<--- It's just one of those days...


<--- waves good morning to the OAL from a snowy winter wonderland
<--- is NOT freaking impressed with Mother Nature this morning
<--- wonders how everyone else is doing?
<--- should probably shovel some before it gets too deep to shift
<--- :rolleyes:


<---says good morning to Shelley and then quickly ducks to avoid the swinging fist coming at me.
<---hopes the snow doesn't get too deep where she's at.
<---has some snow too but it's not supposed to accumulate.
<---feels like she's coming down with something since y'day afternoon.
<---hopes that something is insignificant and goes away quickly.
<---was wondering if OAL was going to disappear as quickly as it reappeared.
<---hopes it hangs around a while.
<---is off to pack lunch now!


<--- sends fast healing vibes to Wendy
<--- just did the first round of shoveling...
<--- holy *$!* that stuff is heavy!:eek:


<---is at work now.
<---would rather be home shoveling.
<---admits that's not entirely true.
<---would rather be home right now.
<---but doesn't want to be shoveling. :p
<---would help Shelley shovel though if <---could.
<---thanks her for the healing vibes.


<----absolutely HATES & DETESTS Shelley's boss
<----wants to get the fastest plane to Hamilton and KICK. HIS. A$$!!!
<----tells Shelley to try not to worry, though <----knows that's easier said than done
<----sends hugs and love
<----says hi to all and wishes <----could stay here with you for a while but
<----has gone from deadline mode to catch-up mode.
<----dashes out, but will return to check on everyone later.


<---wonders what kind of idiot Shelley's boss is!?
<---doesn't think what he/she said to her was cool AT ALL!:mad:
<---is with TeTe on catching the first plane to Hamilton and kicking some a$$!
<---sends major (((hugs))) Shelley's way.
<---sends TeTe <<<catch up>>> vibes.
<---must go back to doing next to nothing at work now. :rolleyes:


<---thinks Shell's boss is as big of an a$$ as Tete's boss
<---also sending catch-up vibes to Tete
<---waves hi to Wendy and is glad her snow is not sticking!
<---just has ugly rain here today
<---says that Akadia is starting to not want to be left with grandma in the mornings - threw a little bit of a fit this morning and could still here her grumbling as she was walking out the door
<---felt awful
<---wishes she could stay home with her all the time
<---says that <---'s mom has awful eating habits and keeps feeding A stuff that <--- does not want her to eat
<---caught her feeding her ice cream when <--- picked her up yesterday - UGH...
<---gets soooo mad because I tell her NO adult food right now and she still gives her stuff - and not good stuff either - things loaded with sodium, sugar, MSG etc...
<---wishes her mom respected that she wants to start A off with GOOD food and not crap
<---will stop grumbling now...
<---loves her mom and doesn't want to fight over this, just wants a healthy 8 month old
<---still no word on the preggers situation, is officially late now, but isn't feeling optimistic - tests are coming back negative :(


<---Waves hello from the Southland, where it is only 9:15 a.m. and 68 degrees...
<--Says the kiddos have been playing outside with water guns and water balloons all week (spring break) and have even gotten sunburned! :eek:
<--Says it may sound lovely, but EVERYTHING is in bloom so allergies are horrendous!
<--Shall send some of this warmth up Shelley's way!
<--Also thinks Shelley's boss is a turd.
<--Sends bad-day vibes to said boss.
<--Thinks no one should mess with the limecat.
<--Hopes Wendy's work day flies by.
<--Hopes TeTe catches up soon!
<--Has a HUUUUUUUUUGE mound of laundry to catch up on...
<--'s kiddos are going through three play outfits per day x 3 kids = Laundrygeddon.
<--Must get busy!


<---totally understands where Liann is coming from...
<---has inlaws who feed <---son crap all the time too.
<---also hates it. :mad:


<--thinks Shelley's boss deserves to have his underwear pulled up around his hears
<--is sick of listening to New Yorker's complain about "storm" which consists of snow that doesn't stick to pavement
<--waves to the gang


<--Pops back in to buy Liann a Coke (per the jinx) :p
<--Tells Liann that <-- had to work until <--'s second little boy was born, which meant full-time daycare for Oliver until he was 3.
<--realizes now that <-- really had more quality time with Oliver during those three years he was in daycare because <-- didn't take a moment of time with him for granted, like <-- do now as a SAHM.
<--Thinks that Liann's mom should honor Liann's dietary wishes for A!
<--Crosses fingers and toes that Liann is preggers!
<--Says the first three test <-- took when pregnant with Oliver came out negative... Fourth one was the charm! :)
<--Waves at Beavs!
<--Also thinks Shelley's boss deserves an atomic wedgie toot sweet. :mad:
<--Loves the phrase "toot sweet."
<--Must clean up after the messiest boys in the world now. :rolleyes:


<--- has been gone and out of the loop for several days
<--- glad she popped in today and noticed the arrow thread
<--- is very happy to see the OAL gang and waves to everyone!
<--- is quite appalled at what Shelley's boss said!
<--- thinks he definitely deserves the wedgie treatment
<--- sends hugs to Shelley and everyone else in need
<--- wishes everyone a great HUMP Day!
<--- runs off in search of food...


<--- waves a big hello and long time no see to the OAL :D
<--- doesn't hang out round here so much any more so hadn't seen this
<--- is busy with work at the mo so will apologise profusely for lack of personals
<--- sends a flying drop kick to Shelley's boss
<--- says how lovely to see you all to Wendy, Beavs, Stephanie, Liann and TeTe
<--- will try to keep up ... ;)

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