Is Diet Pop REALLY that bad for you????


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I have not had my 32OZ Diet Pepsi in over 7 weeks and do not feel any bettter or notice any changes in my weight or cravings. I keep hearing that I shouldn't drink Diet Pepsi it is so bad for you. I really miss it and looked forward to having it every day. Is there really any reason not to have it if I am not noticing any difference? Anyone else experienced this??


Take a look at the ingredient list on the bottle, then ask that question again.
Soda is bad for you - diet or not - period.


I have been there. I am "addicted" to Coke Zero. I have quit drinking it for long periods of time on several occasiona and saw no change/differences--nothing.

Yes, it is full of all kinds of bad stuff. But it has no calories and it tastes good. I love it. I still drink 48+ ounces of water a day. I rarely drink alcohol and not much when I do, I don't smoke, I eat well 80% of the time. I eat lots of fruit and veggies every day. I work out every day.

My point is--none of us are perfect. Coke Zero is the "bad" thing I can't give up. But I don't stress about it anymore. I just drink my daily Coke Zero.


I gave up diet cokes for lent. It's only been about a month but seems like a life time. I miss it soooo much. I didn't think I would be able to give it up at all. I was drinking ALOT of diet cokes. I am now drinking water with lemon and Splenda. It's okay but it ain't diet coke. I have noticed absolutely NOTHING different in my energy, weight, or desire not to drink cokes. I plan to have a 20 ounce diet coke when I wake up on Easter morning, lol. Hopefully I won't drink as much as I did before lent but I don't expect myself to quit all together. I do most everything else right so I must have my vice of diet coke. I'm nicer when I have a coke, lol.


Yes it is bad for you, for your health. You are not going to feel different or look different necessarily. But you are drinking chemicals! Soda is not a food. It is a mix of artificial ingredients. Why would you want to drink this?! Read the list of ingredients!


I don't think diet soda is exactly health food but if you enjoy it that much, why not compromise and switch to a 8 or 12 oz one a day and let it go at that?


All I know is that some of the same ingredients in diet sodas is what they use to embalm dead people. That one fact made me think twice.


I'm very anti-soda, diet or regular. Like Phyllis G said, it's not a's basically a soup of chemicals. :confused: I never drink it and the only time it comes into our house is when we are going to have a party simply because that's what people ask for and I don't want to be a bad host.

However, with that being said, I appreciate jengollf's statement, too. We're not all perfect and we're bound to have our vices!! :eek: Mine happens to be coffee creamer. Every day I say to myself, "is this going to be the day I start drinking my coffee black?" and every morning I'm like ahhh... nope. In goes the vanilla flavored Coffee Mate. :eek: In my defense, I try to keep it to just a tablespoon! :cool:
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My only issue with diet pop is that it tends to make me drink less water throughout the day. I also choose diet root beer because I am not a fan of anything caffeinated. My body just functions better without caffeine. And I usually restrict my diet root beer consumption to 2-4 cans per year (although lately it's been more).

The one product I can never give up is crystal light. Sometimes I think my body runs on aspartame. Gives other people headaches but I can’t live without it in my lemonade. I even tried the stevia/sugar crystal light when that came out but it was awful. I still try to drink plain water more than 50% of the time, but I try not to stress about it.

I think my dairy cheese habit is probably far worse than my crystal light addiction, so if I were to cut anything out…

All in all, I would say anything to excess is probably a bad thing. For example, I have an uncle who during certain periods of his life was drinking 6+ cans of diet coke per day. I think that was probably not the best for his health. But everyone has their vices. I try to focus on what works for me.


You may not feel different but your kidneys and your bones will thank you. The phosphates are dreadful for your kidneys and the caffeine leaches the calcium out of your bones. I don't recommend it for that reason. But, hey they're your bones, so what the hay, you can break them if you want to.


Hmmm...I used to drink ~ 3, 20 oz bottles of soda a day. I decided to go cold turkey over 10 years ago and really don't miss it anymore. It WAS tough at first, but my personality works best with cold turkey.

I understand that we are all different and we have to find what works for us and what we WANT to live with. For some that may mean drinking their diet soda, but since you asked ...I did a quick google search and found 2 entries that I thought I'd post here

1) 6 Reasons to NEVER Drink Another Diet Soda

When Dr. Vincent Pedre, MD, one of New York City’s most sought after internists, meets a new patient, he always asks her: “How much soda do you drink? How much diet soda do you drink?”

