Is it bad when....


you can't seem to stick to a rotation??? I realize that I have a really hard time sticking to a rotation. I'm on week 3 of the 30 day strength rotation from the xtrain series and I am already itching to do something else.
I don't have any real specific goals. I don't want to lose any weight. I do have nice muscle definition and good cardio endurance so I am very happy with what I have achieved in my fitness journey. I do like to work(weights) my legs twice a week so that I do.
So is it bad that I can't seem to stick with one?


Oh's SO BAD. Shame on you! Just kiddin' ;)

I think you are completely normal TBH. I think for some of us, it can be extremely hard to stick to one thing for long periods of time -- not just with exercise, but with anything, really. The novelty of a new rotation wears off, boredom sets in. Been there, done that :). BUT from what I've learned and realized about rotations is that if you stick with them for 1-3 months, and make it priority to get better and progress (i.e-increasing your weight #'s and/or reps) your results are much more apparent. What often happens is that people back out of a rotation long before "results" are able to show (increase in strength, speed, more muscle definition, ect.). But at the end of the day, you should love your exercise regime, not dread it. So do whatever makes you happy :).

Take care ;)


Of course, it's not bad! :D
Rotations aren't a perfect fit for everyone. Some people adore them, others don't care for them, and others like parts of rotations and supplement with their own workout plans.

You do what works for you. The goal is to stay fit and healthy. It sounds to me as though you're doing it!


I always seem to want to give up about half way through - whether it's 30 days or 90. I'm usually glad I've completed it though!
It's true of projects other than fitness, too - I must be impatient :confused:


I've had similar issues. Then I would tell myself "just one more week, you've come so far! Finish it." That usually works.
Sometimes I just do another workout that day then get back to the rotation the next day.


No, I don't think it really matters so long as you do get some cardio and strength training every week. I don't follow one anymore. I just make sure I get enough of everything (like getting all four food groups:p).

Cosmo Mom

I can't seem to stick to any rotation, except the STS series. I sometimes follow a routine, then just switch it up with something I feel like doing.

I always feel guilty when the rotation looks great, but I don't have the stamina for it..or I don't sleep well the night before, or whatever else, then it kind of feels like I've failed.

Alot of times I figure out the day before what I want to do next, but maybe give myself a couple of choices so I have something to fall back on and it's already picked out for my morning workout.:rolleyes:

Right now I was looking at seeing if I could stick to the 30 day routine for XT workouts. Of course, I camp on the weekends (seasonal) so can't be dragging all my weights with me to camp so I gotta think about this one.


I try to do rotations whereby I'll mix up the weight work and then add in cardio. For example, the last two weeks I did one body part a day and cardio with it-i did the Cross train series. Tomorrow I'm starting Pure Strength series and will probably do that for two weeks. I'll just do cardio the other 3 days. Then I could do total body 3x/week, or upper/lower split, or circuits.

I do what I feel like doing because the older I get the more I have to listen to my body and not overdo things and get injured. I am still babying my shoulder/rotator cuff that I've rested and had a cortisone shot and physical therapy since January. Then I fell off my bike in May and had a knee injury...not the best year so far for me. But I'm getting better! Today I did the chest section only of the X-train disc #3 and my shoulder is fine. I did Drill Max cardio scramble and my knee if fine! (See, even in the one body part program I can pick from other dvd's than just Cross train). Doing rotations like this I use a lot of premixes! I like to keep mixing it up.


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