Knock'em Dead FiddleFit!


We'll celebrate by all of us coming to your house for a retreat!

Just kidding....go get em!!!



Awwww, thank you everyone! What a surprise to see a thread just for me! Traci, you're such a chucklehead! I love you more than you could possibly know!

The exam went well, I think. I feel good about it, anyway. After a few months of cramming it all in, it felt good to spew it back out in one big belch :p. I still have to do a practical exam, where I assess and create a program for a real life person. I'm going to try to do that as soon as possible.

Wendy - I hope your own schooling is going well. I know what I did was only a small taste of the kind of stuff you're learning. But hey, I can almost understand all your biological jargon now!

Mommapew - Big wave! Any excuse to get back to Ontario is a good one, in my book. But in May, CanFitPro is having a conference in Whistler. If I could afford a conference, that's the one I'd pick!

Jeannette - Wasn't that supposed to be the plan? Deb's house last year, my house this year? When are ya'll coming? I need to stock up on my wine. You're riding your bike up, right? Just head north, through the largest mountain range you see, turn right when you hit Jasper, and keep going until you see oil money.

Kate - Thank you!! (My 3 year old is named Kate. Love that name :D.)

Oh Bald One - I GOT 'EM!!! Thank you! When are you going to enlighten all of us as to what wild & crazy things you've done with STS?? How did you manage to premix the premixes, and what deliciously torturous stuff have you done with the plyo legs workouts?

Thanks for your support everyone. The last thing I expected was to see an OD topic with my name in it. At first I thought, "How interesting. There's another FiddleFit." D'oh! I've been studying too hard!

I celebrated by buying a new weight bench with bench press/squat rack attachment. I'm ready to start Meso 2 tomorrow!


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