Kettlebells Weekend Report


Good Morning

I was planning to workout today, but changed my mind. I have DOMs in my biceps and glutes, so I am resting today.

Gayle~ thanks for the push press video! I also subscribe to NewJersey Crossfit- great website.

Jane~ how did your 315:eek: swings go?

Vilma~ I hope your headache went away! and you got your workout in.

Andilynn~ How'd you like the manmaker??? fun;)?

Marcy~ any DOMs today from Lauren brooks?

Pascal~ Hope you enjoyed your rest day.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Good morning!

I think this am I going to do Lauren Brooks dvd , I have not used it for a while since I've been playing with all my AOS dvds.

Good morning Deanie, I love the Manmaker, short but tough! And a great add on or quick total workout if I'm short on time! I even managed a set of crush curls with the 25# but I was reall y feelin it! I can't wait to get Santa Monica!

Good morning to everuyone that comes in later!



Waves to Deanie, andilynn & all who follow.

I rec'd Lisa Shaffer's workshop/clinic dvd yesterday and I really like it. She is very through explaining the moves and correcting the class on their forms. I felt I was in there w/ them as I followed along w/ the workshop. Nice lil workout ;) just doing the moves w/ the class.

I'm glad I got it as she gives some new form pointers that I was not aware of. For the 25 dollars I spent on it for me it was well spent, esp since I have no access to a certified RKC trainer anywhere close to me. My oldest dd has it in her room as she practices w/ my 15# kettlebell.

I'm still dealing with a major migraine which moves from one side to the next and increases or decreases in potency.

I have an iTread (run intervals set 21) to do once my headache feels less noticable, then followed by the 200 swings.

Have a great day all!



Hi Everyone.

I managed to get my workout in this afternoon.

I did 230 swings. My 200 for day 10 of the challenge and the extra 30 I need to do from Thursday. I also did the following workout:

40 Squats
40 Sit ups
100 Jump Rope
30 Squats
30 Sit ups
100 Jump Rope
20 Squats
20 Sit ups
100 Jump Rope
10 Squats
10 Sit ups
100 Jump Rope

Then I did the farmers walk 2 times around the yard using 2-25lb bells. Then finished it off with 8 Mr. Spectacular's. I love those!!

Hi Deanie - I only managed to do 285 swings last night. My shoulder was really sore. That's why I had to do an extra 30 today. I love the New Jersey Shore Crossfit site. They have great workouts.

Vilma - I'm glad you liked the Lisa Shaffer dvd. I have a book of hers and I love it. I refer to it often. I hope you feel better.

Waves hello to Andilynn!

Hope everyone has a great Saturday night.


I took one more rest day today and feel better. I'll try a workout tomorrow...something with the KB and the sandbag.

Hi Vilma - I hope you feel better soon. Migraines are the pits.

Hi Jane - Another nice workout!

Hi Deanie & Andilynn - Is there a description of the Manmaker anywhere? You gals have me interested.

Hello to Marcy, Pascal and anyone else who checks on later.



Good Morning

I slept late today, so I will try and get my workout in later. since I wake up at 4:30 a.m. during the week to workout, I really like to sleep in during the weekend!;)

Andilynn~ I hope you enjoyed Lauren Brooks. For some reason she is one kettlebell instructor who doesn't appeal to me...don't know why! I've heard a lot of good reviews about her dvd.

Vilma~ I hope you are feeling better today.

Jane~ wow what a great workout!

Gayle~ Manmakers are:
2 minutes of Manmakers (pushup, row right, pushup, row left, pushup, squat thrust to standing, overhead shoulder press, and then start all over)
1 minute of active rest (doing the "pump" - up dog/down dog)
2 minutes of swings (2 handed, one handed, hand to hand)
1 minute of active rest - same as before
2 minutes of crush curls (bi/tri work)
the dvd has options to do it one time, 2X or 3X.

waves to everyone else!


Hi again

Got my workout in, but forgot to see how long it took me.
I did:
[FONT=&quot]One minute jump rope, 30 seconds ropes, 30 seconds heavy kb swings, with no rest inbetween. I rested after the swings, only as long as I needed to get my breath back! I was hoping to do 10 rounds, but ended up doing only 5.

have a great sunday!


Good morning! Hi everyone , Well this am was 30 mins of Imax 2 and I followed that with Manmakers 2x, Whew! I'm toast!

Vilma , hope your headache is better today sometimes they're really hard to shake.

Deanie, where do I find the ropes on Ebay are they in the fitness area or are the just a general item , also I'm not sure what to order in size ?