“I don’t wait for her to volunteer the information,” says Pedre. “Soda consumption is an important part of the overall health history.” The fact is, millions of us drink diet soda because we’re (a) trying to lose weight; (b) like it more than water; and (c) compared to soda, it’s the lesser of two evils . . .right? Wrong, says Dr. Pedre, who insists that diet soda is just as bad if not worse for your body…and for your waistline. Here, he offers six reasons to stop drinking it right now.

1. It actually makes you fatter.
Scientists at the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio followed 474 people for 10 years and found that the more diet soda the subjects drank, the fatter they got. Diet soft drink users experienced 70 percent greater increases in waist circumference compared with non-users. Those who drank two or more diet sodas a day saw their waists grow 500% bigger than non-users, even when controlling for things like age and exercise. Wait . . . what? How could America’s favorite diet drink be making us fat? “We still don’t know for sure, why,” says Dr. Pedre. “One theory is that when you eat something sweet, it triggers insulin and the cascade of hormones that make you feel full. Diet soda triggers the sweet receptors on your tongue, but not the insulin, so you never feel full. It actually causes you to crave–and probably eat–more high-carb, processed foods.”

2. It increases risk of stroke, heart attack and cardiovascular disease.
A recent study of 2,564 adults over 40 living in Manhattan (published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine) concluded that daily consumption of diet soda was independently associated with an increased risk for stroke, heart attack and death. Shockingly, consumption of regular soda was not associated with an increased risk. “Again, this doesn’t tell us why,” says Dr. Pedre, “but we know that people who drink diet soda seem to gain weight and have a greater chance of developing metabolic syndrome,” an increasingly common syndrome associated with abdominal weight gain, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, insulin resistance, an increased risk for heart disease and diabetes.

3. It gives you a super-powered sweet tooth.
“The level of sweetness in these diet drinks–the strength with which they stimulate your sweet receptors–is so strong, that you can lose the ability to taste the natural sweetness in foods like fruits and vegetables,” says Dr. Pedre. “You end up wanting to eat things that are going to stimulate those receptors, such as processed foods and other sweets. When you put someone on a detox, and take these things out of their diet for a while, their taste receptors come back. Suddenly they’re able to eat a blueberry, which maybe tasted bland before, and appreciate how delicious it is.”

4. It leaches calcium from your bones.
Diets high in phosphoric acid are associated with lower bone density, hip fractures and osteoporosis. Guess what contains phosphorous? That’s right, cola. Phosphoric acid gives your diet Coke that tangy, acidic taste that’s so fun to drink, plus it prevents mold and bacteria from forming in the can. Yum? “The addition of caffeine also causes reduced calcium absorption,” points out Dr. Pedre. “If you’re drinking a diet cola or two a day, you’re really setting yourself up for osteoporosis in the long run.”

5. Some experts insist that artificial sweetener is a neurotoxin.
The debate has long raged as to whether artificial sweeteners cause cancer. “It’s fine!” says your friend as she swirls five Equals into her coffee. “That answer is still up in the air,” admits Dr. Pedre, “But, aspartame is a neurotoxin, which means it causes irritation and over-stimulation of the nerves.” This is also a highly controversial statement. The FDA has assured consumers that aspartame is safe, however the debate has raged on, and in recent years many European brands have been slowly removing aspartame from their products. In addition, a minority of very vocal doctors, including Dr. Joseph Mercola, a Huffington Post blogger, and Dr. Russell Blaylock, a board certified neurosurgeon, have led crusades against the additive, insisting that it causes longterm nerve and neurological damage, with common symptoms being headaches and migraines. According to a widely quoted article by Dr. Mercola, “100 percent of the industry funded studies supported aspartame’s safety, while 92 percent of the independently funded studies identified at least one potential health concern.”

