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On Friday I stepped on the scale, and to my shame, I had reached an all time high of 292 pounds. Although I have always been obese, I have incredible stamina when it comes to aerobics. So, I attempted to do several different exercise DVDs over the weekend, but I just could not stay "with it", and wound up stopping after the warm-up. Months of inactivity had obviously decreased my endurance. Today I made a pledge to complete a workout. Although I have tons of workouts by many instructors that I really enjoy, I’ve always found that your programs are in a class all their own. I put KPC in and chose the kick box and strength circuit premix. By the time I got to the second round of leg presses, I felt like I was having a heart attack. I had to run to the door and get some fresh air. I told myself I can’t do this and had decided to give up once again. But then I heard the infectious beat of the music and your voice say you need “mental energy.” I knew that was what I needed, mental energy. So I marched back to the TV, rewound to where I left off, chose the punch/kick combos and ankle weights premix instead, and knocked it out of the park. I did every jump, kick and rep with the intensity it deserved and a smile on my face. As I was doing the Legs & Glutes stretch (my favorite), my body felt light, limber and graceful. A far stretch from the heavy sluggish feeling I’ve had for months. I truly felt a complete mind, body and soul connection. The feeling of accomplishment and determination I have right now is untouchable. As I’ve stated, I have done lots of different workouts, but when I work out with you I feel like I can conquer the world. I have a long journey ahead of me to health and wellness, but when I can start my mornings out with a good old fashioned butt kicking from you, I know I’ll get there. Thank you for your devotion to fitness. Being that kickboxing is my favorite workout, I can’t wait for MMA.



Nicole, Thanks for that very encouraging post! I am proud of you and need to get with it myself.



Sounds like you're off to a good start! Way to go on kicking it out today, and good luck with your journey!


WAY TO GO!!!!! Giving you a standing ovation! I know how it feels as I started exactly where you are 5 years ago. It is a struggle, yes, but you have proven that you can do it! Every journey starts with 1 single step and you have taken 1 giant step. I am beaming for you and I don't even know you! don't ever back down on yourself, you will get there step by step, breath by breath and hug by hug (from all of us!!!!) Please keep us updated on your progress and post when you need support or post to be supportive and helpful to others.
So so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!


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I can't begin to thank all of you for your words of encouragement. You'll never know how much your support has helped. I'll keep you posted on my journey. This is a phenomenal group!!


Fantastic job. Your results as you stick with it will motivate you to stay with it and make working out a given in your life. Congrats on taking the first steps, and I wish you continued success in your quest to be healthy and fit.


Way to stick it out! Keep up the great work! You can do it! As a matter of fact, you've given me the inspiration to keep with my Couch to 5K workouts! I hate running and just did Day 1 of Week 2 out of 9 weeks today. When I was halfway through, I thought there's no way I can make it to 9 weeks! You have given me the "umph" to keep going no matter what! Just have to keep that inhaler handy and push through the tough parts!

Thanks for your inspiring story!

I look forward to more!


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