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This morning I did Raw Ripped and Ride January 2020 using the step and 10 and 5# dumbbells. Most is the heavier weights but one interval was lower and Kelly uses 7#. 37 minutes, 132 calories, heart rate 114/157, 1,574 steps. I then did Walk Strong Build Balance & Inner Strength Core control with Jessica Smith, 33 minutes, 148 calories, heart rate 121/146, 2,566 steps. Total time was 70 minutes, 280 calories, 4,140 steps.

Belinda, I was doing pretty well recently with the allergies so quit taking anything for it. So, I am back at it. I have tried Flonaise for it, but it makes me feel odd and does not seem to work for me. I am sure with the meds and right treatment you will be much better soon.

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