Its not PC but I HATE Xmas Cake


Always have done and always well - and Im soooooo over being offered Christmas Cake where ever I go during the holidays.

So! its late in the day, but has anyone an alternate idea on a cake, made or bought, still with a festive feel, but no loads of fruit or nuts - or Ill go NUTS......

Now Im no great baker either - so simple simon suggestions please



Cathlete're too funny!

Ruth, Christmas Cake is basically a rich fruit cake with lots of fruit, brandy and nuts.

What about panetone for you Claridge? I don't think that has nuts does it? What about chocolate mud cake?:9

Liz N


I've seen people make "yule log" cakes, although it's not a tradition in my family. It's basically a jelly roll, but it's usually chocolate inside and frosted with chocolate icing to resemble a log. Sounds yummy, but I've never tried it.


Here are a couple of sites with recipes and pictures:


Thanks Liz - actually the best time to eat chocolate mud cake is Christmas. Christmas Calories dont count do they?

Ill put some little red santas ( the kind you can eat - oops - would that be wrong?) around the outside of the cake

Now listen Ruth! Dont tell me "Christmas Cake" is a foreign word outside New Zealand and Australia!

What do you "other" people have then as a Christmas desert?

Sticky Date Pudding, Up side Down Cake... Hmm?



Wasn't it the funny George Carlin that said that there is really only one fruit cake in the whole world... it just keeps getting passed around!


I agree. I had never had it before and figured that since its apparently so "popular"(for lack of a better word) that it couldn't be THAT bad. So, last year I told my husband I was going to buy one just to try it. I took one bite, spit it out and threw the rest of it away. YUCK!!! All he said, and still says is "I told you that you wouldn't like it." I hate it when he's rightx(



I think X-mas cake is used for a door stopper here in the states....:+

The only treats I like during X-mas are home made cookies.... :9 ....Carole


Love, love, love Christmas cake with the marzipan and white icing. Adore Xmas pudding even more: the blacker the better!!!!! My sister makes the absolute best Xmas puds and cakes and sadly, she's in London and I'm in Michigan so I have missed them for 13 years now! Sob.......

Does it have to have a festive feel? Why not just make something that's special and elaborate that you wouldn't consider making on an average day of the week? Each year I experiment with a different desert instead. Last year it was choc and orange mousse and this year I am making an Italian almond cake with raspberry coulis and a citron and fruit tart.

I spent hours last week browsing the cookery books in my local Borders and having a coffee in their cafe while I wrote the recipes down in my little note book. Couldn't afford to buy the boks at $30 a pop. Blimey! Can't wait to start baking! Never made either of these before but what the hell?!?!?!?!? After the presents have been opened on the 25th, I have the rest of the day to get busy in the kitchen and experiment. And that's actually a joy beause I so rarely do it!

Happy holidays everyone!

Hi Marion,
Here's a realy simple to make recipe that looks great to serve and is so.... good.
Bake up 1 store bought yellow cake mix ,any brand,cool, cut into bite size pieces.
Make up 2 packages of cook and serve chocolate pudding ,cool
Cut up a couple of cups of strawberries ( more or less to taste)
Then layer it all,1 layer cake,1 layer strawberries , 1 layer pudding and then repeat until done.
You can substitute any flavors you'd like such as chocolate cake with vanilla pudding and raspberries or any combo that sounds good to you but i love the combo above. You can really make this dish look pretty by serving in a see thru bowl of some sort so you can see all of the layers and by garnishing the top with whole berries of your choice and whipped cream ,it's realy simple but will definitely please a crowd!
Merry Christmas ,Mrsscififanec


Is that like fruitcake? I think that everyone hates that.

I have a really wonderful and easy recipe for carrott cake. The nuts are optional.


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I love a good fruitcake too! Actually, I make my own (and I don't put brandy in it-yuck!). Most store bought ones I've tried aren't very good though.


My Step Dad is in charge of the christmas cake here and he makes a wonderful one.. but it is loaded with thick almond icing so it is nicer than the usual doorstop but oh so evil calorie wise.
I hate plain christmas cake, I'm with you there... I just avoid that one!
Apparently I'm in the minority with Clare, I absolutely love Christmas Cake. What I know as Christmas cake is made with love by my Mom. She makes it right after Hallowe'en so that the flavour can mellow. She's made them in the same bottomless square caketins all of my life. She lines them with thick brown paper and fills them with a ridiculously thick fruit filled batter. Her cakes are moist and darkly sweet and I've been thinking about them since late October, only 4 days to go!!!! I didn't like Christmas cake until I was in my mid twenties and don't expect my kids to have any (more for me!!!:p ) Funny thing, I still don't get eggnog, never have. I said to an eggnog loving friend once that if eggnog was so good they would sell it all year, she replied, if eggnog was sold all year I wouldn't make it through the doorway:+ :7

Merry Christmas!!

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