6. The caramel color is a carcinogen.
Coca Cola and Pepsi both use a chemical called 4-methylimidazole (4-MI) to give their drinks that signature brown, caramel color. Looks yummy, but 4MI is a known carcinogen that, in high doses, has been linked to cancer in mice and rats. As part of California’s new Proposition 65, a company must inform consumers if its products contain any substance “known to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity.” Reluctant to put a “toxic” warning on millions of cans, Coca Cola released a statement this week saying: “We have asked our caramel manufacturers to modify their production process to reduce the amount of 4-MI in the caramel.” Is the additive gone? No. Is this language sort of hazy? Yes. “The FDA has let this slide because they say the quantity of 4MI in the sodas isn’t enough to be harmful,” explains Dr. Pedre, “But these toxins are stored in fat, so if you’re overweight or carry weight in your mid-section, I can tell you that you’re likely not flushing this toxin out of your body. Each time you drink a soda, more toxins are going in than are coming out. That cumulative effect is very hard to account for.”

Ready to crack open an ice cold cola? Yeah . . . we aren’t either. So what should we drink? “Water,” says Dr. Pedre. “I can also get on board with sparkling water and a touch of organic berry juice or lemon. Bottom line: If you drink water, herbal tea and eat lots of plants, you just don’t have to worry about this stuff.” How . . . refreshing.

and 2) this list of 30 reasons why not to drink soda/diet soda (this particular list doesn't distinguish between the two)

1. People who drink one or more sodas per day have a 50- 60% higher risk of metabolic syndrome.
2. People who drank one or more sodas per day have a 61% higher risk of ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes.
3. Drinking soda is linked with increased incidents of diabetes and elevated triglycerides.
4. People who drink one or more sodas per day have twice the risk of developing heart disease.
5. Drinking one or more sodas per day is linked with a 31% higher cluster of obesity indices, such as 32% higher risk of low levels of “good” cholesterol, 30% higher increase in excessive waistline fat, poor eating habits, and 25% higher risk for high blood pressure.
6. The additive in sugar substitutes increases a person’s desire for sugar and sweets.
7. Soda drinkers tend to have poor eating habits, including they eat more daily calories, consume more saturated fat, eat more trans fats, eat less fiber, exercise less, and are more sedentary in lifestyle.
8. The caramel color in soda is carcinogenic and promotes resistance to insulin which is needed for processing calories.
9. The caramel color in soda also causes inflammation.
10. The aspartame in diet sodas, such as NutraSweet or Equal, is associated with a significant increased risk of stroke.
11. Aspartame is a major excitotoxin, or a neurotoxin, found to increase carbohydrate cravings that promote weight gain instead of the anticipated weight loss.
12. Sodas are high in sodium content which has been linked with higher risks of a variety of cardiovascular problems.
13. The high rate of sodium in soda disrupts the mineral balance by draining potassium and magnesium from the body which contributes to increased risk for cardiovascular disease.
14. Sodas contain penicillin which contributes to penicillin resistance.
15. The penicillin in sodas causes allergenic reactions within 10% of the population including the symptoms of hives, angioedema, or anaphylaxis.
16. People who drink one or more sodas per day have a significantly higher rate of osteoporosis due to sodium intake, mineral deficiencies, and high acid ash in their diet.
17. The high rate of phosphate contained in sodas causes calcium to drain out of the bones leading to orthopedic problems and higher incidents of bone fractures.
18. Soda consumption by children poses a significant risk factor for impaired calcification of growing bones.
19. Children who drink sodas have lower rate of minerals in their bone which leads to a much higher risk of bone fractures and higher cases of rickets.
20. One can of soda contains between 45- 100 milligrams of caffeine which roughly equals the levels found in most coffee, and this can contribute to hyperactivity in adults and children.
21. Adolescents who drink soda display three to four times higher risk of bone fractures as their non-soda drinking peers.
22. Sugar and the high acid content in sodas quickly and easily dissolve tooth enamel which can’t be replaced.
23. The high acid content, caramel color, and other additives in sodas contribute to a much higher risk of stomach and gastric ailments, including acid reflux, ulcers, and esophageal cancer.
24. One soda a day gives children a 60% greater risk of childhood obesity.
25. Sodas produce high levels of sodium in the bloodstream that in turn produces acute hypernatremia, or irregular and unbalanced electrical brain impulses.
26. One liter of aspartame can produce approximately 56 milligrams of methanol, which is 32 times higher than the accepted EPA limit for humans.
27. Artificial sweeteners, such as saccharin, have been shown to greatly increase the incidents cancers of the bladder, female reproductive organs, and brain tumors.
28. PET bottling and packaging used in soda bottles releases small amounts of dimethyl terephathalate into the soda, and thus into the body which causes cancer.
29. Aspartame contains methyl or wood alcohol which can negatively affect fetal brain development.
30. Sodas interact adversely with antacids which can cause constipation, nausea, vomiting, headaches, and kidney damage.
I quit it 3 years ago. Yes it is very bad for you with aspartamane. But want to now why I really quit? Because I was sticking into the man!! Haha. This stuff is like crack! I'm serious I was hooked and I started to get ticked that I had to have my fix everyday!

