Kettlebell check in....TGIF


Good Morning Deanie & all who follow!

Yesterday took my rest day but it was nothing I would call rest. My car needed to get inspected and dh & I then went shopping - it turned out to be a productive, very busy day.

Deanie we will sort of be doing the same workout but I'll have both Anthony & Beth :)

Today I start back up w/ KBW and the 200 kettlebell swings, after my doctor's appt this early morning.

Hope all have a great day



Hi again!

Providence is done!:) I was able to do 30# for the first round of swings, 25#kb for all the other rounds, except for the seated press! last week I kept up with my 25, today I had to drop to my 20#:( But on the flip side....I was able to do 4 sets of 5 snatches on each side at the end and I lasted 2 min!!!:D:):D:) a personal best!!:D

Vilma~ Enjoy your workout! Hope all goes well at the dr's today.

who ever gave me the tip of wrapping my finger where my rings are...Thanks:) I did it today and it worked perfectly!

Waves to everyone!! happy TGIF!!
Have a great day
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Hi Everyone!

Deanie ~ Congratulations on achieving your personal best with the snatches. Snatches are my weakness. :eek:

Vilma ~ Hope your Dr. appt. went well. Keep up the good work on the swings.

Waves hello to Gayle.

I will be doing 200 swings today. I have to do an additional 115 swings today or tomorrow to make up for yesterday. I'll try to get them done tonight. I'll be doing the following workout as well:

3 Rounds for Time
20 Slam Balls
30 Sit ups
30 KB Push Presses
20 Squat Jumps

I hope everyone has a great Friday!


Well, I'm on a bit of an extended rest. Planned to workout last night, but started getting that scratchy throat thing like I was starting to get a cold, so I tried beating it into submission with my neti pot and a bottle of may have worked. :D

Tonight, I'm going to a hockey game with some friends. I'll make up my workouts this weekend.

I subscribe to the New Jersey CrossFit ( e-newsletter and they send out workouts every week or two. Here are a couple they sent out around Christmas:

One bell and body weight ladder
Start at 10 reps and go down to 1 with all of these movements.
Do them in this sequence:

  • Kettlebell snatches
  • Burpees
  • Pull ups
  • Mountain climbers
  • Swings
  • Ring push ups
Check the video here
Super Charge your Snatch!
15 seconds work/15 seconds rest for 15 minutes do

  • Kettlebell snatch R/L
  • Box Jump or air squat or Jump rope
Hi Jane & Vilma! :)


Hello Everyone.

Well doctor's appt was fine except for the long wait that had everyone's appt held back due to a person who should have gone to the ER across the street decided to see our doctor instead, they ended up taking him to ER anyway .

I'm dealing w/ a bad headache and lack of food now.

I still plan on doing my workout today if not the dvd I'll do my swings regardless it'll get done sometime before I go to bed tonight :confused:

Not much else to say except you all seem to have good workouts done or planned :)

I will see everyone on Sat. as I have tons going on and well I won't have the luxury to get back online.

Take care :)



I did a dance workout this morning and Lauren Brooks' 12 min. fast blasting workout. There were only 30 sec. rests and I was able to get through it all without taking extra rests. I'm getting deeper in my squats now. I wasn't feeling anything with the deadlifts. Had to grab my other 20#er to feel anything. The one-arm rows were really easy. I should have done this with a dumbbell. I've done one-arm rows with 37# in P90X. She does them slow in this, not fast like in the 2nd round of rows in Providence.

Has anyone else done this workout? It seemed pretty easy to me (or am I just gaining more endurance?) I probably could have done all of this with 25#. I also did one chinup and 3/4 of a pullup.

Vilma - Hope you feel better soon.

Gayle - I saw that workout at CrossFit too. Looks good! One of their other workouts mentioned jumping pullups. I'm going to have to try them. Maybe I'll have better luck with them than the regular ones.

Lioness - I can't imagine doing 315 swings in one day!



Happy Friday!

Bit of a crazy day today , lots going on and I squeezed in 20 mins of HIIT on my treadmill and finally tried the manmaker! Just one time thru though had to stop for a potty break for my grandson, he's so funny when I did Drill Max the other day he was following along( as much as a 3 year old can) so sweet! Tomorrow hopefully will not be so busy!

Everybody have a great Friday nite!


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Today is my rest day but I may do Lauren Brooks' 12 min. workout just 'cause.

Marcy - if I do end up doing Lauren's 12 min. workout, I'll let you know if I think it's easy. I've done it once before but it was after doing a Michael Olajide workout so my arms and lats were fried.

Deanie - congrats on your personal best!! I did Providence just the other day but had to stop before the bonus round because I was already late for work :eek:. I'll have to try them sometime soon!

Gayle - feel better! Make sure you dress warm for the hockey game; it can cold in those arenas sometimes!

Vilma - hope your dr's appt went well. Take care of yourself!

Andilynn - do tell - what was Manmaker like??? I really want Empire State/Manmaker (and Firepower, too!) - did you like it??

Jane - I hope you get in your 115 swings! I'm trying to do 100 a day, so I think 200 a day is super impressive!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! :)

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