July 2015 Fit and Patriotic Mommas Check-in


Hi Lisa,
Today was a little walking and stretching, and yesterday I did my second GSF2 workout (upper body). Man, I am feeling both lower and upper body from those first two workouts! The adaptifier stats are kinda weird and hard to post here, so I will just give a summary of my workouts and keep you posted on exciting progress, OK?
I did one-arm push press for the main lift (as it tested better than barbell strict press [basic shoulder press] and barbell push press [shoulder press using a knee bend to generate momentum to push the bar overhead]). Then a superset of DB renegade rows and resistance band triceps pressdowns. Finally a superset of double farmer carries (basically walking carrying two DBs at your sides) and DB biceps curls. It was fun. I am really enjoying the program so far.
Great job on your live workout today -- I love that you love that workout! :)
I'll be back on Friday! Big hugs!


Hi Lisa,
Another amazing GSF2 workout today!
Sleep was horrible, I was expecting a 'meh' workout. But I guess biofeedback testing saved the day?
Exercises that I did (i.e., those that tested best) were Jefferson deadlift (basically, you put one foot on either side of the bar so the weight isn't so far out in front of you), chinups, then a superset of Kroc rows (explosive one arms rows) and Paloff presses (anti-rotation core work w/ band).
These workouts are way longer -- I'm doing TONS of sets, as I just keep going until the movement tests poorly. I think I did 10 sets of 4-6 Jefferson deadlifts, and nearly 20 sets of 3-4 chinups. I tried adding on some LWF2, but got about 7 mins in and decided I was done. :)
I probably won't be back until Sunday -- see you then! Hope all's well!
Hugs, Roz

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