LIHI Legs premix w/abs

I just did this premix and thought I would share how much I enjoyed it. Cathe does the weighted exercise, then the cardio (contrast) exercise, then she splices in an abs exercise from Bonus Abs 1 or Bonus Abs 2. LOVED it! You end up doing all of LIHI Legs PLUS all (or certainly most) of Bonus Abs 1 and 2. Plus I enjoyed the slight break that each ab segment provided.



I love this premix as well, but the stretch segment is not included in the premix. You do the last ab section, child's pose, and then the credits role.


I love this too! I appreciate a wkout that has a little of everything giving you the feeling of being worked! The whole series has this issue with the stretch. Its not a huge deal but frustrating just the same!!!!


I did this premix yesterday after reading these posts. I am following the 2 month rotation and am in the fourth week. I wanted to change things a little bit with this workout, and this premix was just the ticket. I had DOMS in my legs and my abs today. Good stuff!

I love this entire series!


I think I'll have a STS disk standing by to add in the extended stretch while I'm doing this series. I really need the stretch when I add on and don't get a good stretch at the end of the premix. It's ok now that I know. I missed all the posts from Cathe about it from working extra shifts in December and then getting the flu. It's good to start feeling healthy again. I love this new series.


I love the premix and have done it twice. I'm just starting my 3rd week with the series and doing other stuff also cause I never follow a rotation. I just do whatever I'm in the mood or whatever my body is ready for. I listen to my body do to old injury from to many years of pushing it.

I also need the full stretch so I just hit chapter menu for the full stretch.
I wish there were some extreme premixes. Like after the regular workout, you repeat either the first half or the second half. I think I might try that next time I do this workout.

Hmmm do you mean like CLB extreme? lol:D:D:D.
That premix did not result with 24 was 48 hours:eek::eek: Afterburn all over my ears!
I would like to do it in near future. Loved it.

if you have the download, you could blend your own premix.

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