kettlebell checkin....thursday


good morning gals

today was hiit on the treadmill and ropes, but i slept was much needed as i have doms today all over:eek: since i only work till noon today i will do my workout when i get home. (i hope;))

have a great day everyone


Hi Everyone,

I'm checking in early today. I'm not sure what workout I'm doing tonight. My sister is coming over and usually we workout in the backyard but it's going to be cold tonight so I need to think of something to do inside. I will also be doing my 200 swings.

I did Firepower last night and LOVED it! Thank you Deanie for suggesting that I do my swings before the workout. I would have been too whipped to do them afterwards.

Here is the breakdown of the workout.

1 alarm once through, long rests 30 min
2-alarm once through, short rests 25min
3-alarm twice through, long rests 55 min
4-alarm twice through, short rests 45 min

Round 1 Turkish get up
Round 2 alt clean and press-double row
Round 3 super burpee-figure 8 to hold -super plank
Round 4 alt double clean - suitcase deadlift-alt chest press-russian twist
Round 5 hi-pull/snatch-seesaw press-figure 8/lunge-renegade row squat/triple crush
bonus round 5 minute snatch test

Call me crazy but I did alarm 3, which was twice through with the long rests. You use 2 kettlebells for Round 2, part of Round 4 and part of Round 5. You can always use 1 kettlebell and do 30 seconds on one side and 30 seconds on the other. You do 1 minute of each exercise so Round 1 you do 1 minute, Round 2 is 2 minutes, etc. The only problem I had was with the alt double cleans. I had to take a rest on that. Also I did the renegade rows with dumbbells. I can't do them with kettles.

All in all it was a great workout and I'm really feeling it today. I love working with double bells. It makes me feel really strong.

Hope everyone has a great day! To those living in the frozen North, stay warm.
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Last night I did all of Amy's Advanced Step Challenge II (minus the power-ups) and finished with 100 swings and then the pushups from Amy's Slo Mo Challenge. I preorderd Amy's kettlebell and kickboxing workouts last night. I am supposed to be on a fitness spending freeze, but they were on sale and she offered free shipping. :eek:

Deanie - I did the same thing this morning!!! (And yesterday!!:mad:) But I, like you, plan to workout once I get home. I think I will do either Muscle Max or Maximum Intensity Strength, depending on time constraints. Do you do cardio coach or iTreads when you do HIIT on the treadmill, or do you just do your own thing? I have a treadmill (never been used) but it does not have an incline capability. If you have any program suggestions I'd love to hear them!!!

Lioness (Jane, right?) - I am soooo jealous!! I really, really, really want Firepower. Every day I put it in my 'cart' but I have yet to buy it. I suppose I should wait until AOS puts it on sale. I was going to save up and buy a 2nd 20# kettlebell, but I like your idea of doing 30 seconds on the right side and 30 seconds on the left. Do you have Providence and Newport? If so, how does Firepower compare, intensity wise, to those workouts? I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as you did! :)

BBL to say other 'hellos' and to hopefully report a workout!!!


Good morning Deanie, Pascal and Jane!

It was -12 this morning when I went out to feed the birds. It might get down to -25 tonight. :eek:

I did "most" of Newport last night. I used 8kg for most rounds, and used 12kg for the two-handed swing/hot potato and hand-to-hand cleans/dragon lunge combos. In retrospect, using the heavier kb this soon was a mistake. My shoulders felt fried on the punch matrix. I ended up skipping round 8, so I had enough gas to do the snatch/tgu/windmill round and the 5 minute snatch bonus.

Next time, I'll just use 8kg. This workout really hits my weaknesses.

Firepower sounds like a good one, Jane.

I have no clue what I'm going to do tonight.

Have a good one, everybody!


Good morning! I'm off to the basement as soon as Mthe house warms up( sooooo cold today). I'm thinking I'll do the cardio portion of Drill Max today, it's a favorite.

See you all later!


Good Morning All!

Today I did Mark Blanchard's The Flow. I did a pretty good crane (tried to come down into headstand but it just wasn't happening); held a headstand for a record 4 seconds and did a good shoulderstand. My balances were off today. I also did 100 swings - 25 2-handed, 25 right, 25 left and 25 alternating without stopping.

Pascal - I can totally relate. I should definitely be on a spending freeze. I will be getting the kettlebell workout but am debating about the kickbox one.

Jane - It's going to be freezing in the South too - down to 11 tonight (or 0 with the windchill factor). I thought I was escaping the cold of the North but no such luck. Thanks for the Firepower review. How long are the short/long rests in Firepower? I'm sure I'll need the long rests for awhile but was just curious.

Gayle - Good job with Newport! We'll both have to try and get in Round 8 next time although I'm not looking forward to it.

Deanie - Hope you have a great workout!

Waves to Andilynn!



Hi All,

Pascal ~ You need to get Firepower! It is the same price on Amazon as it is on AOS? I know that sometimes Perform Better has it on sale too. I have both Providence and Newport. It's tougher than Providence. I haven't done Newport in a while but I remember it being tough. I'm going to give the edge to Firepower because the double bells kick it up a notch, at least for me. I also like the choice of having the different versions be it long rest, short rest or once through, twice through. In fact I think I like Firepower the best out of all of them. I used 14lbs and 18lbs on the double arm moves and 25lbs on the others.

Andilynn ~ I love Drill Max. I always do the Ultra Cardio Premix when I want a great cardio workout. That one is a killer. Hope you had a great workout.

Marcy ~ It didn't say how long the rest were. It didn't seem like the long rest was 1 minute so maybe it was 45 seconds. Next time I may just try the short rests instead, although I certainly needed the longer rests last night. It's going to be 25 tonight and 18 tomorrow night. I'm way down in the Southern part of the state, near the Florida border. I hate this weather. I'm originally from Chicago so I know what cold is, but really...I'm practically in Florida. :rolleyes:

Waves hello to Gayle.


hi again!

Okay, I came home and did workout today!! An accomplishment in itself!!
today's workout was HIIT on my treadmill and the 4 min. tabata with the ropes. (same as tues.) I haven't used the treadmill in months, but I am really enjoying it this week!

Jane~ glad you got your swings in! great workout. I read somewhere, that Firepower was the hardest dvd in the AOS collection....

Pascal~ some days you just need to sleep in!!;) I hope you get your workout in too!

Gayle~ now I'm worried about doing Newport on Sat. if it smoked you and Marcy ;):eek:

Andilynn~ I like dm cardio- either premix - but drill 3 is so boring to me! I started replacing the ball with a 5# weight, and i now like it better! go figure!!

Marcy~ good job with the swings! you didn't mention....any DOMs today?

Have a great afternoon!!


Deanie - No DOMS from yesterday. I had more DOMS from Providence but that was my first real kettlebell workout so I was bound to have them. Actually, Drill 3 is my favorite drill on DM. Drill 5 doesn't do much for me though.


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