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I think they updated their ROKU app so now the new live workouts show up immediately. The Step Sweat and Lift workout from 2-21-19 was up this morning and I was able to do it this morning. And I loved it! A mini-Imax section followed by weight lifting. The weight lifting was stuff I typically like to do - I'll try to remember:

DB squats
OH presses
DB Squat + Press
Snatch + jacks (A move from Lite Metabolic blast)
Reverse lunges
Biceps curls
Reverse lunge + bicep curls
Hip Hugger (another move from LITE)
Deadlifts + Hip Huggers
Bear crawl walk out
Push ups
Bear crawl walk out + push up.
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This morning's workout was Lite Cardio Party Double it mix, 66 minutes, heart rate average 147 max 178, 451 calories, met 8.20, 6,534 steps. I wore 1# gloves throughout. Funny, my Fit Bit gave higher calories than map my fitness today. The other day I was sitting in the kitchen reading and my Fit bit app congratulated me for my 12 minutes on the eliptical LOL I don't own an elliptical and I was sitting. I also did Fit Split Bonus abs 14 minutes, 53 calories, met 5.0, heart rate average 99, max 143, 203 steps and Lite extended stretch #2 11 minutes, 32 calories, met 3.50, 17 steps. Total time was 80 minutes, 6,754 steps. My husband was off today and we went out to a really nice restaurant for dinner.

Doreen, that will be great if the Roku app is updated to show the new workouts right away. I like bear crawls. That workout sounds fun. Kind of like the Calorie crush step workout with those strength moves?

Belinda, nice job finishing week 7 and getting in a walk.


This morning I did 1-31-19 Strong Express: Upper Body and then 20 mintues of 7-19-2018 Cycle Mania. I didn't really click with the Upper Body workout - I would have liked more back work and less bicep work. And she seems to take a lot of extra breaks.
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This morning I got a late start. I went to bed way to late. My grandson dropped by before work just as I was setting up :) I went back to it after he left. I did Kelly Coffey Cardio Blast Athletic Step, 36 minutes, 263 calories, 3,340 steps, heart rate average 150, max 174, met 9.38. I then did Ice Boot Camp Circuit time saver mix #6 no upper or abs, 26 minutes, 1,805 steps, 207 calories, met 8.20, heart rate 127, max 161. I finished off with Kelly's Raw foam roller stretch, 24 minutes, 60 calories, met 2.3, 146 steps. Total time was 86 minutes, 530 calories.

Doreen, I think I would have liked having more biceps work. It seems most of the upper workouts are heavy on the shoulders which is a problem for me. Some back moves can mess with my shoulders as well. Nice combination.

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