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Hi Cathe--I love working out with your workout DVDs. I would like to try kettle bells to change things up even more. Do you have any workouts using kettle bells?

Dumbell swings: as good as kettlebell swings

No need to spend $100 on kettlebells; dumbell swings are as good as kettlebell swings. Maybe better. See youtube for video tutorials and demos.


I'm hoping she gets into KtB's too! I'd love a Cathe Ktb workout! We use DB's in my class to copy the kettlebell moves.


Dumbbellls can be used for KB movements

Hi Cathe--I love working out with your workout DVDs. I would like to try kettle bells to change things up even more. Do you have any workouts using kettle bells?


I have several kb workout dvd's, and the moves are easily adaptable to to dumbbells.


I too, hope that Cathe will do a kb workout, but in the meantime if you are looking for some outstanding kb workouts I recommend Anthony Diluglio. He is having an incredible sale right now - probably more than you want to commit to, but he is selling all of his dvds at 30% off and free shipping. This is valid until July 12.

AOS Ultimate Collection | Art of Strength

AOS Ultimate Collection
Get the entire Art of Strength collection, all 6 DVDs, for just $199.95

What does this include

Art of Strength Kettlebell Clinic Volume 1
New to the kettlebell game? Not sure where to start? Check out Kettlebell Clinic Volume I. The first fully instructional kettlebell DVD ever produced. This double disc DVD is designed to get you from novice to experienced in only a matter of weeks. Learn everything you need to know with the instruction and clinic rounds from disc 1 and put everything to the test with Elevation II and Pinnacle workouts from disc 2.

Art of Strength Providence
Interested in increasing your strength, flexibility and mobility? Then Providence is the workout for you. With a 2:1 ratio, Providence offers the perfect balance between work:rest and represents the quintessential Art of Strength workout - do as much work as you can in a set amount of time, while still maintaining form.

Art of Strength Newport:
Increase your sustained strength and speed with Newport. Having trouble with your stamina during physical activity? Newport's rounds are designed to build your lasting strength and boost your stamina.

Art of Strength Firepower:
Are you looking for a killer kettlebell workout, one that builds strength and takes you to levels you never thought possible? Firepower is exactly what you need. Designed with first responders in mind, these exercises simulate what any firefighter will face in a given day, preparing them, and you, for when duty and life calls.

Art of Strength Santa Monica:
If you're looking for Vintage Strength and want to kick up your workout and move past kettlebells then check out Santa Monica. Art of Strength Santa Monica tips its hat to those men and women of old by incorporating vintage barbells, dumbbells and Ropes Gone Wild.

Art of Strength Ropes Gone Wild - Wild Black Jack 21:
Are you ready to give your cardiovascular system a boost? Try the toughest metabolic workout you will ever put your body through. Wild Black Jack 21 is the most comprehensive DVD ever created for Ropes Gone Wild. This Double disc DVD even lets you program your workout to use kettlebells if you like. Not sure you know all the Ropes Gone Wild moves? No worries - it comes with a full tutorial.


I would also love for Cathe to do a Kettlebell workout! (maybe we should start a thread over on the new workout request forum!)

In the meantime, anyone have any suggestions for a kettlebell w/o other than Anthony Diluglio? I'm not willing to commit $200 for 6 DVDs (or $50 for one) without "testing the waters" 1st. (Besides, only Cathe gets that big of a chunk of money from me!!!)

Any suggestions?

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