Jane, I'm curious what's a farmers walk and Mr. Spectacular?

Waves to all who check in later.......


Andilynn~ Great workout today!! I got the 1.5" rope from ebay. Good service/fast delivery:
Look at
Ebay Item number: 230306320623 for 1.5 inch manila
Ebay Item number: 250328534806 for 2 inch manila


Hi Deanie & Andilynn!

Thanks for the Manmaker description, Deanie. That does look like a very cool add-on.

Andilynn - A farmer's walk/carry is when you carry a weight at your sides suitcase style and walk around with it. Strongman competitions usually do these.

Mr Spectacular is a two-handed KB clean and press, set the KB down by your feet, do a walk-out on your hands, do a push up, walk back in. That's one rep. It's used extensively at Mt. Athlete. Here's a video:

You can sub dumbbells if you don't have two KBs.

I felt so much better today. We got 5" of snow overnight, so worked it into the workout. :D

Warm up - Shovel both decks :p

30lb sandbag carry in the snow for 1 mile. This took just under 30 minutes...there's no way to comfortably carry this thing.

100 KB 2-hand swings @ 12kg
5 minutes of snatches @ 8kg
5 minutes of cleans @ 16kg
100 alternating swings @ 12kg

Have a great day everyone. :)


Active Member
Hi, all!

Yesterday I did Imax 3, the abs from KP&C, 100 swings, 36 pushups, and that was it! Imax 3 really wore me out, more so than usual - I think I need to start doing more Cathe cardio. I took a break from her, as I was getting a bit burned out because I did the same DVDs over and over and over, but I think it cost me a bit of cardio capacity. Oh well. I guess doing something a bit easier so as to avoid burn out is better than doing nothing.

This morning I did Newport for the first time. Great googly moogly!!! That was tough! I paused it a few times and flat out stopped during the punch matrix/plank round and during the pushups/dive bomber/cobra round - I DEFINITELY need to work on my core strength! What kills me about kettlebells is this - so many of the moves don't seem to target any specific muslce group, yet after a kettelbell workout - I have very specific DOMS! I can't think of a single 'triceps' exercise from Newport, but my triceps are killing me right now! And I have DOMS in my glutes and hips, too (two areas I'd love to 'tighten up'!) After Newport I was going to do the hi/lo portion from Amy's Hi/Lo Dome Challenge, but I was too tired to do so!

Andilynn, Deanie, and Jane - I really admire you guys for doing workouts on your own - I need a DVD to instruct/motivate me. I've tried to workout on my own but I just end up wandering around the workout room, wasting time. The only thing I do on my own are swings and pushups. You guys are inspiring. I should really try to integrate squat thrusts into my daily dose of swings and pushups!

Deanie - Manmakers sound great!!! I know I will break down and buy Empire State/Manmaker sometime soon!!

Vilma - I hope your headache goes away and that you can get your cardio in. I've thought about purchasing some iTread downloads as I don't run, but would like to. However, as my treadmill is not a power incline treadmill, I'd need to do some research to find the iTreads (or Cardio Coaches) that focus on speed changes, and not so much incline changes.

Gayle - enjoy your rest day. What do you do with the sandbag? Is it like a Woodie bag? I'm curious...


Hi Pascal - My sandbag is an army surplus canvas duffle bag. I made some smaller internal bags of sand (10lb and 20lb) out of some contractor trash bags, play sand, and lots and lots of Gorilla tape. :D The smaller bags make it easy to adjust weight depending on the move.

Same concept as the Woody Bag at a fraction of the price. ;)

I use it for sandbag carrys, get-ups (like a TGU except your weight is a sandbag slung over your shoulder), half-moons, cleans, name it. The weird, unstable nature of the weight makes everything harder.

Performance Menu has a nice list of sandbag exercises:

Newport totally kicked my butt the first time I did it! I remember having to stop at the same place you did.


Hi Everyone! all did some really cool and fun workouts! I love the snow shoveling workout!! My BIL who has some OCD problems (just kidding) did some weird worksheet last winter and all the snow shoveling he did. He apparently had too much time on his hands.

I did my 200 swings today, 5 sets of 40 reps with my 25# bell. I've gone down in weight since the being of the challenge. I was doing 30lbs with 35lbs thrown in every once in a while but I have really been feeling in my shoulders. The 25lbs are working for me now so I'll stick with that. I'm really feeling stronger and I can tell a big difference in my abs.

I also did the following workout. A quickie as I didn't have much time today.
5 Rounds of:
12 Renegade Rows
40 Walking Lunges
12 Weighted Squats

Hope everyone has a great evening!

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