Look at my baby!!!!!


My first thought was Zorro. He looks like he's wearing a black mask across his eyes!

When we were little we raised all sorts of critters for fun and we had a pygmy goat we named Orea because he was almost totally black w/ a vertical white stripe going down his belly! We named his twin Elivs though I can't remember why lol.


What a cute Moo!!!! I love moo cows. I have a moo cow kitchen. It's yellow and white, with moo-cow decor. Which is odd, because nothing else in my house is country-ish at all. My name vote is also for "Fergus" but I also like "Chester"



Thanks for the suggestions! Since I posted this, we had three more! 2 heifers and another bull. And the all look like the first! Unfortunatly, we have to sell the bulls since we have one (close to a ton in weight)he is a sweeite, but we cam't keep other bulls. We find people that want them:)
I do like Oreo and George and Trevor. Our first bull years ago was a Fred... I'll post more pix later. Thanks again everyone! Kay

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