Kettlebell check in.....Wednesday 1.14


Hi Deanie and all who Follow.

Cardio day for me so I'll be doing CCv1 then 200 swings and call it a day.

Hope to BBL



Good Morning Gals

Workout is done:D:):D I did the manmakers 2X from ES and a 12 minute kb complex. I know I will be sore later!!

For Manmakers I used 20#dumbbells and for the swings and crush curls I used my 30#kb:D:):D On the 2nd round of crush curls though, I couldn't finish the last 15 seconds:mad: I wanted to go 3X, but that just wasn't happening today!
The complex was hard, and I had to rest before I started the snatches. I only did the snatches for 30 seconds each side. I also only used a 20#kb, since it was my first time doing this.

[FONT=&quot]12 Minute Kettlebell Complex
Using one kettlebell, perform each movement below for exactly 1 minute, then move immediately on to the next movement.

1-Arm Swing Left hand
Figure 8 between legs
1-Arm Swing right hand
Figure 8 between legs
1-arm clean and press left hand
Slasher to Halo
1-arm clean and press right hand
Slasher to Halo
1-arm snatch left hand
Lunges in place, left leg, kb in right hand
1-arm snatch right hand
Lunges in place, right leg, kb in left hand

Vilma~ I'm glad you are headache free today!

Marcy~ Can't wait for your review of Newport

Gayle~ Did you end up doing Newport yesterday? How'd it go?

Waves to everyone else!!




Thanks deanie you are giving me some good ideas about my w/o.

Vilma 200 swings...I'm still trying to get up to 100 swings:rolleyes:

Today's w/o will be 4ds shoulder, tri and bi/ plus 100 swings
For the past month I've been doing all my core work with my k-bells and It has paid off. I've lost 2 inches and I'm much more stronger in my core area.



Good morning!

Hi Deanie - No Newport last night, but I'm shooting for tonight. I LOVE that kettlebell complex. I'm usually puke-worthy on the last set of tactical lunges...but in a good way. :p

Hi Vilma - Glad to hear your migraine is loosening its grip.

Hi Robin - That's cool about your core results.

Waves hello to everyone who checks in later!


Hi Everyone,

I'm doing Firepower for the first time tonight. Has anyone else tried it? Then my 200 swings. Maybe I should do my 200 swings first! :eek:

Deanie - Awesome workout. Love the kettlebell complex.

Vilma - Enjoy your workout.

Robin - Congrats on your core results. I've had the best results doing swings, anchored sit ups with my 30# bell and Russian Twists. Keep up the good work!

Gayle - Have fun with Newport. I love that workout.

Hello to Pascal and Marcy and anyone that is joining us today.

Have a good day!


Thanks Jane and Gayle. It took me 5 mins to do 100 swings:eek:. I kept taking breaks. I guess it will take some time to build up endurance to do all 100 straight through.



Doing 100 swings in 5 minutes is great! The actual challenge that I'm doing is to do 200 swings a day in 10 minutes. I do not do them straight through. Yikes!! :eek: I do them in sets of 20, 30 or 40 reps with small rests in between. The number of reps are based on the weight I'm using.


Empire State was on the schedule for this morning and the punch matrix seemed a bit easier today, Yay!

Deanie, What a tough workout, where do you get all your combos?

Hi, Gayle, Jane ,Vilma, Robin , Pascal and to all who follow! Have a great day!


Good Afternoon!

I made it through Newport today (well, almost!) I didn't do Round 8 because I ran out of time. This is one grueling workout. Anthony is evil!:mad: I had to take extra rests throughout. The whole workout is 53:17. It took me 70 mins. I used my 20# KB for everything. For those who haven't done it yet, here is the breakdown:

Round 1: Cossack stretch (I am always amazed at Anthony's flexibility), squat/thrust/snatch (3 mins.); bicycle (1 min.)

Round 2: Squat/Press, One-Arm Swing (4 mins.); double leg raise (keep feet 6" from floor) (1 min.)

Round 3: 2-handed swing, hot potato (4 mins.); twisting crunch (1 min. - Anthony does sets of 10-8-6-4-2 and then repeats) This round really got me exhausted.

