Lower Body Check in Mar 18


Hi Ladies,

What kind of workout did you do or plan to do?

I did my St. Patty's day 5 K yesterday. It was a little unorganized, but a lot of fun. Weather was beautiful. About 100 people. I got a 22 min 36 second time. We think the course was short of a 5K. It was probably about 2.6 miles. I was the 3rd female to finish..

I did C&W last night. I think it will be KPC tonight...

I am noticing a sleeker look to my thighs now... I am going to keep this rotation up for awhile..

Have a great day Ladies!! These check ins are nice and helps me stick with a rotation better. I think sticking to a rotation will get me the results I want..

Hi Everyone!

Today at 5:30 a.m. I did IMAX2 (warm-up, intervals 1-6), and a Firm 5 day ab segment. Then at noon, I ran on the treadmill for 25 min. I can't tell if my hips are smaller or if it is just wishful thinking :7

Tomorrow is Legs & Glutes and a lunchtime run. The exercise is the easy part, the diet is a little harder. The vending machine at work is calling me ..... aaaack!

Have a super day!

Hello Ladies

Tonight's workout is...drum roll please...Imax 2 & Abs. Abs first tho. I’m really excited about Imax 2. Probably cuz I haven’t done it in such a long time.

Beverly, that sounds like it was fun and your time was very good.

Shopgirl, drop what you’re doing and walk away from that machine <g>

Here’s the rest of my week:
Sunday: Rest Day
Monday: Legs & Glutes & Abs
Tuesday: Upper Body & Abs
Wednesday: Step Intervals/Abs & Floor Burn
Thursday: Abs & Imax 2
Friday: Muscle Endurance
Saturday: Cardio Kicks

And this is my rotation starting 3/21
Sunday: am: 1 hour Treadmill
pm: Legs & Glutes
Monday: Abs & MIS upper

Tuesday: am: Floor Burn
pm: Step Intervals
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Abs & Muscle Endurance
Friday: Abs & Imax 2
Saturday: Cardio Kicks

Have a good day

Hello everyone,
I wanted to join your lower body check in. I am relatively new to Cathe for the past 5 months and I have the Intensity and body blast series, Cardio Kicks and I am getting some more stuff through some trades. But after reading about the freestyle training on this forum, I thought I would try to start a lower body rotation to try to lean out my hips. I usually focus on upper body trying to gain some definition.
I work full time and have 2 toddlers, so I am often time crunched in the morning which is when I work out.
Anyway, this is what I have done this week.
Wed - L&G and KPC 60 min circuit combo
Thurs- PP- upper body 2 set premix

tomarrow I am going to gear up for IMAX2!

Pree (aka Lax lover2)
Welcome aboard Pree ;o)

I just had to log in tonight to tell you guys that Imax 2 stayed on my shelf to too longggggggg. I really forgot how much fun this workout is YIKES!!! I did all 10 intervals the music was jamming and I was too. Just wanted to share my news night night......

Hi Ladies,

I did KPC and L&G 82 minute premix last night. I love that one. I had to do the premix so I could try my new high step out. :)

Teddygirl, Sounds like you had a blast with Imax 2. Don't it feel great???

Shopgirl, let us know how you enjoy your interval running. How many times a week are you going to run??? I love running... :7

Lax lover 2, I am glad you are joining us. More motivation for us all.

I plan on running tonight. It hit 70 in Utah yesterday... Suppose to be 70s for the next three days.. WOOHOO. It is definetely a run today and probably 2 sets upper body PP..

Have a great day and workout!!!

I hope no one brings me goodies at work today. Yesterday, my cube mate brought me a huge piece of chocolate cake with choc icing, and my supervisor gave me a huge 4 leaf clover cookie.. YUM.... No sweets for me today..

Hi girls,

Yesterday was PLB pyramid up premix and PS upper body. Would have been my rest day but moved that to today. Got to work early to take off early because we are going to an area art festival this afternoon. My husband and I love to look at the art, especially when it's perfect weather like it has been (not too hot yet and hardly any humidity!)

I did about 20 minutes of abs this morning. Can't seem to want to take a full day off from exercise.

Have a great weekend everyone. See you at Monday a.m. check in.

Thanks for prompting us every day, Beverly.
Today is KPC for me. I am feeling very unmotivated, but I have got to do it!!!! Beverly, how long have you been doing this rotation?? I am just finishing week 2. My Ub looks better, but my lower to me does not really look any different. I can't expect miracles after only 2 weeks though....
Hi everybody.

Lori, I am in the same boat you are - I can't tell a difference yet. I did L&G this morning and will run 20 minutes on the treadmill at lunch. I keep hoping I will wake up one morning and my caboose will be smaller. :D

Here's to wishful thinking and hard work!

Lori and Shopgirl,

Don't loose motivation. We can do it!!!!! Think positive. Two weeks is not enough to see results yet. I am finishing week 3 tomorrow. I am just now seeing a change in my lower body. Got a little frustrated yesterday with my diet. Cake and cookies.. UGH... Not good.

Did you ladies know that pear shaped women have a harder time losing fat than apple shaped women.. According to studies I have read.... We have to be tuff on those buns and thighs, burn it off, think positive and it will happen..... I am going to try and clean my diet up a little better, do the rotation at least 8 weeks (need to give it a chance), and give each workout my all....

At least we will have a more defined upper body.

Have a great weekend ladies and keep it up.... :7

Yes, I do believe it's harder for us to lose fat.

I will be starting my fifth week on Sunday. I'm seeing some real definition in my upper quads and my hamstrings. I've always been really flabby in my lower quad and knee area. I believe it's a genetic thing I inherited from my Italian grandmother. Believe me, when that starts firming up, you'll hear screaming no matter where you are.

How would you girls feel about moving to a Freestyle training sort of rotation after this rotation? If we plan an additional challenge, it may keep us motivated not to give up.

I will also commit to cleaning up my diet a bit more. I'm good during the week, but the weekends is another story.
LOL Candi. I know what you mean, I inherited my short legs from my Italian mother and grandmother. Long-legged ballerinas we definitely are not!

I'm up for a Freestyle rotation after this one. Anything to improve the lower half. After L&G this morning and running at noon, my legs are dead. I may just have to crawl from my office to my car this evening.;)
I agree with you Beverly, pear shape people are much harder than apples. I’m a pear myself. But, if we keep working at it, change will come. Keep up the good work and one morning your going to wake up and notice the differences. Sometimes it just happens like that!!

Tonight is Muscle Endurance (only done this tape once) just like Imax 2 they both been on my shelf too long. As a matter of fact. I purchased my series during the pre-order. How long ago has that been?

Keep up the good work guys, our change will come, must come, it hafta come <g>

Hi everyone,
I had a treat today, I recieved some new Cathe tapes in the mail through a trade and the original IMAX today. I made it through, but I paced myself because I was so worried about pooping out since everyone says it is harder than IMAX 2. At least I was familiar with the choreography through doing the intensity series.
Well tomarrow I am going to try out Power hour.
Candi and Shopgirl, I would definitely be interested in trying a freestyle rotation- but I would need some guidance since I don't have the book.
Have a good one guys!
Good Morning....I ended up taking a rest day yesterday. So, today is SJP, and tomorrow will be KPC. My eating has been good, I have been following WW's Point System. I really like SJP, I am looking forward to this workout!!! Have a good weekend everyone.

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