For kettlebells in particular, when I buy dvds, I do look to see what kind of training and certifications the trainer has. Proper form is SO important with bells.

I really appreciate that Cathe is not just jumping on this band wagon. I kind of feel there is a possibility she would add in some exercises with bells into circuit type workouts, but I don't know if I see her doing a full kettlebell only workout, to me it's just not her style.

Great example of someone who is a good trainer, but totally not qualified to be teaching kettlebells or leading a kb workout is Jillian Michaels, her form is not just ridiculous, it's dangerous.

darli ann

I see I can purchase Cathe's version of kettlebells but wasn't sure if there was a kettlebell segment in one of her workouts I might not own. Thanks for the response and the info!


I'm with Dela on this one. Cathe is stellar at coming with workouts that please her followers but there are so many awesome DVD workouts on the market (Anthony DiLuglio/Art of Strength is my personal fave) that, at the risk of soundly snotty, I don't know what else a 'Cathe' kettlebell workout could add to what is already out there.

Please, no flames!

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