I agree with all the comments. As long as something bad for you is not consumed in excess (I.e. donuts, alcohol, diet soda) I think it's ok. If your diet is 80% good and the rest is crap I'm all for that!

Now my sister on the other hand has faithfully drank 4 bottled diet pepsis everyday for like two decades. The larger 24 oz bottles! And she NEVER drinks water. She is 57 and her health sucks. But no use talking her out of it

I am a huge water drinker. If I was rich my frig would be constantly filled with Fiji water!


Switched from reg. coke to green juice and my health has done a total turn around. Now I crave juice and the thought of coke makes me gag. ;)


If Macbeanur's post doesn't convince anyone to stop drinking pop, then nothing will.

The list of 30 reasons not to drink pop describes everyone I work with. They are sedentary, don't exercise, eat "out of the box" and drink pop all day long.
I have never liked soft drinks enough to have them on a daily basis, but I have had regular Coke on occasion (never did like Pepsi!). A few years ago, I just stopped drinking it completely.

I don't drink it at parties or restaurants and we never buy it for home as my husband doesn't drink soft drinks either. It was easy for me to say no because I see them as empty calories with no nutritional benefit at all and if anything, they detract from my overall health for all the reasons listed in macbeanur's post.

That being said, I've been known to indulge in the odd Pop Tart or bag of chips here and there even though there is little to no nutritional value there either. I'm not sure why, but for some reason I am able to avoid soft drinks completely without feeling like I'm missing out on something.


I wish I could give up my Diet Coke...but I can't! I've tried and like someone else said I'm happier with it. I try not to drink alot of it. And I drink tons of water and I eat like 90% clean everyday and I exercise practically everyday. I have an occasional glass of red wine. So the way I see it, Diet Coke is my one 'Bad" thing. I'm sooooo much healthier than virtually everyone around me. I have to have one bad thing!

So I don't beat myself up about it. Although others to make me feel bad about it and that bugs me. Those people are usually overweight and I just want to shake them and say "go eat a little better, go for a walk, drop those extra lbs and don't worry about me and my Diet Coke!"


Had really never the desire to drink any kind of pop. When I did it hurt my teeth!

Macbeanur, Thank you so much for the info you brought to this forum.

Remember the fight between the cigarette company's and the scientists?

This is what we have to endure and it seems to be taking a lot longer to convince people that it is harmful.

Which makes me think of all the other crap we put into our bodies even though we suspect it isn't good for us. Seems to me companies put additives into our food supply to make us addictive to it. They get rich off us abundantly. They don't care.

I won't even talk about all the other things that we (as human beings) have to endure because there is so much deceit in our food, products, meds... and wouldn't have the room to put it on this post. Makes me worry about humanity and our future. I believe not a very pleasant one if we continue in this way. So sad. Who will save us?

I think we can save ourselves by not buying these products and educating ourselves. We are responsible for our own health. I'd say if there are any questions about a products safety or if there is doubt, not to have any thing to do with it. The companies will change if we do.

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i don't drink pop, it upsets my stomach, I used to try and drink it by letting it go flat first and everyone around me was throwing it out or drinking it first before I "wasted" it. I also think all that packaging is awful for the environment. vice is flavoured tea. I am obessessed with tea, I drink all kinds all day and many are plain organic green but I also love the ones with chocolate chips and "flavouring" I think the flavours eventually form MSG. :eek: and I know that tea is the opposite of local and therefore not good for environment either :(:eek:
so i disagree with pop but I have my own treat too. it is all about balance and considering the world we live in, ONE little vice for each of us is really really good!
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