Low Impact Challege Premix mix up??


Hi All,
I just viewed the premixes for this and #4 was from Cardio Superset....can that be right or do I have a DVD with a goof?

Also it would be super helpful if we new exactly what all of these premixes were...it's hard to pick one when you don't know what your getting....not complaining I just wish the names were more straight forward.



"Bonus" Step on Low Impact challenge & Cardio Super Sets

I think the Low Impact Challenge Step Express mix #4 adds the "bonus" step segment from Cardio Super Sets. It's a "bonus" on Cardio Super Sets also, as in there is a pre-mix on Cardio Supersets which is just this "bonus" step section. Three of the pre-mixes on Supersets use this bonus step segment. Two of the pre-mixes on Low Impact Challenge use the bonus step section.
So its pretty familiary after you've done the premixes on these two. There are five pre-mix workouts on two DVDs that use this bonus step section which is not part of either original workout. Hope that helps.

Amy Steppe

The step cardio is on Super Sets and Low Impacet challenge. On my discs the same workout is on each disk.

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