Last Chance to Order Your 2017 Cathe Calendar!


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Last Chance to Order Your 2017 Cathe Calendar - Pre-Sale Ends Nov 30th! Order Now at:

It's hard to believe, but it's already time again to order your annual fitness wall calendar. Our 2017 Cathe Calendar is packed full of pictures from our new Strong & Sweaty videos as well as our 2016 Road Trip. This is a must have collectible for all Cathletes! The wall calendar measures 12 inches by 24 inches when opened. You will love the large motivating pictures featured every month of Cathe, Cathletes and our crew.

Don't forget to place your pre-order by Nov 30th as this is a limited time offer and supplies are limited. Calendar will ship sometime in December of this year Order Now at:


Ever since a generous Cathlete secretly ordered and shipped a cathe calendar to me a few years back, I've never missed purchasing one. I love the calendar and hang it proudly at my desk. Everyone who passes by my desk sees Cathe. I even got my co-worker hooked on her a few years ago. We both await the new series, talk about her regularly and even take occasional breaks scrolling through the workout blender. We can be heard exclaiming "oooh I love that move" or "ugh, I hate burpees and never do them". No one understands our love for Cathe :)

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