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Today I did Coffey Fit Raw new workout Box and Squat, 39 minutes, 143 calories, heart rate 103/142, 2,591 steps. Step Box PHA3, timesaver #3 mixed, 35 minutes, 92 calories, heart rate 98/121, 1,052 steps and the 10 minute bonus lying stretch, 9 calories, 9 steps:rolleyes:
Total time 84 minutes, 244 calories, 3,643 steps.
I did not record the moves for Box and Squat yet. Kelly and two others do boxing with variations of squats throughout holding egg weights. I think Kelly said hers were 1.5# I used 1.5# weighted gloves.
Weights PHA 3 mixed timesaver
alternating rear lunges 10# dbs off of step
arnold press 8# dbs Cathe 10#
hop squat rear lunges 12# dbs
biceps curls 12# dbs
push dips 12# dbs
pullover and chest fly 12# dbs
rear slide lunges 12# dbs 10 reps right 10 reps left
gliding disc slide back/ 2 push ups jacks/ stand 8 reps
one arm rows in plank 15# dumbbell 12 reps
front to back lunges using step 12# dbs 10 reps
front side lateral raises 5# dbs
sumo squat deadlift 15# dbs 10 reps
push ups 6/10 dips 4 times

Belinda, nice work today. I remember now the choke holds. I liked them and at the time was doing a lot of kettlebell workouts and some Lauren Brooks and Art of Strength workouts that had the turkish get ups in them. Some of that stuff just does not seem that safe to me anymore.
I am just keeping the grandchildren during the day. It means getting out of bed early before their mother has to go in to work. It is sort of up in the air, but several days two weeks this month so far. Then I think it depends on if they are in classrooms or not for school. Things are sort of up in the air there. I know a lot of the private schools are going back to classrooms and some have options. I will have to go check out the Perfect30 pictures.


Today I did Coffey Fit Raw Cardio Crush #2, 32 minutes, heart rate 130/169, 3,155 steps followed by Coffey Fit Raw Cardio and Tone, 31 minutes, heart rate 122/171, 2,062 steps. I find with cardio and tone that when I do the floor toning portion it takes the average heart rate down. Happy the Fit Bit functioned half way decent this morning. It gets close to being tossed.
Total time was 63 minutes, 316 calories, 5,217 steps.



Today I did a SBF stretch, noting else to report.

Diane - I figured since my lower back is bordering me lately, doing the joke hold isn't a good idea. Have fun with your grandchildren. Hopefully they can figure out all the school situation. I know lots of parents depend on getting back to work. Nice job on your workouts.

See you all tomorrow.


Good morning,

Lite Metabolic Blast plus SBF D36 Thin Tights Fast 2 is done. I will go for a walk soon. It's getting cooler outside, I don't need to get up so early.

I will try to check in later.

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