Less DOMS in meso 3?


Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this. I'm in to the 3rd week of meso 3 and, while I still feel it the next day, I haven't experienced that "oh my" feeling like the last two cycles.


I found that to be the case, too. I had major DOMS thru Meso 1, not so much thru of Meso 2, kind of hit and miss, and by the time 3 rolled around, I had the "worked" feeling the day after, but not really DOMS. Can't say I missed the Meso 1 leg DOMS. OUCH!!! Plyo legs did give me a bit of a sore booty the next day, but mostly if I was sitting on hard surfaces, nothing major. As DH would say - Quit sitting on your head!!!:p He always gives such great advice.


Cathe Friedrich

I have less DOMS too. Nothing has ever reached the DOMS I had in the first couple of weeks of Meso 1 (especially the leg workout!!!). But each and every Meso you are getting more conditioned and therefore may not get that level of soreness you initially had. You also don't have to experience DOMS to get stronger so no worries. If you are lifting at 90% this week, you are getting stronger as you read this :)

Same here...I feel a little soreness in my overall legs after plyos, and my biceps; but that's it.


Same for me. I'm lifting to failure and at times can barely squeak out that last rep. But I'm just not getting the DOMS in the upper body. At least through week 3 (LOVE LOVE that they are only 6 reps! :D ) I'm also noticing a difference between sides on the heavy phase. I use dumbbells exclusively so I can really tell.

The LOWER body with the plyo? Ouch!! ;)


I love those plyo workouts!! Each time I try to use heavier weight. I even do a couple of them back-to-back (plyo sections only) and use them for cardio.

I started out not liking meso 3 much, but I ended up liking it a lot. Going heavy enough made all the difference. Now that I've done it as it was meant to be done, I'm using it in different ways. Like I'll do chest and back, go a little lighter, but during the rests I'll do squats or deadlifts to make it more of a total body workout.


Same here, minor soreness the day or two after, nothing serious, my worst DOMS came from the first week of meso 2, I was HURTING!


In my first rotation of STS- I had major DOMS in Meso one, less in Meso two and none in Meso three. In my second rotation ( I am doing an undulating rotation) I just completed my third week, I had DOMS after all of the Meso 3 DVDs but none in Meso 1 or Meso 2. Go figure!


I am just finishing up Meso 1, and never had DOMS in my legs- I guess I work my legs a lot because I do a lot of dance cardio! But I did have them in my upper body, but in unexpected places (like my lats and other subtle muscles that were not being directly worked- I would think to myself-- how could I be sore there??). I am so looking forward to Meso 2!


I had lots of DOMS in Meso 1 and 2 and in the first week of Meso 3. Almost a week long DOMS in the triceps for Meso 3 week 1, but since then, very little DOMS at all. Kind of bizarre. It is as if my muscles acclimated VERY quickly.


I don't recall DOMS in Meso 3, but I do remember getting the best sleeps I've ever had in my life. I would pass out at the end of the day and sleep all the way through the night. I suffer from insomnia, so that says a lot.

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