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Good Morning

Today is HIIT on the treadmill for me and I am going to add in a short tabata on the ropes.....because my GYMBOSS came yesterday!!!! I couldn't figure out how to set it, so my 12 year old did it for me!!:eek:

Gayle~ If I don't workout in the morning it doesn't get done, so I have no choice. LOL -- my DS12 gets up at 6:30, and I have to be done by then!

Vilma~ glad you are feeling better today

Marcy~ the gymboss is a timer that you can set that will beep at set intervals. I think the website is It was only 19.99 and I think for tabata its a worthwhile investment.

Andilynn~ yes you can do santa monica with out the ropes, there is an option at the begining to have the ropes portion on or off.

waves to Pascal and Jane!!

Have a great day gals!



Deanie oohhhh so you did get the gymboss lol now I need to get one too :D :p. Let me know how it works for you as I've been eying one for quite some time.

I have Empire State today once I get back from carpooling the kiddos off to school but I want to do some cardio also followed w/ 200. Let's see how I fair :rolleyes:

I would have to get up by 4am to get my workout in but since the kids bedrooms are off the living room they have complained in the past that I wake them up at that time when I work out even if I'm on the TM so I've decided to just fit it in as soon as I get in from dropping them off at school. ATM they are up and eating their breakfast that I make for them ....yup they're spoiled lol.

Today I feel lots better just a slight ghosting of my migriane but it seems to be much, much better this morning ....thank goodness.

Good Morning Hellos to Gayle, Pascal, Andilynn, Marcy, Jane and any who pop on in :)

I hope to BBL today.



Hi I'm just popping in. I usually only do k-bells on the weekend.
Last weekend I did my own mix & match with Lauren Brooks and my step machine.

Amy Bento is going to have a presale on her new kettlebell and kickboxing DVDs...starting on .Jan 15


hi again

Great workout today! I did level 11 on my treadmill for the HIIT program and topping it off with the ropes really smoked me!!:eek::p Really having fun with the ropes!

Vilma~ You have a very impressive workout planned today!! I hope you enjoy it. For me, after one hour, I loose my concentration. the gym boss was great!! I hate to be an enabler, but it is really worthwhile! I will also be able to program it for ETK (another bonus!)when we do it. Really- you need this if you are doing kettlebell workouts with times or any tabata. it was such a better workout than trying to look at the clock every 5 seconds. My treadmill comes with a "sprint 8" program which is HIIT so all I have to do is hit program #7 and I'm off:) I tried doing itread or cc (don't remember which one)and didn't like it. I really need my music on my ipod to motivate me and no talking!!;) Oh, and I workout in my basement, so no worries about waking anyone up! ....but my 12 year old did say he heard me doing the ropes this morning:eek: good thing I did them last and close to 6:30!!

PS~ Pascal/Gayle~ you have motivated me....I am going to try Newport on Saturday (planned it so I have a day off the next day incase I can't move!!!!LOL);)

eta: waves to Robin!! hello- you popped in while I was posting!:)
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Hi, kettlebellers!!

I just realized that I totally forgot to post my workout from yesterday. Duh! Yesterday I did Amy's Advanced Step Challenge 3, only combos 1-3, then I added the power-ups section and finished that off with 100 swings and the pushups section from Cathe's Timesaver DVD (from the Body Blast series). That pushups section is sooooo challenging. I can't finish the whole thing. But I will someday!!

This morning I did Newport. It went better than it did on Sunday (which was my first time doing that workout). This morning I stopped during the 3rd set of planks (whereas on Sunday I had to stop during the second set) and today I only dropped to my knees once during round 8 (traveling pushups into cobra). I didn't have time for the 5 min. snatch round, but I did do the bonus snatch/Turkish get-ups/windmill round (I do this round with a 10 lb dumbbell as my 15# kettlebell is too heavy). My rear delts are ON FIRE!!! I really like this workout. It is my goal to complete the entire thing at Anthony's pace without any modifications. It will take me awhile to get there, but I really want to achieve it!

Deanie - okay, color me stupid, but what is Tabata? Thanks! I can't wait to hear how you do with Newport. This is by far the toughest kettlebell workout I have (well, I only have 3) and it's probably one of the toughest circuit workouts I have, too. Please fill us in on the details (that is, if you're not too sore to type!)

Jazcam - I put the Amy Bento presale in my calendar. I'm sooo excited for it (I am gonna order the kickboxing workout too!)

Vilma - how long of a workout is Empire State? I'm impressed that you can tackle that and cardio (and your 200 swings!) I seem to have no endurance for cardio on the days I do a kettlebell workout! You're one fit lady!

