Lil' Mamas June 28--July 5


Hi mamas!!

Candra!! Oh my! You must have FREAKED OUT!! I know I would have! It sounds just like something my Henry would do. He's a climber. Hope Owen feels better today!! Ryder is adorable!!! Sorry about your mother's popping in. I hate it when ANYONE pops in.

Well, today has started off wonderfully. DH fed the big boys breakfast and let me and Charlie sleep in. Charlie woke up at 9:15!!! :) LOVE that! I woke up earlier than that but snuggled him till he woke up. (He was in our bed. He had woken up at around 2ish and I was too tired to walk or rock him...) AND the scaled FINALLY moved!! TWO pounds!!! And AF is due this week. I really thought I'd have gained at least that in water weight. AF is NOT my friend. But i had lost!!! (hoping I don't jinx it.) I'm wondering if it was the protein? I upped my protein yesterday and had a protein with every meal (like Tosca says to) and had my shake post workout and my greek yogurt before bed. Wondering if that helped. I'm hoping it continues. I still have SOOOO far to go!! But seeing the scales finally move gives me so much motivation.

Hope everyone is having a great day!! :)


Stephanie-your morning sounds great:) I love to watch Ryder sleeping:) Yeah on the weight loss!! Whatever you are doing is working!!:)

Still waiting for Wilson to wake-up, he is usually the first out of bed:eek: We have to go feed all the animals bc Mike had to be at work very early:confused: I am planning on trying a new wo when Ryder takes his morning nap!! I have been buying new wo's a lot lately:eek: I love to get them but then I worry if I don't like it, I will have ruined my wo for the day:eek:

Candra- Holy smokes! I'm just waiting for our first trip to the ER. I don't have boys but Anna is adventurous and fearless so I'm thinking she'll give us a run for our money too. I also hate unannounced visitors. Don't people realize I need 20 minutes to pick up the toys and run the vacuum! :)

Stephanie- Hooray for the weightloss!!!! Awesome!

Jess- when does you DH get home? How long has it been since you've seen him? Is he deployed?

Kate- sorry about your internet. I hate it when we lose ours!!! I can't imagine how we lived without it. :)

Lisa- don't worry about the junk food. We all need a day to eat bad things. I've already had a frozen coke this morning. Ugh!

Sorry I haven't gotten a chance to update my siggie or avatar. My name is Ashleigh. :) I've been meaning to do so but haven't gotten to it yet. I ended up getting 20 minutes of Drill Max cardio premix in before Anna woke up. No abs though. I'm trying to be happy with anything I get and not get frustrated. Something is better than nothing. :) Can't decide what I want to do today. Definitely abs though!
Candra -- oh poor baby. I actually got stitches on my chin at about 4 jumping on bed that was going to be a bunk bed and one of the posts was there and I jumped up and landed right there. so yeah. stitches on the chin. my dad took me to the dr and made me be tuff but then got me ice cream ha. hope hes doing better!

Sydney - with your oldest maybe you should plan things to do together that interest him? I have a trampoline and have the advanced urban rebouding. JB is a character but I like the w/o.

GF mom - last time I saw DH in person was after new years. he'll be here friday I think.. hes not sure exactly cause hes traveling "back in time" as he puts it lol and has never taken this trip before. yeah hes in Iraq.

Steph -what a RUDE neighbor. I'd go over and tell him what I think about that. grrr! glad you lost some weight! My scale isn't budging either. it seems to like a certain number?! ack. of course I'm not working out THAT hard and I'm also allowing slips in my diet.. atleast I'm nursing.

Kate - hope your computer is up and going again soon. I hate when something goes wrong. I have to admit I go thru withdrawls! :)

hello anyone else. baby is asleep on me I need to go clean. I have a list of "to do" stuff before DH arrives and his family too. ack!


I have so much to catch up on!!! I'll do my best....!

Steph, WTG on the WO! and glad you liked the PP! What kind did you get? Dh likes vanilla. I would sooooo get chocolate!:D
Nice morning! Lucky mama! And HOOOORAY for the scale drop!

Candra, YIKES on Owen! How scary!!! Glad he's ok! Probably half-proud of his stitches?????
Ryder is soooo cute! Love his shirt too!:D
The Beco is WONDERFUL!!! i ordered from The gal was SO HELPFUL and crazyfast shipping - 2 days - AND it was FREE!!!! Free babylegs too! I will def use her again!
I feel the same way about new WO's!:p

Ashleigh! :D You're right - something IS better than nothing! You are doing great! Abs are so easy for me to put off, but I've been better about it the last couple weeks! We've got our beach vacation in a couple weeks - gotta keep it up!!:eek::D

Jess, It's SO HARD to move a sleeping snuggly wee one! I just love to hold Julia!:cool:

Internet is fixed! So they say!:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::p
Did CS lower body & abs today. Run or cardio tonihgt depending on teh weather.

