Kettlebell workouts


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Can anyone recommend an intermediate kettlebell DVD try. I have not done any of these workouts and would love to try - looks like a lot of fun. Thanks!!


I would also love to hear forum members' suggestions on this one. I've been looking at dvd's for kettlebells too but want to start in the right place. i've been looking at paul katami the most but don't know.


I have both of Paul Katami's workout DVDs and really enjoy them. He has a separate section on each DVD that reviews all the moves he will use in the tape. During the workout he has excellent cueing making it easy to follow. Each move is done in 30, 60 or 90 second sections, so you can take a break whenever you need one. If you start with light weights these workout are very doable, even for beginners. As you get better, just up your kettlebell weight and you will still get a great workout.

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