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Hi again

Newport is done!!!!:D (and I am showered- tmi- sorry-LOL) i was able to get thru all the rounds (but some I couldn't complete) and not take extra rests. I did the entire 5 minute snatch test!!!!! WHOO HOO!!!!!:D:D:D:eek: there were so many exercises that work your abs indirectly, i wonder why Anthony tacked on additional ab work? I did the joint mobility warm up from ES and used my 20#kb for the whole dvd

round 1; cossack stretch (couldn't get down as far as he did) squat/trhust/snatch (wow, tough) fiished but didn't keep up with Anthony

round 2: squat/press, one arm swing

round 3: 2 handed swing/ hot potato (why is hot potato so hard for me?)

round 4: punch matrix, plank. the punch matrix was okay, the plank was hard for me! the last plank, I couldn't finish!! dropped to my knees:eek: I'm usually good with planks

round 5: side snatch. overhead lunge. side plank - this was easier than i expected (but still hard), -- couldn't do one min. each side for the side plank

round 6: squat/kick. sots press - the squat kick was fun, but I could barely do the sots press- had to stop after 3 on each side

round 7: hand to hand clean . dragon lunge

round 8: finally!!! kettlebell push-up. divebomberr/cobra. the push ups were okay, last few were hard. not sure I did the dive bomber/cobra correctly.

bonus: I really liked the snatch/tgu/windmill but I had to stop and think which leg goes back for the TGu and that slowed me down.

snatch round: DID THE WHOLE THING - I think its because I used the 20#kb.....

All in all, a great workout. At some points I laid on the floor during the rest period, but I really liked the workout. I will definitely do at least one more time next week. I think I built it up in my mind as so hard, that when I finally did it I was pleasantly surprised!! When I first viewed it, I didn't think I would be able to get thru the whole thing at one time....

Andilynn~ I hope you enjoyed Newport yesterday

Pascal~ You must be excited...STS should be in your hands soon! :)

Gayle~ I'm excited for you to get a new kitchen!!!! I love home improvement projects!!

Marcy~ Did you get the ETK workbook from AOS? I'm hoping to get my pull up bar today and I can't wait to start the pullup challenge. I guess if it doesn't come today I can use the one I have till it does. When do you want to start?

Vilma~ Hello!!! Sorry you were down for the count.:( I hope you will be better soon!

Waves to Jane and Robin....

Have a great day everyone....stay warm!!! its 9a.m. here and 5 degrees!!!brrrrrr!
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Hi Everyone,

I didn't have time to post yesterday. I got in a short workout doing parts of the Keith Weber's workout and my 200 swings. My shoulder was bothering last night but I got it done.

I did my 200 swings this morning and that's it for my today. I have a busy day today. I did Anthony's mobility stretch from Firepower and the shoulder felt good today.

Deanie - I'm going try to do Newport tomorrow. It's been a while since I did it and I want to compare it Firepower.

Gayle - A new kitchen? I'm jealous. It's so exciting to doing renovations.

Vilma - Hope you feel better soon!

Pascal - I'm waiting for STS as well. It's getting closer now.

Waves hello to Marcy, Robin and everyone else.

Have a great Saturday!!


Good morning to all!

This was a cardio day so I did 25 minutes of hiit on the treadmill(whew!) Was going to do the manmakers 2x but only made it thru once , then tacked on some stretching with Cathe, glad tomorrow is a rest day!

Waves to all!!!


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Deanie - wow, great job on Newport! I had to stop during the pushups - you must be one strong lady! And I had to stop during the 3rd round of planks too - my core gets major DOMS from this workout!

This morning I did Cathe's 4-Day Split LIS/HIS cardio premix and Core Max workout #1 (my abs were still sore from last week's Newport!)

I think I will do Newport tomorrow!!

Jane - I am sooo excited about STS!!! Wouldn't you know it, I'll be out of town when it ships (and of course I did next day shipping!) but it'll be waiting for me when I get home. I can't wait!!!

Andilynn - good job tacking on Manmakers after cardio! My next purchase is either going to be KBWII or Firepower. Enjoy tomorrow's rest day!

Happy weekend, everyone!! :D


Good Afternoon Everyone!

Rest day for me although I plan on going dancing later on. I woke up at 3 am with DOMS in my chest and arms from Firepower. I got my 25# KB yesterday. My DH was funny. He said somehow my 20# KB had a puppy and then its cousin came yesterday! I was trying to hide the 20 but forgot to put it away. I have to start controlling my fitness purchases. I think I'll be able to work with the 20s and 25 for awhile.

Deanie - Glad you made it through Newport! Great job! I didn't get the AOS workbook yet but will be getting it (so much for controlling my fitness purchases!) I'll start ETK with you on February 2nd. As far as the pullup challenge, I guess I'm ready on Monday. I also have a hard time with hot potato.

Jane - I found Firepower easier than Newport but for me strength ones are easier than endurance.

Gayle - Good luck with your kitchen renovation.

Pascal - Have a good workout with Newport tomorrow.

Waves to Andilynn!



Marcy~ Sorry you have dom's...but that could be a good thing right;) Hooray for the 25#kb! You will like it. I'm excited you are starting with us on Feb. 2nd:D:):D I will do the initial test for the pull ups tomorrow and I'll start on Monday too! Have fun at dancing tonight.

Pascal~ fun cardio!!

Andilynn~ love HIIT on the tm!

Jane~Have fun with Newport:)

have a great evening



Good Afternoon

Today is a rest day for me. I did the initial test for the pull up challenge. I did 3 chin ups, just barely eeked out the last one, and one pullup. now I have to see where I start.....

Have a great day everyone!

okay, just checked the pull up site...they are saying you need to do pullups not chin ups:( so I will be starting on week -2!!! oh well....
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Hi Everyone,

I didn't do Newport today. Since it was warmer this morning I decided to do a 5K run instead. Then came home and did my 200 swings and 5 Mr. Spectacular's. I wanted to do Newport afterwards but was pretty wore out so I'll save it for another day.

Deanie, enjoy your rest day.

Waves hello to all that follow!

Have a great Sunday!


Hi everyone!

Deanie - Nice job on Newport! Keith Weber does hot potatoes, but he has the handle down and they're not as hard as Anthony's "handle up" version. I find them to be hard, too.

Jane - I love the Mr. Spectaculars. I noticed Mt. Athlete has started a new cycle recently and has posted some interesting looking workouts. I hope your shoulder feels better.

Marcy - Hope your DOMs are better.

Pascal - Have fun with Newport tomorrow.

Andilynn - Enjoy your rest day tomorrow.

Vilma - Hope you're feeling better!

We've had two days of destruction and clean up here. Its great to see progress on this renovation, but man...the DUST! :eek:

I did a quick and dirty complex this afternoon. I put a CD on shuffle and did:
* A variety swings (standard, American, alternating) to AC/DC's "It's a Long Way to the Top"
* Snatches to Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy"
* Clean and press to Billy Idol's "Rebel Yell"
* Sandbag get ups to some Chemical Brothers/U2/Velvet Underground mashup

Enjoy the rest of the weekend! :)

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