Gotta tend to the rascals....bbl.


Sorry, but this is going to be another quick me post. I am so tired. P has a low grade fever and wouldn't sleep last night unless I was nursing her or next to her. I am beat. I think she might have teething issues. Gave her tylenol and she seemed so much happier. I did do PUB late last night around ten. I need to take off and take my older two to summer fun. P is napping now and I so want to nap also, but need to get the kiddos off to summer fun then do some work from home. I will sneak in a nap with P later today hopefully. I promise to be back with personals later today.



did kick max low impact timesaver during nap this am. those lower body drills... ouch! gave jj a ham sandwich in teeny pcs for lunch. making chicken salad for dinner, its one of those use-up-whats-in-the-fridge meals...

jess - what clean eating recipe did you use? pasta was the first major thing i tried to clean up in my house and it went well. theyve been totally used to whole wheat for years and no cream sauces ever again. i always love to try new recipes and better yet when i get a good review first!

kate - sorry abt the comp not working!! no fun! no worries abt bread recipes, in due time. well see if i even get up the courage to try them!

ashleigh, arent you like 5 wks pp? i dont think i did anything but walk at that point!! 20 mins of drill max sounds great =)

candra, wow, those are some stitches! is he showing them off proudly or is he embarassed its on his face? do you think that will keep him from leaping off things in the future?!?! holy moly, i wouldve been upset.

sydney - lol atyour big guy. no special time with mine either (unless i want to buy him something...). hes a CIT at his camp this year so at least hes busy for the summer. i worry abt kids around here that have nothing to do and the trouble they can get in. im sure you have a good kid as i do!

stephanie - hooray for lbs lost =) youve been doing awesome with clx!! im still working on 30 myself... but thats 5 lbs less than a 2 months ago... slowly but surely...

hi to all others, gotta run



lisa, sorry about p not feeling well =( sending good vibes your way...

kate, so glad you are back online!! nice to see you!

becky... yoohoo... i bet you are wicked busy with work! come back when you have a minute!



wendy, wtg on the wo! i think youre doing awesome!
jj all better now?
bread is so easy! i promise!

yes becky! no need for personals! just tell us youre alive!:D
maggie, jen, hellllooooo!


hi to all you wonderful mammas...

Lisa.. I'm thinking about you

Kate... glad that you're back online

Jess.. i know how it is getting things ready for yur DH to arrive.. bet he will only have eyes for you and the kids;) I'm happy for you!!

Ashleigh... hi... looks like there is another Anna here.... although my Anna is really Annissa... welcome

wendy... you feel me about my teen!! I know what gets him... going out to eat. He always wants to join me. so I sneek some mommie time in without hime knowing!:eek:

Candra.. how was your new workout? I love that you have animals. The only animals that I deal with are at work----:eek: just joking!! it would be nice to have some land. I would like to get one more dog, but i guess not a good idea when you are renting to have more than 2.

Stephaine..way to go on the 2lbs!!! what protein are you using? my DH is using protein while he is doing p90x
Well... I am officially middle-aged! my big boy turned 17 years old today!! where did the time go??? It seems like just yesterday I was holding him in the hospital.
today's workout.. 2 mile run 24 min, 6 miles on elliptical 51 min. I am soooo hungry...going to look for something to eat.
Last edited:


sydney -- ITA about going out to eat with ds! i used to sneak in time that way too but only one income now so not so much eating out... he likes my cooking but often is not home at dinnertime. but if he is he expects to sit down together in the kitchen, which is nice! especially when dh was away, to still get to sit down for dinner sometimes even if late. we still do the family dinner thing if he is home but i let him stay out if he wants to and i leave him food. summer curfew is 7:30 until he proves no prob getting up for camp in the am. then ill make it a little later. what is your ds curfew? is he out a lot of the time, too?

isnt it wild to have kids so far apart?!?! im enjoying though =)



wendy... it IS wild! I still can't believe it.. Just today, I was driving up the the daycare to get Anna and I was thinking..... I'm really here to pick up my infant. I'm not picking up a girlfriends child.. in that baby is waiting on me...

