they sprinkle sugar on the lettuce to
>preserve the lettuce longer.

Actually restaurants sprinkle some kind of chemical (not sugar, to my knowledge) on lettuce to keep it from turning brown.


Why am I not surprised about the apple/walnut "salad". Precisely the reason I refuse to eat fast food anymore. It's garbage. Why put it in your body. If you haven't seen the movie "Supersize Me" yet, rent it. You'll never eat at McDonald's again. The only "safe" product McD's sells is the bottled water. I'm getting sick just thinking about McDonald's. x(


"I read an article a while back that they soak the chicken in this
sodium mixture..."

It is spooky what restaurants add to foods.

Not McDonald's, but, today I heard something interesting at IHOP. A gentleman wanted to order an omlette, but asked the waitress if they could cook it without whipping it up because he didn't like fluffy eggs. She said she would ask, but said the eggs were "already whipped up ahead of time with pancake batter". Of course he asked her to clarify that the eggs actually had batter mixed in, and she went on to explain how yes, the eggs and pancake batter are whipped up together in a blender to be used as needed for omlettes.




>Ugh. That is even worse!!!! Is it all resteraunts or just
>fast food chains?

All restaurants, except probably natural foods ones.

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