Just NOW finished STS-1st time.


My workout achievement is starting at a 3 pound dumbbell to lifting 8s plus two pound weighted gloves.
Barbell went from a 8lb bodybar to 30 pounds with weighted gloves.
Plus, 20 lb weighted vest for squats.
Weight from 169 to 147 roughly. It has bounced around due to external issues.

Happy to be done, I did the final two discs today.

For those considering buying the equipement needed for the series, I would say "just do it."
LOVE the push/pull up bar, weighted vest and weighted gloves. Due to carpeting, I used an extra piece of flooring I had from when I redid my floors last summer for sliders with the plates. Will NOT miss the paper plate until I start up the series again.

werkout kween

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Congratulations! And you lived to tell about it :D

Sounds like you've made remarkable progress--way to go!

I'm still at Meso 2, but I'm already noticing the difference.

Thanks for sharing.


Great results JT! I remember the first time I finished, I was a little bummed because I looked forward to it so much. I took a few weeks off and then started over again! The dreaded paper plates...I used my TRX for those moves, tricky at first and a couple of times I was tangled up in them, but it was fun. Now I'm using a frisbee. I'm glad you made it to the finish line!
Congratulations for sure! :) I have wanted to get STS for a while now... The success stories are inspiring! Well done! Take a much needed rest. <3


Thanks, just did my cd#5..sore but good sore. I am trying to increase carefully since weights trigger my myofascial syndrome on my back but so far so good. I am looking forward to week three.


Congratulations. I'm planning on starting mine real soon, and hopefully will get the great results you did.
I'm finding that so far the hardest part is the 1 rep max. How did you get a chance to get them all done? And how did you work out doing them along the way, and workout.

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