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Cathe Friedrich

Howdie Cathletes:

Some of you have asked how to dress and what the weather will be like. From what I'm told, the weather will be upper 70's to 80's by day and low to mid 50's at night. There is no dress code at all. You may dress as casual or dressy as you like.

Obviously I'll have on my fitness attire for my workouts but for lunch festivities I'll probably wear shorts or cargo's with my cathlete t-shirts and flip flops. If its cooler, I'll do jeans and a sweatshirt.

I hear the evenings will be chilly so don't forget a light coat or sweatshirt of some sort...( I learned that shivering lesson in San Diego ;))
For the evening events I will probably wear jeans or casual slacks with a nice top and shoes/boots/sandles....but who knows, the flip flops might just win out too. I like to be comfortable, especially when its cooler weather. But if you like to dress up and want to go all out, go for it. It's fun to dress up on mini vacations, so do what you want to do. I've noticed every road trip usually has a bit of a mix.

We won't have mats for the workout so if you don't want to travel with a mat, bring your big hotel towel to the event and use it for any floor work. Also, don't forget to bring your labeled water containers to fill at the water stations (usually located in the room with us).

Equipment that we will use and provide during the workouts will be steps, 5 lb handweights, resistance tubing and paper plates.

Here is a list of the classes in case you didn't already see that post:

Here are the classes we will be doing this weekend. You don't have to print this since you will be given a "schedule of events" brochure when you arrive that will list this information.

Class 1 Friday 4pm -5pm...1/2 Step and 1/2 kickboxing

Class 2 Friday 8:30pm -9:30 pm....Abs and Stretch

Class 3 Saturday 8:30am-9:30am... Step and Low Impact Hiit

Class 4 Saturday 11:15am-12:15pm...Cardio Core Circuit

Class 5 Saturday...3pm -4pm....Total Body Sculpt

Class 6 Sunday.....7am-8am....Bootcamp...Indoors or Outdoors (location to be announced at event)

We will have lots of time all weekend for picture taking and if you want anything signed bring it with you :D Please try to remember a sharpie marker and I will too. Some examples of what things people like to have signed are your name tag, t-shirt, events brochure, video cover, calendar...etc. In San Diego I even signed a woman's step. Which reminds me, if you want to purchase any of the steps we used right on site at a discount, you can ask us about that too.

Many have asked about whether there will be Fitness by Cathe products, DVD's, T-shirts and workout clothing for sale at the event. Yes, we will be set up for all of the above as well as Veronica with Feelfitwear (our workout clothing sponsor for our DVD's and Road Trips). Btw, she is bringing a lot of the clothes I wore in the latest DVD's (and previous ones) as well as other workout wear too.

Finally, if your feeling a little anxious or nervous. Please read this thread to relax you...

We will make any further special announcements at the event, most especially introduce our staff to you so that you know who to go to for any questions throughout the weekend.

Ok, Everyone, see you really soon. Oh and if I see any good deals on cowboy hats and boots I'll let you know...:D:D:D

Heeeee Hawwww!


Thanks Cathe. I'm already at The Woodlands. Beautiful place. Weather is GORgeous! Can't wait to see you all.


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I wish all participants an awesome RT.

If the teletransportation has been invented, I would surely attend too...unfortunately I'm so far away from Texas :-(

Have a wonderful we!


Thank you Cathe! CAN.NOT.WAIT!!!

See you and all the other Cathletes tomorrow!
Safe travels!:)

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