I know....I'm emotional:eek:

I love it!!! I also think..... what was I thinking??? (in a good way):p


Sydney & Wendy, I can't imagine that age gap! I had "What are we thinking" moments with Julia and there's only 4.5 yrs between her & Isabel! :p You glas amaze me!


Laura came over so Mike and I could go running together. What a great sis!
He SMOKED me! How is it that boys can run faster than girls?!?!?! Without even trying?!?!?!?!
Wendy -the recipe is turkey pasta roll ups(lasagna) from clean eating mag. I share it with everyone cause its the best ;) someone posted it online so I use their link: sounds something like what you were making though? I can't go back and look atm.

Lisa -I hope your little one feels better! :(

Sydney -I'm right behind you though. I can't believe my oldest is 11.. yikes. I'm scared. haha. My second is turning 6 in a week and I thought we were done before Liam. so kinda crazy having a baby again here too. ;)

hope everyone else is doing well. I gotta get to bed. did my lil ole 30 min w/o tonight. but feels good doing something.


Whew what a day. I was ILL today. Hoping tomorrow I'm more fun. We went to the "walking park" as the boys call it today. It's just a little park with a walking track near us. We walked a lap (9/10 of a mile) and the boys were completely exhausted. The heat really zaps ya here. Then I took the boys to Sonic (where I only got ice water). Tonight DH took them swimming, and I did my CLX. Very clean eats. Though I'm craving sweets and carbs (thank you impending AF!). Two more workouts and I move to my next CLX phase which should be extra challenging.

Lisa--I'm sorry last night was so rough! I'm hoping you guys have a much more restful night tonight. I'd give P some tylenol before bedtime...

Ashleigh--Good to know your name! :) I'm thinkin 20 minutes of Drill Max is a good workout no matter what. (I don't have it, but I've heard it's TOUGH!)

Jess--Hey! My CLX is mostly 30 minute workouts!! Nothin wrong with that! You can pack a butt kickin workout into 30 minutes! :p

Kate--Glad you got to run with your sweetie tonight! Not fair about men and running/lifting/etc. THey even lose weight faster. Dave can give up one less little debbie each day and lose 10 pounds in a week! :mad: You have a sweet sister!!

Sydney--That's so sweet! I remember feeling that way when I'd pick Oliver up from daycare. Don't you love too when they see you and are SO excited!?? I'm using the Whole Foods brand whey protein. I use the vanilla and just mix it with 8 oz of skim milk. Tastes like a sugar cookie! :p

Wendy--It's nice to know I'm not the only one with 25-30 to lose! We'll get there! It's taken me A LONG time to lose. But I gained A LOT with Charlie. How old is your little one? I've been giving Charlie cheese sandwiches pinched up, but I know he'd LOVE ham!!

Gotta go, DH wants computer!! Later mommies!!


P has a pretty high fever now. 103 so I gave her tylenol. Waiting to hear back from the dr. Hope she didn't get something from the dr's office when I took my kids in to get their physical. My friend's toddler had a fever and I was there also so grr..... hoping it goes away quickly whatever she has. No other symptoms, but a fever. If you can, please send some prayers and positive vibes for her to get better! I am feeling tired too so hoping I don't get it!

Wendy - What did you give JJ for his fever last week?



Jess, 30 min is NOT a lil ole WO! You are doing great! Look at all you get done BY YOURSELF! You are amazing!

Stephanie, ^5 on Sonic resistance! Why cant that be worth a 2# weight loss??!!:p You're on a roll w/ your WO's too!!!!

Lisa, Hugs for Pomai! Keep us updated! Fevers FREAK me out!!! Sleep when you can, mama!

Haircut day for all of us girls! We are LONG overdue!:eek:

gotta tend to the chillun'....bbl...


Hi mommas!

Lisa--I'm so sorry about P's fever! Hoping she feels better soon. Keep us posted. ((Hugs))

Kate--Have fun with the haircuts today!! :)

Henry's tooth fell out yesterday --his first tooth! Seems very early for me (he's 4 and a half), but he was delighted that the tooth fairy came and left him a shiney one-dollar coin. :) Oliver is super ill today. DH mailed back his Netflix movie because he never watched it and now he's taking it out on me. :confused: Love love love these 7-year-old drama-fests. :( Well, today i hope to clean upstairs and hopefully do some fun stuff with the kids, even though Oliver is determined that (and I quote) "Nothing will make this day better!" :confused: Gotta go feed my chub now. Charlie will be 9 months old tomorrow. He's cutting his fifth tooth and crawling EVERYWHERE, and pulling up on things. He's moving so much faster than the other two!! SLOW DOWN! :) Later moms!!! Have a great day!!

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