Let's chat at 2pm eastern today

Cathe Friedrich

Hi Everyone! I'm hoping you can join me at 2pm Eastern time (that's just about an hour away) to chat. I'd love to get caught up. Whether you have a question for me, or anything related or non-related to fitness you want to share with me, or simply want to just say HI...please come join me. I'd love to hear from you :D

So prepare your favorite beverage and I'll see you soon!



Hi Cathe,

Started STS again yesterday and today, ugh! Very sore chest, bi's and shoulders. Sooooo effective.

I am truly anxious about the upcoming low impact series. Thanks for putting out this series.


Hi Cathe!

Two days in a row of Cathe chats! Love it!

I read your article on the science behind the AfterBurn workout, it was so interesting! Never knew the reason behind "make sure you can still talk" was related to the fat burning zone.


Hi Cathe!! I am able to say hi to you today because I am taking the day off...yeah! So excited about the new series! Can't wait! Also can't wait until the NJ RT!:eek:
I ran with fellow Cathletes Jean, Pennie and Shana on Saturday in Houston at the ovarian cancer 5K...so fun!!
No qustions, but ((((((Hugs))))))to you!
i also posted a question under the fat burning zone article, which i also thought was really interesting, on facebook. is overnight fasting long enough for your body to be in "starvation mode" so to speak? i was just curious if working out before breakfast can make it easier to cross the line from utilizing fat to using protein since glyocogen stores are depleted (i really like the working out in the morning article from the newsletter a few weeks back)?i figured you would really need to be doing some long intensive training to get to that point.


I will be going on vacation when I should be starting sts week four of mesocycle 1...should I just make that week my off week and start meso 2 when I get home?


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Hi Cathe,

I get up at 3:30am to workout. I love doing High Reps and Muscle Endurance before work because I feel more relaxed and energized plus I tend to be clumsy and fall off my bench when I am tired! Do you have another dvd like these two that you could suggest? Also, are you planning any road trips close to Seattle, WA? We would love to have you here!!!

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