Hi Jane, Andilynn, Gayle, & Marcy!! :)


Hi everyone! Looks as though today will be a cardio day although I not sure what I'll pick yet I won't work out till the evening today. I'm like a kid in a candy store when I stand in front of all my dvds(guess I want to do them all!)

Deanie, I've got to check out the gymboss, sounds like a great idea I'll put that on the list of things to buy with my tax refund!

Waves to Vilma, Pascal, Marcy, Jane and Robin!


Hi Everyone!

I did Beyond Balletone today. Not too strenuous but for a barre workout, my shoulders were fried the most. I was thinking about doing some swings and then chickened out. Tomorrow I will be doing Newport and will give a full report.

Pascal - Empire State is about 40 mins. 9 rounds of 3 mins. each with in min. rests in between and 4 mins of the bonus round. I think the Joint Mobility section is 9 mins. I think the next time I do this workout I'll use the workout shuffle since sometimes I don't have time to finish the workout.

Jazcam - I'm also planning on ordering Amy's kettlebell workout and maybe the kickboxing one.

Vilma - Your workout sounds exhausting! Hope you get through it all.

Waves to Andilynn, Jane and Deanie!



Hi Everyone!

I plan on doing a 3 mile run today and my 200 swings, of course.

Deanie - I love the Gymboss. I got mine in late 2007 and have yet to replace the battery! I use mine for running, tabata and circuits.

Vilma - Get the Gymboss. It's worth it! I'm so glad you're feeling better today. Keep Swingin'.

Pascal - I love Newport! I'm doing Firepower tomorrow. I got it a while ago but haven't had time to work it into my rotation. I'm wondering if I should do my swings before or after it.

Waves hello to Andilynn, Marcy, Robin and Gayle.

Have a great day!


Last night's workout didn't pan out, and I probably won't be working out tonight either. DH met with Drywall Dude about finishing off one the "yet to be completed" rooms of our house. He might be able to do it later this week, so we're prepping the space for him. **happy dance**

Vilma - I have a GymBoss, but killed it. I have a bad habit of leaving it in the car when I use it at the gym, and I think the extreme heat and extreme cold took its toll. I do plan to replace it. It's a great workout tool.

Pascal - Good job on Newport! I haven't even previewed the bonus round yet. :eek:

Hi Jane,Deanie,Marcy,Andilynn,and Robin


I am done with my planned workout - all of it as I stated above :eek:

Actually I 1st did the cardio portion only of the 4DS kickbox followed immediately w/ the 200 swings then I had to eat as I was hungry so I waited an hour after I had my breakfast and did Empire State.

I'm going to try to add a bit of cardio each kettlebell day.

Today I had the time so figured why not?

Headache is still slight pressure so I'm hoping today or tomorrow will be the last day of this darned migraine - it truly sucks when you also have aunt flo visiting meh:confused: Taking lots of pain reliver for both issues :rolleyes:

Robin I honestly am not familiar at all w/ Amy Bento although I have seen her mentioned here a lot.

Deanie I guess I'll be getting a gymboss then, would Dick's Sporting Goods carry it? I'll be going there this week w/ DH as we both need new trainers. If not I'll just order it.

Pascal I have Newport penciled in my calender towards the end of the month but now you are motivating me to bump it up sooner ;)

Hmmm I'm thinking ES clocks in around 40 min, my cardio was just under 40 m and I can do my 200 swings in less than 6-7 min but I split the timing up today because I needed to fuel up.

Marcy yup I got through it all and I feel glad that I did - just trying to make up for the days I didn't 'play hard'

Jane enjoy your run I have a CC scheduled for tomorrow :) Love my runs

Waves to Andilynn and Gayle



Vilma - Love 4DS kickbox. Did it last week. Glad you got through the whole workout. I wish I had as much time as you. Hope your migraine goes away by tomorrow. I was trying to add a little cardio on my KB days too. I did HSTA cardio premix yesterday and did the BC cardio premix last month. I'm discovering all the premixes I rarely if ever, did.



Vilma~ WOW I can't believe you did your whole workout!!!:eek: You go girl! 4DS kickbox is my favorite kickbox!! I tried to find the gym boss at Dicks Sporting Goods and Sports Authority and neither carried them. so I just ordered it over the internet. I ordered Fri. night and got it Monday in the mail, so it was good and fast service!! I am going to do Newport on Sat. if you want to do it "together" LOL

Robin~ I also am not familiar with Amy Beneto, but I am starting ETK in Feb. so I am not buying anything new for a while (I think;)) Thanks for the heads up though!

Jane~ enjoy your run

Gayle~ Yea! to the drywall dude and completing the room!

Pascal~ I like the pushups from timesaver also! very challenging!

Andilynn~ enjoy your cardio

Marcy~ sounds like a fun workout today!

have a great afternoon!

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