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Tri set

Hi Cathe!
I'm excited about the Tri Sets being splits. Could you give more details on what muscle groups will be grouped in the tri set? Is it like a giant set like Pyramid Upper body shoulders where its its working 3 exercises for 1 muscle group? Thanks so much for creating this great new series. It was just what my doctor ordered:)



I think the hardest thing about this new series is going to be trying to decide which one to do first!! I may have to have a Cathe marathon on day one :p


Yay! Had such a great time at the Glassboro RT with you, Cathe! Wish I was still there!

One of the blog posts mentioned an additional add-on that will make the workout longer. Will all or most of the DVDs have a similar option as well?

Cannot wait for these workouts! :)

Cathe Friedrich

Hi Denise! :)

It is 10 DVD's but actually 11 workouts since we are making Trisets into an upper body only workout and a lower body only workout. But no worries this Tri Set offering will all be on ONE DVD and we will still have a total body premix as promised :D

Drats, will be working 12 hr day so won't be able to join! I did have a question though...in the new newsletter it states: "The Low Impact series is joint friendly so you won't see any jumping in any of the eleven new workouts, but jumping for joy when finished is allowed!"

Hmm, I thought there were only "10" new workouts, not 11....is this a misprint?

Have a great day everyone!



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Hi, Cathe!!! Just wondering if you have a favorite in this series? (Sorry if this was already asked and answered!)

Also, I love Circuit Blast. It is one of my all time favorite workouts. Are there any workouts in the Low Impact Series that have a similar 'feel' to this one??

I CANNOT WAIT for this series!!! :)

Cathe Friedrich

9. Total Body Trisets

A) All Upper Body
B) All Lower Body
c) Total Body

Plus more premixes :D

Here are the 10 dvds (as on the order page)

1. Afterburn

2. Cardio SuperSets

3. Slide & Glide

4. Athletic Training

5. Low Impact Challenge

6. Turbo Barre

7. Yoga Max

8. Yoga Relax

9. Total Body TriSets

10. Cycle Max

These are all 10. I'm sure the 11 was a misprint then. We always had 2 yoga's so separating them onto 2 dvds would NOT give us another workout (see my count above). (unless we are getting a bonus workout, now wouldn't that be nice!!)

Cathe Friedrich

Hi Sarah! What a great idea. Remind me in the future and I will make a rotation doing this :D

I would love, love, love it, if Cathe would put together a rotation using STS and the new Low Impact workouts! Do you see that in the foreseeable future?

I am soo excited about this new series! It makes the end of summer and the onset of the new school year seem less sad since I know it also means that I will get Cathe's new series!!! Thanks Cathe and team for all you do!

- sarah


Cathe - I miss you!

I am super duper excited for the Low Impact Series!! I preordered the 1st day and am eagerly awaiting this series' release!!!

In an earlier post, I read that Slide N Glide has standing and seated work. Is the seated work sort of the like the outer thigh work with the band you did in 4 Day Split's lower body work?

Can't wait!!!



I don't have any questions, I just wanted to let you know that I love your work and I hope you continue to create outstanding work out dvd's.


Cathe Friedrich

Sure Susan! Please ask me again once the new workouts come out.

Hi Cathe - I'm new to your workouts and I just started the Beginner Rotation THIS morning. I have pre-ordered the new Low Impact series and can't wait to get it.

I have a request please !!!

Would you please put together a rotation ... using only the new series... for those of us who will be going from the Beginner Rotation to the new series? I would greatly appreciate it.

I'm 66 years young, healthy, in good shape and do cardio and stretching but not weights. And adding weights to my program is my goal. And your DVDs are just what I was looking for..... thank you !!!!!


Hi Cathe! Just wanted say hi and thanks for such a fun time in Glassboro! I'm still flying high! You sure know how to put a PARTAAAY together! Also, Welcome to Susan!!!

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Can't Wait

Hi Cathe, I am so looking forward to these new workouts. I think this is just what I need to give over my little fitness bump since the Disney Road Trip. Plus it gives me a reason to buy a spin bike :D and it will be since to see some friends from the RT.


Cathe, I bought the series last month along with the free gliders, however, I know some people just bought it and it won't come with the gliders. Do you happen to know how much these will cost? Not sure if this has been asked already.

Other than that, I am so excited for these...and I started STS to give me something to do so I don't obsess thinking about these. Thanks for all of your hard work. I think there is a nice mix with these workout...they seem new and refreshing and very creative.

Jenn A...I want to do a marathon of the series when it is out too. Let's make it happen!!


Hi Cathe! Just wanted say hi and thanks for such a fun time in Glassboro! I'm still flying high! You sure know how to put a PARTAAAY together! Also, Welcome to Susan!!!

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Am NOT hijacking this thread - just wanted to congratulate you on making it into Cycle Max. I can't wait to 'see' (and spin with) you and Cathe!!


I really can't wait to do Athletic Training! It was tough at the roadtrip on a low step height so I can't wait to experience it on a higher step! Was there something specific that led you in this direction? Or are you simply raising the bar for us again? (or shall i say raising the barre? :p )

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