Round 4: Punch matrix, plank (you go through each exercise 3x) (3 mins.); Single leg raise (keep stationary leg 6" from floor) (1 min.)

Round 5: Side snatch, overhead lunge (4 mins.) side plank (1 min.) - this was one of the easier rounds for me.

Round 6: Squat/kick, sots press (press from a squat) (3 mins.); standing oblique crunch (1 min.)

Round 7: Hand to hand clean, dragon lunge (curtsy lunge) (I think this was 4 mins. but I can't remember); Russian twist which then turns into russian twist with bicycle crunch - I did these without the KB today but still felt them. This was also one of the easier rounds.

Round 8: Didn't have time to do this round but it was a kettlebell pushup (just like the side-to-side pushups in P90X), dive bombers into cobra and janda situp

Extra Round: Snatch/Turkish get-up/Windmill - You do one set of all 3 moves on one side, then the other; repeat. I finally did turkish get-ups with my 20# KB. I found it easier to follow Anthony's form than when I learned it on the instructional DVD with Sarah Lurie.

Bonus Round: 5 mins. snatch test - I did 2 sets of 5 on each side.

This is definitely an endurance workout. Some of the rounds seem to go on forever. Definitely the toughest workout in my collection.

Lioness - I plan on doing Firepower on Friday so I'm curious to see how you like it.

Jazcam - Great results!

Deanie - Great workout!

Waves to Vilma, Gayle, and Andilynn!



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Marcy - ITA with you re Newport - rounds 5 and 7 are the easiest for me. Round 8 is by far the hardest. Oh, those traveling pushups!! And round 4 is in a close 2nd for toughest. It is my goal to make it through both rounds without stopping or modifying.

Round 1 is challenging, too, as it's hard for me to get as low to the ground as Anthony does.

Round 6 is tough for me - the kicks are okay, it's that darned sots press!! I was soooo happy when he went into standing side crunches instead of doing another round of the sots press!!

I can't believe you do Turkish getups with a 20# kettlebell!! I've only done Newport twice but both times I've done the bonus round with only a 10# dumbbell!! You rock!!

Andilynn and Deanie - you guys are making it so hard to not buy ES/MM!! I can't wait until that's the deal of the week! I want that and Firepower!! Speaking of which...

Jane - please let us know what Firepower is like. I don't have any kb pairs, but I hear the rounds that use 2 kb's can be modified. Good luck!

Robin - what workouts/exercises have you done to yield such fantastic core results!! This is BY FAR my trouble zone right now - I'd love to hear some ideas!!!

Gayle - have fun with Newport!!! I think I will attempt it again on Saturday or Sunday and see how it goes!! It's fun, but I have to admit there's a bit of dread factor as it is sooo challenging!

Vilma - have fun doing CC. I hope your headache is gone for good!

I overslept today :mad: and need to workout tonight instead. BBL! :)


Marcy~ Now I am scared!!!!:eek::eek:!!!! I also planned to use my 20#kb.:confused: At least on Saturday I will have plenty of time.....

Andilynn~ Hope you had fun with ES! I get all the complexes/workouts from the web. The site Gayle recommended is good for getting kb workouts ( and AOS has alot of good info in their forums. As well as here (of course;)) in this check in and from the o.d. forum I've gotten some. There are so many I want to try that I haven't even gotten to yet!

Jane~ Definately do your 200 swings first!! Have fun???!:eek: with Fire Power and let us know how it goes. That is supposed to be the hardest AOS workout!!

Robin~ great job with the swings!

Gayle~ I hope you enjoy Newport! Does it get easier after the first time? (I think you said you've done it before) And yes, I hear you about the "puke worthy" comment about the complex-- I was there at the first round of snatches!LOL;)

Waves to everyone else!!!


Pascal - Thanks! I agree the sots press was a challenge. I don't get as low to the ground either as Anthony in Round 1 and I am very flexible. I might have been able to get lower if I had done a warmup. I only did Round 9 with the Turkish Get-up for a few sets on each side but it was the first time I did a full get-up with the 20#er. I had only been doing the 1/2 getup from ES.


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