Jillian M. said "it's mostly clean diet" not workout length!


I agree to an extent; while this is true and def helps the selling point for EB, at the same time, the consumer has to adhere to some responsibility on their part. We all have the common sense and resources to know that there are more things behind 1 product that lead to looking like Cathe, including an overall healthy diet and an exercise regimen. Adding lean protein to your diet like eggs is only one out of many ways to reach that goal. I'll prob get flamed for this next sentence but I think today, way too much blame is placed on the advertisers and consumers have zero responsibility in their purchasing decisions. This goes back to the JM discussion; would I like to look like her? You bet! But did I run out and buy all her supplements when I saw her face plastered all over them online and on TV? Nope, because I don't agree that supplements are the way to go about things and I know that if I take these, I won't grow into a JM clone. It's not rocket-science, it's common sense.

I'm not taking any responsibility off of consumers(so no flaming here), but advertisers know that most consumers are lazy and/or uninformed (do not read as stupid) and want everything NOW! (not yelling, just emphasizing how quickly consumers demand results). Trust me, advertisers know that people like you and me are in the minority - if I don't like it, don't trust it, I don't buy it no matter who promotes it. So they don't bother with us. With the others? Those kinds of visuals work.


I must say I am really enjoying this conversation and the points being made on all sides. Just as the original post began a discussion about what works best for each of us....extra focus on diet or nutrition vs. exercise and vice versa...I think the supplements vs. food promotion is also a very personal choice.
I admit to surprise and confusion when Jillian came out with a line of fat burners and calorie control. The detox not so much. Her explanation was that people are going to insist on pills so she wanted to put a non-harming all natural option....makes sense. I did use the detox and was very happy with the results. I tried the fat burner but either due to a body chemistry change or my current medication...using just 1 per day vs the recommended 4 resulted in heart palpitations and getting an EKG. :( I'm a recovering diet pill junkie...ephedra, phentermine, Hydroxycut, Zantrex, etc, etc so I was astonished to have a reaction to the ingredients in JM's fat burner. I will admit to buying the products because of her endorsement...I felt *safe* with her name behind it, especially knowing she was hands on in the development. Unfortunately I had a weird reaction, but in the long run it will be good for me to make this weight loss/healthy journey without a *crutch*.
I'm not sure Cathe's name behind the eggs makes a difference. I was already sold on them for many health reasons. Yet, it is reassuring to know my judgment was sound.
I consider myself relatively intelligent and not a big *follower* so it is interesting to me on a personal level to see I can still be influenced by a name brand or big name endorsement.
Again, a terrific and respectful discussion!

As for the OP, I tend to over exercise (3-4 hours a day) in order to eat poorly. If I put one tenth of the effort into my nutrition as I do my workouts, I could be *ripped*! I'm a work in progress though and made big strides over the past few months....trying to continue on that path.


It certainly made me more aware of how many foods (even healthy ones) can impact our metabolism in ways you don't expect.


How true this is. As I was creeping up on 50 I really wanted to get rid of some extra weight I had been carrying around. It was important to me to hit that milestone in good shape and at a weight that I was happy with and normally accustomed to anyway.

I wore my GWF and logged my meals religiously. I ate extremely clean with a cheat meal about once every week or two. I had a calorie deficit every day. The weight was coming off, but very, very slowly. I chalked it up to the dreaded metabolism slow down associated with aging.

When my MD explained the results of the bloodwork he ordered as part of a routine physical exam, he asked me if I had gained weight and whether or not I had difficulty losing it. He indicated that he saw some deficiencies that probably affected thyroid function, instructed me to purchase specific minerals and told me how much to take every day. Within two weeks of following his instructions the weight really started coming off. The vitamins/minerals he prescribed were the only variable. (I love my new MD!!! I have never had one who is so thorough.)

I'm a true believer that nutrition is 85% of the equation.
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She isn't making weight loss claims, but the advertisers who created this know for sure that when people see her and see the eggs in the store, consumers will think eating those eggs will make them look like her.

I sure hope that none of Cathe's fans (the only people who would know who she was anyways on the Eggland advertisements) are dumb enough to think eating an egg is going to make them look ANYTHING like here. :eek: I think minus the whole cage free/not so cage free argument, it's a fairly harmless endorsement. I would also be upset though to ever see her schilling for a diet pill company. That would go against everything that I see her standing for.
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